Video Log of Kaylasa’s Journey: 2nd & 3rd Entries

Second in a series of video logs by Kaylasa Jaguarstar on her Journey of the Red Queen.

UPDATE ON THE RED QUEEN’S JOURNEY, JULY 7TH, PALENQUE: Today, I explored the ancient city of Palenque. This was the first of two visits (I will go there again in a few hours, on July 8th, to perform the most sacred ceremony with the Red Queen at the Queen’s Bath).

Another thing: Today, in Palenque I accessed a chamber that is forbidden to the general public at the Red Queen’s Temple (I “sneaked” into it LOL)….and I did a meditation there. I do remember I saw snakes and reptiles in this meditation, so it relates to your dream. I also know reptiles represented a connection to 4D for the ancient Egyptians. And after this meditation I had a very clear thought: that the Red Queen, during her incarnation as Pakal Votan’s mother, was a guardian to her own skull (the one she had left thousands of years before at the Atlantean temple Thoth talks about). When she died, her skull was somehow taken to (or the chamber where it lies was made accessible through) the Red Queen temple where her tomb was found. – Kaylasa Jaguarstar


The Queen’s Bath

here’s an alternate interpretation to the name “La’kan’ha” that I provide here. La means “Manifestation”, Kan means “Serpent” and Ha means “Water”. So, the ancient name for this city also means “Manifestation of the Water Serpent” which is an direct alusion to the most important god of the entire continent, The Feathered Serpent or Ku’kul’kan, which is one of Thoth’s incarnations.


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