Birthing the Initiator

It was requested of me by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, to create a Starseed Birthing Temple upon island of the New Earth Star Sanctuary in the virtual world of Second Life. Here in this Temple, I was to open the door for a process of birthing a Timewalker – not into flesh, but to embed her energy circuitry into the O’SIR’RIM Matrix, within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix. He asked me to perform the initiating procedure on July 4th, 2015. He had the following to say about it . . .

ThothHorRa: The purpose of this process is to open connection between the TimeWalker Zuri and the Osiris Arising Matrix.

The ROOT of Zuri is the WHITE QUEEN– that is, the soul of Paloma / SeRa’fana Adura. “Zuri” is a manifestation of her through the timelines of the DNA. She was archetypifed as Nephthys, “sister” of Isis, but in Truth she came through as a “birthing” from Isis, so she was her daughter…yet remember, as a Timewalker, even though she came through the womb of Isis into the world, and appeared as flesh and blood, such is a different kind of physicality. The souls of Isis / Mother Mari  and Nephthys / Mari Magdalene are “Sister” souls, having shared numerous incarnations layered in one body.

Zuri / Nephthys  was the initiator of her “Father” Osiris in preparing him to become the Root for a Timewalking. Thus, it was she who also gave Isis the knowledge of the retrieval of his “parts” or aspects, in order to resurrect him for the conception of Horus.

Now through the Dweller Skulls of the WHITE QUEEN and ISIS (via their Host Skulls) the “Zuri” energy form is coming through to make the connection with the Osiris Arising Project.

Understand that this “form” we speak of is like an arc of energy which will create a generative field of Presence within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix. The O’SIR’RIM Matrix, which is the entire complement of the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls (brought through 12 of them creating the holo-grid gate) is already within the PRM. The OAP as a new program of intention and focus, now shall enter into full engagement within the PRM, as part of the O’SIR’RIM function.

We have requested that you simply perform an act of consent and intention in this “Birthing” process today, for it is you, Maia Kyi’Ra, who has created the form of the OAP. My (Thoth’s) guidance and that of my Company, has been in cooperation with your Life Mission, which has brought you to this threshold.

While it is not a personal creation…you are nevertheless the One Chosen (by your own Soul Light) to become the initial anchor. Thus it is you we call to Birth this form. Your SiStar Celest’RA (Lynn) is returning to you the Power of Isis – now fully empowered through her Host, to serve this purpose, along with the Root of Zuri, shining forth through the White Queen.

(Maia) So it was intended all along that I be the one to birth Zuri? (I had previously thought it would be Lynn.)

Thoth: This is so.

With the completion of this process (in the Starseed Birthing Temple) the acceptance is made. The full unfoldment of the OAP being received into the O’SIR’RIM and thus the PRM will continue until the Journey of the Red Queen is completed…for the Light Codes quickening in this event will embed the Hosting Power of the OAP into the O’SIR’RIM.

(Maia) So today, on July 4th of 2015, I went in avatar body into the Starseed Birthing Temple and uttered the words Thoth gave me to say. Three of my SiStars of An were with me: Tricia Buffandeau and Sandra Lewallen (both guardians of Host Skulls) and another Sister, who goes by “Jai” in SL. They acted as “witnesses” or you might say mid-wives, to the process.

I later learned that Sirius (Sothis-Isis) is always conjunct with our Sun on July 4th! It is LIGHT balancing Darkness.


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One thought on “Birthing the Initiator

  1. BEAUTIFUL! (In fact, I feel close and loving relationship with this kind of ceremony, probably from the lifetime in Mu when I was helping souls to come into this world of experience,,, 🙂 )


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