The Orion Nebula Trapezium

Eye of Osiris - credit: Danny Wilton video
Eye of Osiris – credit: Danny Wilten video

I can only say that concerning the Osiris Arising Project and well, much of my now nearly 50 years (starting at age 17) of work that feeds into the OAP….I have hit paydirt in discovering (might I say being led to) Danny Wilten’s videos on You Tube!

The one I began with was the “The Orion Nebula Trapezium.” When he started discussing the “Eye of Osiris,” my eyes teared up a bit. But I am getting ahead of myself.

For those who may not already know, Since the 1970’s my inner-planes mentors (this was “BT” – before Thoth) told me that the origin of Earth was the “Blue Star” Rigel in Orion. Some years later, when my mentor Thoth was installed into my conscious spectrum, he revealed to me that Orion was the place where the Universal Creation began, and that the “Vault of Orion” – a big dark space in that nebula – was the location where the “Universal Tear” had occurred to expose the “Eye of Ra.”

In the early 1990’s Thoth opened the scroll to me on the Vault of Osiris, which he tells me is beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza or “Temple of the Risen One.” It is within this Vault that certain dynamics will occur as the final platform of “launch” through the 44:44 Stargate (Ascension Threshold) for Earth and the souls who choose themselves to “ascend” – taking a quantum leap back into the mothership of Orion’s Rigel star-sun….thus transforming from a World System I to a World System II planet.

According to the Record of Thoth, Earth and Venus are not from this system, but came through our solar system sun into this planetary configuration. We are not speaking here of rocks and twigs, but energy and consciousness. So at the appointed time, when the last “moment” of the Ascension dynamic is reached, it is the Vault of Orion within the Temple of the Risen One at Giza, that will unlatch the spring which catapults Gaia and her Children back to the Future of Orion.

For all my exclusive time spent in this life (doing nothing else but) engaged in “Thoth Speak” and Akashic translations, I have really read very little esoteric texts. This is not due to disinterest, but Thoth discouraged me from doing so at random, saying that the right “book” would open for me at the right time, and he did not wish me to become saturated with what had already been written, no matter how truthful. In order for me to do the translation I am doing, requires me to remain rather virginal in the arena of the esoteric literature of others. There have been some select works I was guided to. Very early on, to Manly P. Hall – but only skimming the surface. I went deeper into Corrine Helene’s Bible Interpretations and a few other of her works. With J.J. Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch, I have never read it cover-to-cover, but at times (not often) am guided to simply open it and read – most often finding an amazing collaroy with what I am writing or have written.

What this foray into my past is leading up to is…that even though Danny Wilten is referring to old and even ancient text that are probably well-known to most serious esotericists, I had never heard or read about the “Osiris Eye,” or the “Orion Nebula Trapezium” before…or quite a bit more of that which he is elaborating upon in these videos.

The two I have actually watched so far I have embedded below. Just about every word connects to the Osiris Arising Project….Orion as the Universal Creator, the Eye of Osiris, the brain (skull) of the Orion Nebula, etc.



So there is the Eye of Ra, the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Osiris…hmmm and the also the Isis Eye (Areiopax).

Speaking in Thothish, the Eye of Ra is the exposed node within the Universal Tear, found in the Black Vault of Orion.

The Eye of Horus is the energy sphere which was in our universe, but was “torn away” by a cataclysmic event of some kind. I know next to nothing about it at the moment. I do know that things got a lot dimmer for this universe in it’s ability to receive from the Central Intelligence when that happened. In Egyptian symbology, the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus are the same. In the Cosmology, the Eye of Horus was an extension of the Eye of Ra – exposed in the Universal Tear. So when the “Tear” occurred, Horus was ripped away, exposing Ra…like the lens of the Eye (Horus) was ripped off to expose the sensitive internal Eye (Ra).

The Eye of Isis is well-covered by me in my writings on the Areiopax Ascension geometry.

The Eye of Osiris I now know according to esoteric texts of the past, is this solar system’s sun. However, Thoth is now informing me that it is not just that. The Eye of Osiris shines the Light of the Supreme Intelligence at the center of Orion through all the star-suns of the Universe!

Thoth speaks of the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls as “Light Shells.” We see in the videos above that the Orion Nebula is the Central Intelligence “Trapezium.” Thus, our OSIRIS is indeed “Arising” to carry Gaia and her Brood home. The 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls, which Thoth has explained previously as being crystalize brain-mind, are nodes sent to us from the Orion Brain-Mind, through the incarnations of the Dweller Souls and their resultant crystallization of the Supra-Intelligence of SOURCE within our DNA. It is all IN us…as is the entire Universal spectrum.

You will find the above videos, and more of Danny Wilton’s videos in the Cosmology Playlist on the OAP YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to my new YT channel which I created for OAP.

You might also wish to subscribe to Danny Wilten’s You Tube Channel.


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