Star of Bethlehem

From Kaylasa Jaguarstar (read about her sacred journey during this month – no coincidence!) . . .

An explanation of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction that has been occurring all through June and that will continue 1-2 more days, and that has been named “The Star of Bethlehem”, since it’s thought it was such a conjunction that happened when Jesus was born. I was especially thrilled when they mention when you look at Venus with binoculars, you will see a cluster resembling Bee Hive. Bees and their hexagonal hives are considered a sacred symbol. Maia has spoken of the beehive symbol as a representation of the Mazur, one of the Christic grail lineages on Earth, and a symbol of the mythical women known as the Amazons. The ancient Assyrians (in Mesopotamia) considered the beehive a symbol of the zodiacal sign of Cancer (it’s original representation wasn’t a crab, but a queen bee), and it was a representation of the seeding of a new era or world, the seeding of a new life once Death has been overcome, and in general, the start of a new stage in a human’s life.


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