.. Osiris Myth ..
For thousands of years Giza’s Great Pyramids have stood, keepers of ancient secrets, harbouring a message that mankind has long forgotten.. The unravelling of this message has been the life’s work of author Robert Bauval. He unveils the great myth of Osiris and his faithful consort Isis, gods of Afterlife and Eternity, as the key to the “mystery of the Pyramids” which reverberates in many strands of esoterism today..

Nearly an hour long, but if you are truly resonate with the Osiris Arising Project, get out the popcorn (non-gmo organic) and watch this one!

Some pre-viewing notes by Maia . . .

* Robert Bauval mentions at the beginning of this video about Heliopolis – City of the Sun, where the Benu Obelisk now lies in pieces. I was there in 1997. According to Thoth, although a sacred site, this is not the original City on ON (AN) – “City of Light.” We then went to the original location, not far from the declared one. There are some crumbled stones there also…among the ruble. It was at this second, and according to my reciept from Thoth – most ancient City of ON – that he pointed out to me where his library was buried. The officials from the Egyptian Department of Antiquities (I think it was – something “official”) who strangely requested to come with us, then became very excited, saying that they knew it was there but could not actually reach it!

It was at the true City of On that the Benu was released in flight to the stars from the Obelisk. The Obelisk at the more modern Heliopolis was a facsimile of it.

* Thoth tells me he later reincarnated as Imenhotep.

*The sarcophagus of Osiris recently found underground is more than symbolic. It is an energy connection between the Vault of Osiris under the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid) and the Sphinx. With the lid now opened like that, the circuit is broken, but it really doesn’t matter as things are gearing up on a whole new level!

* Osiris and I’shoa (Jesus): It is not just one myth superimposed upon another. As previously written about by me, the Osiris soul was one of the two souls of I’shoa…coming in with the other at birth and leaving at the Baptism as the remaining soul received into the body the Rays of the Christic Archangel and Sun Spirit. The Osiris soul then returned into the body with the other for the crucifixion.

Now we know (according to a recent transmission by me from Thoth) that Osiris was the Root for a Timewalker. He entered as such to become his own son, Horus. He soul has never left the “Root” so any “incarnations” after that point would not truly have been incarnations it the full sense, but Timewalking presentments. This would have been the case then, when he “timewalked” into the I’shoa body. Was the other soul a Timewalker as well? No it was not, as the I’shoa life was it’s first Earthly incarnation…and thus at least one of the reasons it was “escorted” by a Timewalker…and not just any Timewalker!

You will note above that this site now has a link to the new Osiris Arising Project You Tube Channel I have created specifically as a “library” for videos which strongly connect to our OAP. I also may be including some short free-viewing ones I create. Since I just created it, only this one video is on a Playlist at the moment.


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