The Sphinx and the King

The key node for the Osiris Fire Star Kachina Dance is the Osirian Vault beneath the Temple of the Risen One (actually an extension of the temple underground), which is the Great Pyramid of Giza. So with this article, I am being prompted by Thoth to focus on the Sphinx and it’s role in “Osiris Arising” – and a side-story you may find especially intriguing!

To quote from an article I wrote in 2006: The Sphinx and the Nefer’Ratem . . .

In January of 2006 I was shown how the physical Sphinx is merely an outer shell for a stellar geometry of the future Pure Gem body. This body is NOT a lion’s body…but it does contain an energetic correlation with the Sun Lords who guardian the Telos.Aarkhara capstone of the universal “Eye of Ra”. The Pure Gem body is human as we understand it. Yet it radiates the celestial patterns of all species from the divine heart-mind of God. I first received knowledge on the Pure Gem Body in the 1970’s, when I wrote through akashic transmission the as yet unpublished work: The Pure Gem Codex.

Now I am being shown how the supernal ‘Sphinx’ as a seed-point for the Guardian of Mazzaroth is an open-ended matrix for re-calibrating the current human form into future stages of Pure Gem realization. By this it is not meant that working with the energies of the Sphinx, so you will receive your Pure Gem body right now. This future form is developed by us not only as individuals, but as a collective whole. It moves with the currents of planetary evolution. However, individuals may receive advanced crystalline formation within the DNA that will create thin crystalline shales of LIGHT in the body, allowing a level or degree of additional formation of the Pure Gem frequency to take place. In some cases, enough to actually change the physical form. Such beings as Yeshua, Buddah and Baba Ji have experienced this process. They knew and lived the “Mystery of Mazzaroth” and thus the Sphinx.


Further, in the above article (entire article is suggested reading on this topic) It mentions that the Companions of Horus are the Nerf’Ratem guardians of the Sphinx – and I would imagine the whole complex at Giza!

To continue with the 2006 article . . .

It was revealed to me that there is a collection or order of beings which Thoth calls the Nefer’Ratem who guardian the Sphinx and it’s energetic threshold. They also work with that threshold in keeping it active and current with the world dynamic. It is a time portal as well, for all time as we know it is calibrated through the Mazzarothic Threshold, and the Sphinx is a seed-conduit for that threshold.

I then asked Thoth how people might be able to work with the Sphinx as a capacitator for the Pure Gem body for healing, deeper revelation of the divine in human form, and accelerating the growth of the crystalline sheaths in the DNA.

He then showed me a table of golden plates, each inscribed with certain geometries and images. This table he calls the Hyrim E’baph. According to what I receive from the Records of Thoth, the Hyrim E’baph is a physical psionic template that remains in a chamber beneath the paws of the Sphinx. Each plate on the table contains the dynamic and interactive coding necessary to quicken an aspect of the building of the Pure Gem body.

Thoth explained to me that were I to re-create a facsimile of these plates through my digital energy-art, individuals could use them to attune to and work with the frequencies of the A’tum, which is Thoth’s word for the higher energy body of the Sphinx, which forms a seed-point into the actual Threshold of the Mazzaroth.

It is my intention therefore to explore creating these energy-art versions of the Hyrim E’baph.


I did indeed re-create these plates and placed them in an activational video, Jewel of the Sphinx which up to this time has only been available to Kyi’Ra Portal members (click link and scroll down page to find url and password). However, I am offering in this article the opportunity for non-members to purchasing viewing / download of the video. Simply use this special payment link. It is $25. Please include in the info box what the amount is for, and I will send you the url and password.


Enter the King

I first “met” Thoth in early 1977 as I recall…after having been told by my previous inner-planes contacts that Thoth was my “benefactor.” Just prior  to communicating with him directly, I was able to do this through his “scribe” whose name now escapes me. I was told that I wasn’t quite ready to receive direct communication from Thoth, but after my “initiation” at Mount Shasta in a few months time, I would be able to do so. I believe my mother and I went to Shasta for this occasion in July of 1977, but it may have been a month or two sooner. For the months leading up to that date, I was given quite a bit of interesting information about Thoth and my soul connection to him. I was told that Thoth’s brother-in-law was Ptah. Now please understand that “Ptah” again is an archetypal name. So what I was being told was that the Thoth – Rasimes of Aphra – had a brother-in-law who embodied the archetype of  what was to become known in future ages as “Ptah.” I was then informed that in that current time (early 1977) this Ptah’s incarnation was….Elvis Presley. I knew nothing about “Ptah” except that he was an Egyptian “God.” So I called the library (no internet or Google then) and asked the librarian to give me a quick run-down on this Ptah dude. The first words out of her mouth were, “Well, he was the God of Memphis.”

The presence of Elvis Presley had always been strong in my life – as a spiritual beacon, you might say. As of early 1977 I had seen live 36 of his concerts – mostly stage-side in Las Vegas. I knew the spiritual power of this man. Just a month or two after my Shasta initiation, Elvis would be proclaimed dead, and the “king” sealed in his tomb.

It would be a few years later that I became good friends with Wanda June Hill, who had been one of Elvis’ friends since 1963. It was she would would give me the transcripts of her phone conversations in which he discussed many mystical and spiritual things with her, which he wanted her to share with the world after he was gone. She chose to let me be the one to do this, and I have…in my book finally published two years ago – BLUE STAR LOVE.

The following is a quote from my Blue Star Love book . . .

To quote Wanda’s letter to me concerning Elvis’ visions of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx:

“Elvis said the pyramid (at Giza) was a landing base (UFO’s) and had rooms etc., laid out so as to effect a non-gravity base for space ships and people to ‘transform.’ He said someday they’ll learn this. The Sphinx was a part of a chain of ‘transformers’ for this purpose and had several chambers no one’s seen (in known history). The foot of it contains a large ‘plate’ of precious metal and stones and is a ‘conductor’ for this special magnetic force field. He said in my (Wanda’s) lifetime (he did not say in his!) they’d locate this. The Japanese have done so but don’t yet know what it is. He also spoke of the Mexican and South American pyramids being part of a ‘grid’5 for this force field.”

The following is from a letter sent by Elvis in 1970 to a friend whom I shall call Alice, and her husband whom I shall call Roy:

“So, Alice, I’m going to Vegas, if you and your family would like to come and see us there it’d be nice. Let Joe know and after the show we could get together. I’d like to talk to you about transference of thoughts. I’ve tried it and had some success – it would appear to me that I am a sender as well as receiver. I’ve had better luck sending, however. Stanley’s book helped me, I think you’d like it and I have a copy for you. Roy won’t mind if we talk; I’ll ask him, not you. It would be nice if I could have some time away from everything but not now, not here. Besides that, I have some personal problems with it too, Priscilla doesn’t enjoy anything of that type. You have a good man in Roy, he does understand us.

“Alice, I’ve been thinking about the Egyptian trip and I really want to go. If I can work it out with my schedule count me in! God, to see the temples and walk again on the same steps! It sends me! I want to see the lions again, go inside them. I guess that’s impossible now though, but maybe I could remember. I remember so much, have lost so much, but with you there I could, I know it. I want to go so much it hurts, but you understand that, don’t you?

“I have dreams, dark places and hidden steps down and tunnels with oil lamps on the walls and boxes, long boxes with grain and many golden figures around them. I dream of blood, spilling out, flowing over my feet and staining the hem of my robe and of screams and cries and black hoods and flashing knives. Swords they be, with cutting edges and points and oh, the blood is everywhere.

“God, it chills me. I feel I did it. I wake up wet, cold and shaking and so sick at heart and I am filled with sorrow for the lost souls and the agony I caused. Could it be so? Am I he? Is this why I feel such a debt to the people I play to? Do I owe them this joy, this pleasure because I took so much? Is this my way of atonement? I do not know, God, I do not know! Alice, help me find out if you can. I have done all you said to do and I’ll be ready to let you take me back (to the knowledge of his past lives – author). My life, Alice, is yours, guide me through and please make me see the reasons.

“I’ll look forward to seeing you soon, and Roy also. I have something he’ll like – from the game! Don’t mention this to any of the guys or all is lost for us. I won’t say a word here… Always, Elvis”

According to Thoth, Elvis’ fears were unfounded. In another, more recent incarnation in Egypt he was one of the victims and not the perpetrator. Sadly, Elvis would never go on that trip to Egypt. The very real forces (people) that held him prisoner would never have allowed it.

As Ptah, he was very much involved through his brother-in-law Thoth with the “setting of the clock” for Osiris Arising within the Osirian Vault.


Again, from my 2006 article . . .

footnote: After completing this article, I read in Egypt – Child of Atlantis by John Gordon:

“The Sphinx, while clearly associated with the dual god Ra-Tem…very definitely represented man as an emergent god.”

When writing this article I did not know of any Egyptian god named “Ra-Tem”, much less that it was associated with the Sphinx!

Further, John Gordon writes that Ra-Tem, as the “downward-pouring ‘serpent fire’ from the solar heaven — divides itself as Tefnut and Shu — the self-born ‘lion-headed gods’.”

I see these “lion-headed gods” as Solar Lord guardians of the pyramidical Telos.Aarkhara. which ‘capstones’ the Universal Tear revealing the Eye of Ra or Heliomar.

Gordon also writes at length on the ‘Eye of Ra’, from whence man “was born amidst his ‘tears’.” It is also interpreted as a ‘radiance’ streaming from the Eye of Ra.

The Sphinx, then is the guardian to the pyramids (most specifically the Great Pyramid), just as the lion-headed Sun Lords guardians the pyramidal capstone over the Eye of Ra. But the Sphinx is a human-headed lion, reflecting it’s higher dynamic of opening the “Eye” in the human mind, in order for humanity to become as the Gods.



Sphinx Invocation as given to me by Thoth

Tomeh, Tomeh, Haatshput Tanset

By the Star of Isis I betoken Thee
I ask to receive the passage of Thy Vessel

From the East shore,

From the West shore,

From the North shore,

From the South shore.

I AM in the presence Khemeb Hunar,
the ‘Most Ancient Solar One’.


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