The Dwellers and Reincarnation: Who’s Who in the Zoo!


When attempting to sort out past lives of any incarnating soul, one runs into some interesting convolutions…like trying to follow one tiny fish is a swarm of minnows! With a specific grouping of souls, working together in a particular protocol, such as what we are calling the “Dwellers,” this task becomes even more “interesting.”

Many years ago Thoth introduced to me the concept of “layered” souls. At times, some souls layer in one incarnation. There is a “body soul” and then others which interact with that as part of the incarnating process with that body vehicle. usually only highly evolved souls do this, as it requires a depth of harmonic parity in order to achieve it gracefully.

As I previously stated, Thoth revealed to me that the Isis and White Queen souls had shared more than one incarnation together (but not when their skulls were crystallized). Now I see this is true for Lady of the Pinnacle and Isis, as both shared the Mari Anna, Grandmother of I’shoa life.

I suspect that among the Dwellers, they are that swarm of minnows – very often layering together in various lifetimes, as this would reinforce the very purpose of the Dweller protocol: carrying the memory of the Star Linage through the human experience.

Reference Material: The Talika – The Soul’s Journey Through Matter


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