Osiris Arising? Updated

I am re-posting this with new information added (deleting the old post).


According to my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, this is not HAARP phenomena on the video below, but activity connected to the accelerating activation of the PYRAMIDIS RADIUS MATRIX which is of course, central to the “arising” of the quantum mechanics in the Osirian Vault beneath the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid of Giza). These fellas go on and on with their hypothesis as you see the same footage over and over, but just watching in for a few minutes – it is quite spectacular.

Some more . . .

A “dome” effect caused by the larger dome being created around the planet – of the PRM.


ThothHorRa: The Holofield of the PRM is being created now…before your eyes. As we have told you previously, humanity will begin to see what is happening, whereas before it was not visible. At this time, all can see, but as the whole process accelerates, those who choose to ignore all but the phenomena, will not see what is to come next! This will then begin the true division of worlds – even before LP-40. The Holosphere of the PRM will protect those who are aware of it…and prepare them for the “Ascension” Time.

While some of the photos below could possibly be categorized as weird natural phenomena, Thoth stresses to me that even such “natural” displays will be increasing in number and intensifying in scope, due to the developing of the PRM Holosphere.



(Maia) Thoth will never speak to me of exactly “when” something will happen of a catastrophic nature. He did say that we would need “protection” with the shifting of the poles, which this time, will place the planet in alignment for LP-40. This will happen through our vibrational alignment to the PRM.

I refer once again to Simeon Nartoomid’s recent article.

I also suggest my video, Pyramidis Radius 101. My Kyi’Ra Portal members can find link and password on THIS PAGE. Scroll down the page for it.

Non-Members may purchase it in the Spirit Store.


2 thoughts on “Osiris Arising? Updated

  1. This week I received the newsletter form The Hathors by Tom Kenyon, talking also about approaching a Chaotic Node and The Hathors adviced likewise to prepare for the coming events…they work with sound meditations, this one is calling “A bridge between the worlds”..; it does ring a bell to me after reading Simon’s superbe article !


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