Journey of the Red Queen

As you might recall, some months ago I received a transmission from Thoth on a requested journey for the Red Queen Crystal, now being guardianed by Kaylasa Jaguarstar.

Kaylasa is now ready for this powerful journey, which she will be embarking upon with her father.

Here is what she has written about it . . .

So, everything’s almost ready. 2 weeks from now, I’ll be starting the sacred journey Thoth asked us to do with the Red Queen host skull. It will be a journey of 22 days and 12 sacred cities! I start the journey on July 3rd in Malinalco, a sacred city in central Mexico where the powerful Jaguar and Eagle warriors -the highest Orders in the Aztec army- were initiated on a temple aligned to Orion, and where blood was transformed into gold by ancient alchemists. From there, I travel to the ancient heart of the Olmec region, where the first civilized inhabitants of Mexico lived 4000 years ago. They had black skin and they created gigantic figures like the ones in Easter Island, figures of magicians and gods looking to the stars, and other figures only comparable to those found in ancient India. Here, on July 6th, in the Olmec city of Tres Zapotes, I will perform the first ritual Thoth has asked us to do.

From this city, I travel to the Mayan region, to the cities of Palenque and Chichen Itza. The first one was home to king Pakal Votan, also called “the Mayan astronaut” because in his tomb, a stone depicting the stars and what seems to be a vehicle appear. Pakal’s mother was an incarnation of the being whose skull the Mayans and Thoth have called The Red Queen. The second city, Chichen Itza, is considered one of the modern 7 Wonders, and it’s home to the Feathered Serpent Temple, dedicated to the prophet who taught the ancient Mexicans about the laws of the universe and about Love. His name was Kukul’kan, Feathered Serpent, and he was one of Thoth’s incarnations (or his soul was part of him, according to Maia). In these cities I will perform the other two rituals Thoth has asked us to do. The most important ritual will be held on July 8th in Palenque, exactly on my birthday.

From there, I will travel south, outside Mexico, to the jungles of Guatemala and to the sacred Mayan city of Tikal, where on July 13th I will perform the last ritual asked by Thoth. From there, I will travel through some other sacred sites in Mexico, and I will finish the Red Queen Journey on July 25th, with a sacred ritual in Teotihuacan, the city of the Gods in Mexico where the Pyramid of the Sun arises. This date also marks the last day of the Mayan Year (July 26th, when Sirius is visible in Teotihuacan, marks the Mayan New Year).

As I made this itinerary, I realized the places Thoth indicates, not only represent some of the most important Mexican chakras and a divine region symbolizing The Dove according to the Enoch Keys. They also represent 2 of the 4 Great Mother Cultures of ancient Mexico, that is, the most important civilizations that emerged in this region during the last 4000 years that created the Mexican modern spiritual roots, before the Europeans came. These Mother Cultures are, in chronological order:

– The Olmec people, also called the Jaguar People. They represent the Spiritual Path of Silence.

– The Mayan people, also called the Time Masters. They represent the Spiritual Path of Knowledge.

– The Zapoteca people, also called The People of the Clouds. They represent the Spiritual Path of Love.

– The Aztec people, also called Nahuas or the Hummingbird People. They represent the Spiritual Path of Action.

As I created this itinerary, I also read in a history magazine in Spanish, that the Red Queen of the Mayas was symbolized with a white heron, a bird which is also considered one of the symbols of the god Thoth himself!!! And of course, the white heron totally relates to a white dove in my opinion.

Now, regarding the calendar, the dates not contemplated are days which will be spent travelling by car from one location to the other.

I have asked Thoth if he has any input at this time in regard to this journey and process. He tells me only that Kaylasa is in her power now and it will guide her through…that she is upon her Life Purpose path strongly with this journey and it will open her to move ever deeper upon this Path. For the journey itself, she will know what to do and when to do it, as she has done such things before in other incarnations. This time the stars are in alignment to support her and this mission in a way they have never been before.

Thoth is calling this sacred journey the Red Jaguar Star. During the journey, I will be in process here in Kaua’i with the Osiris Host Skull, as he was in concert with the Red Queen in that incarnation when she was indeed, the “Red Queen.”


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