Notes for the OSIRIS ARISING ORACLE Teleseminar

This Sunday (21st) at 12 PM PST (West Coast USA) will be my 2nd Web Talk. I am really looking forward to it! 🙂

The topic I have titled the “Osiris Arising Oracle” as I will be discussing this new Oracle I recently created. However, depending on what “comes through” we will venture into broader, related subjects: Thoth’s perspective on “Oracle Tools”…the ancient Oracle Speakers, such as the famous ones of Delphi…how symbols create synapses in the brain….and who knows what else will come through. How far we go and where we go will depend a lot on the questions asked by the participants.

You will have the opportunity to view the Osiris Arising cards as you are on the teleseminar with me. We will go through a process with this. I suggest that in the days remaining before Sunday, you spend some time with these images.

Kyi’Ra Portal members can interact with the on-line Oracle. Non-members may purchase the 61 page booklet and  21 images in my Spirit Store.

My Portal members may participate in all my Web Talks for no charge. You can access the information you will need to do so here.

Non-Portal members may purchase a “ticket” to this event here.

In both instances, you will be then able to access the post-recording of the Talk.

You may join the Teleseminar with phone, Skype or website.

I hope to talk with you on Sunday!


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