Walking with the Dwellers – A Process of Self-Renewal


As I work diligently on what I am now calling the Osiris Arising Oracle, I am aware of a very powerful energy coming through this process for me…personally, and I do also believe – for the Earth as well. I consider it a “sacred act” and every sacred act we perform lights a flame in the Soul of the Earth, as it does in our own. There are many sacred acts…including cleaning toilets, if you do so in the state of mind and heart that it is serving yourself and others.

My process with this particular sacred act  is quite different for me than my spirit creations of the past, in that is it so specifically involves working for many  hours in the virtual world to achieve it. I have for some time, used the virtual Second Life platform for models and scenery which I incorporate into my art, but with the Oracle project it is taking on a much higher level of energy, time and focus. Through this focus comes to me a deeper understanding of what it means to form visual images that then take on a life of their own… through the energy field of both the creator and those who view and interact with these images.

The images of the beings on these “cards” are not intended to be how they may have appeared in a particular lifetime. Yes, there is some similarity with a few of them – but the entire depictions are incorporating the energy of these souls through a multitude of physical expressions in their sojourning on Earth, and as they exemplify the archetypes they embody. So as I do this…put them together…I am finding all the pieces of myself coming together, as one energy work is really not that separate from another, if it is on the same vibrational level.

We are taught two contradictory things in life about appearances: 1) they are really important and  2) they should be put aside as unimportant. In my estimation, and from what I have gleaned in understanding from my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, neither of these statements is absolutely correct. Yet there is some truth in both!

It is not true that we should obsess over our appearance and feel we must look a certain way to feel good about ourselves. Yet how we look is a reflection of our inner being, and therefore when we listen to the inner in how we present ourselves physically to the world, we are outwardly living more fully the Inner Being.

Of course, one of the ways to achieve this is to respect the body and not abuse it with bad habits of eating, or other things which will destroy the cells, the energy fields, etc. Then there is enough rest and proper exercise. All this is essential and basic to a healthy, loved body.

Yet there is much more. We don’t have to look a certain way to express our inner beauty through our outer appearance, but we do need to focus on expressing it. Most people on this planet do not really do this…and that includes many who have perfect figures and straight teeth! (lol)

I am not one who can lead by example in this way, as I have had chronic health problems all of my life, and I find myself continually forgetting to care for my body – just sitting here day after day totally in my creative spirit-mind, but neglecting the physical. I DO try each day to lessen this magnetic attraction I have with inertia of the flesh! It also makes me more sensitive to seeing it out there in the world (takes one to know one).

What I dooo seem to have a knack for is projecting my inner through the visage of the outer in sort of a “flash.” I just feel myself open up and send a “flash” of “me” through the physical! Kind of hard to explain, but it is a form of opening wide for a moment and saying “here I am and I wish to connect to who you are.”

We each find our unique ways to say “here I am and I am reaching out to who you are.” In doing this, we are enlivening the moment – savoring the living flame – which we all share; and acknowledging that we indeed do all share it.

Back to the topic of the souls from among the Illumined we are calling the “Dwellers” (those whose skulls were crystallized in an incarnation here on Earth), the Dweller’s Crystal Skulls are…skulls. The frame of human sentience. It is about the body and how the physical carries the DNA encoding, the memory, the synthesis patterns of our entire soul’s experience on and within Gaia. We are embarked upon a journey with our Mother Planet, and it is not one of doom and decay, but of passage into a higher form and greater Becoming.

Virtual Reflections

I would like to shift gears here just a bit and present a sub-topic to the above that is currently out picturing in the virtual world of Second Life. SL is realm which is entirely created through the FIRST Life of all it’s participants, and is therefore a virtual reflection of what is going on inside the individuals involved.

Thoth has repeatedly spoken to me through the years about the “division of worlds” as we come into the final stages before “LP-Forty” or planetary Ascension. Now, with the Pyramidis Radius Matrix becoming more active and forming its grid, we will experience this division even more acutely. I am seeing this  reflected with increasing prominence in the virtual world of Second Life. I have had a strong presence in the SL World since 2008. In the last two years I have seen some dramatic changes in the way people choose to appear in their virtual forms.

There has always been rather clearly, three divisions present in SL:

1) Normal human forms  2) animal forms – we call them “furries” in SL – and dragons, and  3) darker types: vampires, “Bondage,” the Street Gang look, etc.

In the “normal” category there are a few divisions, including a strong spiritual community, which some furries and dragons are attracted to as well.

In the past two years however. there has been a new category developing and really running rampant in SL. Words fail me to describe it. Here is what it looks like . . .


One would have to wonder what the person appears like in First Life – sitting there at their computer. They may not all necessarily be women.That is entirely open to question. It is doubtful they are under twenty. In fact, the demographics of Second Life has the majority of participants over forty. Many of them are academics and professionals, or with successful careers in management or highly creative positions. I am guessing that those who choose to so mortify their “bodies” in the virtual are not among the achievers. Or are they? It is a fascinating and somewhat scary contemplation. I call these who choose such paths in life – out pictured in various ways – the Pain People.

On the other side of the coin, the Arts and Spirit communities are flourishing, and with the ever-developing technology in the Second Life platform, they are able to express and share much Beauty and Light in ways still not possible or at least not easy to achieve, in First Life.

Some examples . . .

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We must realise that those of us who choose to embrace Beauty and Light in the world (in whatever ways we can imagine and actualize) are holding open the door for the Pain People. As long as we keep our hearts and minds in a state of perpetual compassion for all our brothers and sisters on Planet Earth, we can act as beacons for those without a guiding light.

The Dweller Souls crystallizing their skulls is an act of compassion and truly selflessness, for this act ties them to the Earth and its humanity for a very long time. It is their gift to us (among many) in helping the human element to renew in the mind and body, their dedication to Eternal Life.

Thoth and the Cave of Mythara

I share with you here some paragraphs from my unfinished manuscript on the life of Thoth as Raismes of Aphra . He began life as a young boy named Tirna, but in his early twenties he transformed his entire body in order to become the “Thoth.” This transformation had nothing to do with color, it just happened that he went from dark tones to light in this instance. It had everything to do with his specific genetic path, inducing a future form to better equip him for the service at hand.

Tiirna left the Flame of Orion and went to his chambers, where he bathed, anointed himself with holy oils and dressed in a white robe of taspar, a fine silk, from which only garments for sacred ceremonies and rituals were woven. He loosened his braid of hair so that it flowed liquid, in fiery embers of light upon his shoulders. He was otherwise unadorned and prepared to enter the Cave of Mythara.

Tiirna made the trek to the Holy Cavern without difficulty, and entered its mouth into darkness. He brought no torch or other source of light with him, having only his inner sight to guide him in his perilous journey. Yet his way was surely illuminated through the channels of his mind and heart which were receptive to the subtle-body stimuli of etheric current around him. As he progressed in his passage, he knew his course to take him ever deeper within the Earth. Time became a line in sand, easily erased by the breath of the caverns.

Tiirna found level ground once again, and the passageway he was upon widened into a large cavernous area, displaying sparkling shapes of limestone visible in an eery silvery green light. Tiirna knew this light to be created by the chemical break-down of an algae growing on the walls and floor of the cathedral chamber. There in the midst of this simulated twilight splendor, was a crystal pool, so still it appeared to be of glass. The waters also reflected the silver-green glow, with deeper hues of turquoise beneath the surface glint. As he gazed upon the pool, Tiirna suddenly felt a need to sleep. He found a smooth stone near the waters just large enough to accommodate his supine form, and there he closed his eyes amid the sensation of floating weightlessness. His astral body arose from the tomb of the matter-self and looked to the far side of the crystal pool. There he saw an emerald door, shining as if polished by the wings of angels. Above this door was the sign of the Trident with the three spheres above the prongs. It seemed to be cut in the limestone, burning as if set aflame. In his astral form, Tiirna moved toward the emerald door. He felt a tingling heat resonating in his being as he passed through the transparent gem stone. After such great light, the contrast of total darkness startled him for a moment, but then his mind relaxed and he saw that he was not alone. In the black nothingness came a small sphere of red and gold, which grew and grew until it was the size and shape of a human figure. The being revealed to Tiirna was unlike anything he had ever seen, even in his most vivid dream-vision experiences. While the body appeared as a man’s, devoid of any garment, the head and face was that of a creature unknown to him. The shape of the head was somewhat like that of a goat, with large, curling horns extending from the sides of the forehead. The nose was snoutish, resembling a bore, and there was facial hair of white upon the chin. But it was to the eyes that Tiirna’s mind gave its full attention. They were large and oval, a yellow-gold, with pupils of ruby light, fearsome in appearance; yet beneath the trappings of horrific display there was a presence of divine grandeur. The creature opened its mouth, forming a circle with its narrow lips and a sounding issued forth that was liken unto a scream of agony. Tiirna felt pain throughout his astral body, and as he succumbed to this sensation, so he moved into it, becoming one with the soul of the beast. He had no fear of the presentation of evil or suffering. He knew only the sublime reality of Spirit that inhabited all being. As he merged with the beast, so he embraced the wound in its heart, and there came forth a streaming of blood, vile in smell from within. Tiirna moved even nearer the wounded heart, embracing only the glory of its existence. As he so consumed with love this aperture of decay and sorrow, the blood began to froth about him and the scent changed to the fragrance of the midnight star flower, its coloration swirling into the spectrum of dark violet and then sapphire. The stirring of the vapors ceased, and the liquid was on fire with a beauteous violet-blue light. The figure in the midst of the pool of cleansed and rarified blood was now comely to behold. His skin was of golden flesh, his face fair, eyes of gold-blue. His hair was long, unto the waist in a cloud of golden light. Tiirna knew that he looked upon himself in his metamorphosed body. Instantly in his matter-self, he opened his eyes. He lay still on the smooth stone near the pool. His body felt stiff and not his own. Slowly he moved his limbs, and then with graduation, raised himself and stood. Approaching the glass surface of the cavern pool, he bent forward and peered within it. There he saw a man in his early years. While he resembled Tiirna in subtle ways, there were major differences. This being’s body was more muscular, taller by two inches, and the skin tone was of bronze-gold, while Tiirna’s had been pale as a silvered moon. His face was more angular than the pear-shaped features of the younger man, and his eyes harbored greater gold amid the blue. Tiirna’s midnight hair was now a golden dawn. The mouth remained much the same as Tiirna’s had been, sensitive and full, possessing a gentle strength, yet the set of it was more pronounced with a poise less vulnerable.

The one who had been Tiirna looked to the far side of the pool. Nothing but natural limestone met his eyes where the emerald door had blazed but a timeless moment before. Suddenly he felt a presence behind him. He turned to see a hologram of two geometric cubes on end, rotating within one another. One cube was of blue and the other red. As these cubes continued to spin, he recognized the formation of a high-state merkabah. (Thoth’s definition of a merkabah is a vehicle or spirit-generated field of Light transport for sentient forms and consciousness through space and time.) He then felt a command for him to step into the generated Light field. As he did so, his whole being ignited with a rushing power of Spirit beyond the capacity of matter to contain, and yet within the merkabah, his cellular tolerance for Light infusion was raised and he was therefor able to receive the consciousness which poured into him. He then knew the red cube to be composed of a substance which stimulated the biochemical components in his body to vibrate at a rate equal to the speed of light, while the blue cube radiated pure unbounded energy, which the ancients called kylestra, the invisible matter. Thus, from the perspective of physics, the red cube is what we could call a facilitator of ‘quantized’ matter, while the blue cube is composed of the true ‘anti-matter’ of the universe. In proper ‘spin’ synchronization, these two matrices generated a Light field merkabah capable of transporting energy at the atomic level through the barrier of light-speed into the realm of ‘Attasic’ Universal At-Oneness with all Light Spheres and Matter Worlds. In this process, the initiate that had been Tiirna was brought through the portal of molecular transmutation, so that he not only ‘appeared’ to have been changed (within the outer-shell of his subtle-body, which he viewed in the cavern pool), but he became transformed atomically, within the sub-anatomy of his matter vehicle.

As the merkabah ceased to spin, the initiate found himself standing face-to-face with a Hierophant dressed in Egyptian robes, displaying a large golden ankh about his neck containing an emerald in the center of the loop. The Hierophant carried a staff which was fashioned at the top as a shepherd’s crook. He touched the initiate upon the left shoulder, saying, “Thou art the One who wears the Three Crowns of Heaven, and bears the Mouth of the Sun to the Altar Place.” And he who was now Raismes saw himself as a white falcon carrying in his beak the golden orb of the sun, as he alighted upon the great stone altar of his birth atop the Mountain of the Moon. As this vision was upon him, the Hierophant placed around Raismes’ shoulders a cape designed with the image of a white falcon, its wings outstretched, embracing the One who wears the Three Crowns. With this act, the initiate was once again the falcon upon the stone….Raismes was now one with the life stream of the Earth. ‘And I saw what seemed to be a glassy sea mingled with fire, and those who come off victorious from the wild beast…’ (Revelations, chapter 15, verses 2 and 3) – full chapters from the Thoth Book


Some of the faces of Thoth (click on first image to scroll through)


As we approach what is ahead for us in our passage with Gaia, and the resultant global transition into a new Starry Wonder, so we must come to a place where we can accept our physical selves more fully. Thoth has told me that the “Ascension” is about taking our bodies – or at least the energetic form of them – with us into the transitioned state of the New Earth. We don’t leave any “shell” behind. Why…why is this important? Why not cast off the less perfect one for a finer model?

Thoth replies to me..better still, let us make the “old” form more perfect…for in doing so, nothing is cast off, or set aside, but fully developed as it was meant to be.

The Days of Eschaton (End Times) may be upon us sooner than we imagine. I have no inside scoop on this, as it is not Thoth’s MO to share “whens” about these things; but it is certainly within the realm of possibility that we are about to embark on the “Passage” of LP-Forty.

Simeon Nartoomid’s recent article on this possibility is definitely compelling food for thought. Yet even if the “Day” is longer away, we must consider that wherever we are then…on this plane of Earth or in the Earth Astral between incarnations, each of us will be participating and will be required to choose our course. We cannot put off preparing for this journey, as time is not was it appears. We are always in the midst of the NOW Moment.



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