The Seal of Solomon & Temple of the Risen One

From my earlier translations of the Thoth Akasha . . .

The Opening of the Lotus

The Great Pyramid at Giza becomes the ‘Thresholding Chamber’ for the Ascension fulfillment. Within this ancient structure is contained an etheric temple counterpart Thoth refers to it as the ‘Temple of the Morning Star’.

i) Adonai Kodesh: Inside the Temple of the Morning star is a golden cube with a sphere inside connected to a ’blue hole’, which differs from a ‘black hole’ in that it is responsive to sentient consciousness control.

ii) Projection of ‘blue needles’ into pyramid’s Vault of Osiris

iii) Activates the Violet Flame

iv) Lotus unfolds, sending golden needles out into the planet, calibrating the vibration of all matter to register above a specific threshold which The Keys of Enoch calls the ‘Sacred Formula Grid’.


With attention to what I wrote in 2000 on the Lotus unfolding (iv), Thoth’s emphasis in this segment is on what The Keys of Enoch calls the ‘Sacred Formula Grid.’

Today I was guided to do some googling on this and found . . .

When J.J. Hurtak talked in Canada at the “The Total Health Conference” in 2002 about a vision – a mind blowing vision of what mankind can step into, what the possibilities are like when we can actually consciously access the power of our brains – the full information potential in our cells and our DNA and how we can more consciously interact with the Universe, and what miracles may be a part of our lives, when we can do that.

In chapter 3.1.4. -page 486- it says: “Through a projection of light and information, coming from the recorder cell, individuals can be reconnected with their perfect Blueprint (their Adam Cadmon).”

Individuals can get an additional high frequency resonance and high frequency vibration and somehow working with this vibration they can use and step into and gain paranormal gifts, like healing others and to heal ourselves – and that we can help to create miraculous change. We can help to create the way cells operate, we can change, we can modify that outside the realm of space and time. It says that somehow when we work with these vibrations we will transcend dimensions. – web source

When I spent the first night here in my home on Kaua’i with the White Queen Dweller Host Crystal Skull just a few feet away from me, I received that it was now time to bring forth the ISIS into her Host and to “deliver her unto the Seal of Solomon.” At first, I thought this meant that the Isis (Lady of the Lake) Hosting Skull was to go to a specific “Seal of Solomon” order. Then I began to realize that Thoth meant the ISIS was to move into the Seal of Solomon! I as spoke more about this with Lynn McCallum, who is the Star Walker for the Osiris Arising Project, she also saw this bigger picture emerge – and how the Seal of Solomon was what Thoth would probably call the “containment field” for the entire working of the Osiris Arising.

Once I then obtained a Hosting Sull for the Dweller Isis, this Host when with Lynn-Celest’Ra to Egypt. You may read about this happening here. It became obvious that Lynn took the Isis Host Skull into the Seal of Solomon’s containment field when she brought it inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

If one were to be able to view the Arieopax-Isis Eye as a 3D model (sadly, I don’t have the software or know-how to create such a visual model), you would see the the six pointed Star of David / Seal of Solomon lies within it. This six pointed star is the 44:44 Ascension Stargate.

The Seal of Solomon is intrinsically encoded with the Temple of the Risen one (Great Pyramid). I was able to find a pdf file by Scott C. Nelson on the web that really goes into detail on this, but cannot find a direct credit web link for it. You can download the file here.  There is also this page, which is related to the same work. Scott’s pdf It is very detailed and mathematical, but if you just scroll through it, you should begin to pick up on the essence of it energetically, as I did.

In reading from the Keys of Enoch, Key 108: 20, we see the diagram of the “sacred formula” is indeed the six pointed star. Hurtak states in this Key that this formula is used to “coordinate the Great Pyramid with other grids of Light.”

In Key 22 Hurtak writes that The Great Pyramid is indeed being activated “to coordinate with other grids on this planet.”

To me, Thoth states that the rotation of the “Seal of Solomon” star within the Isis Eye has begun as of the Equinox of March 20th, 2015. This star “rotates” into a torus geometric through a mathematical trigger in the Solomon Star of the Temple of the Risen One, triggering a Light geometry rotation through the planetary grid.

Now that the Pyramidis Radius Matrix is “on line” within planet Earth, all the Earth grids are nesting within the PRM. Thus, the “sacred formula” is switching on the codons of the cosmic DNA throughout the entire GAIA system via the Great Pyramid / PRM combo.

This all brings us (or at least me) back to the Osiris Arising Project and Osiris as both a being and a quantum science dynamic arising from the Osirian Vault beneath (or way down within) the Great Pyramid-Temple of the Risen One.

Let us review what Thoth stated concerning the Osiris Star Fire Kachina Dance, as this dynamic is the CORE of activation of the Great Pyramid’s Seal of Solomon as a rotating field within the Isis Eye – essentially THE trigger to the final movement of planetary ascension . . .

* The O’SIR’RIM Matrix spins….the TWELVE LOTUS spin the codes of the 72 outward and into the center where the SPACE for the 13th abides.

* The ISIS and OSIRIS Skulls project into that spinning, the UNION of Above [White Queen – Grace – beyond form] and Below [Red Queen – Blood Ancestry] – the SPARK for uniting the parts into the whole once again.

* It is then that OSIRIS will take the position energetically – via a VIOLET RAY of Light – into the center space being held for the 13th LIVING Crystal Skull [ the Being Thoth often refers to that does not have a crystal skull, but will unite the entire “realm” of Earth through Her entry (the Soul-Light Being) into the center of the 12 at a future time].

* As the OSIRIS penetrates the Violet Ray into this center space, so “He” – OSIRIS – the RISEN ONE – He who offered up the LIGHT of I’shoa on the Cross – will then ascend through the VIOLET FLAME into the Higher Heaven of the 8th Octave, as the FIRE STAR KACHINA, carrying ALL the Kokopelli codes back to the Greater Creatrix. This ACT [the process outlined by Thoth here – of ascending through the Violet Flame] is the Dance of the Fire Star Kachina. ~ read complete article


Again, remember to see this as a quantum dynamic. Thoth now relates to me that the “Seal of  SOL (sun) O MON (MUN “Moon”) is a dance of male-female polarities coming into conjuncto. “Osiris” is actually inseminating the Womb of the Earth with this process, so that it may “birth” the Child aka New Earth Star consciousness.

Scott Nelson’s treatise on the Seal of Solomon dynamic in the Great Pyramid reveals mathematically the male / female “dance,” although I do not see him equating it to a dance, it is in my perception exactly that.

When Lynn-Celest’Ra took Isis into the Temple of the Risen One on the Solstice of March 20th, the Dweller Being ISIS sent the signal of the Gaia Womb into the Osirian Vault and The Osiris Being responded. So has the “Dance” begun? When we are dealing with quantum time it is difficult to pinpoint a “Now” moment as we would have to reference our time continuum to do so, and it is constantly changing! But when the cosmic dust settles, I would say that at least a stirring of the Vessel has begun…a toe-tap perhaps to the rhythm and a first movement of the limbs to the melody of the Song of Ascension. Hallelujah!

In Simeon Nartoomid’s article (or perhaps I should call such a detailed writing a treatise): Mass Ascension,Magnetic Pole Reversal and Mass Extinction -Expanding Awareness on LP-40 . . Simeon writes:

…the “Light Codes for Ascension” are to be found in the energies of being a clear enough vehicle to be able to express your Pure Love Nature most of the time regardless of what is happening in your life. The mention of those who cannot hold this balance experiencing death is not so awful if you understand that they will move on to other incarnative experiences in a wave of bliss.

This will occur as their physical form is also translated into other states of matter but without sufficient “encoding” or balanced cohesiveness to keep it all assembled as part of their being. This means that for these souls a new incarnational vehicle has to then be formed in their chosen new reality sphere just like we have been doing on Earth for a very long time.

This is also therefore an action of Pure Love pouring through to take all beings to their next calling within the evolutionary movement of consciousness that is taking place.

This is what Thoth calls the Heart Ascension, which must come first before the planetary “Arising.” As Osiris moves the “body” to the music…what IS the music? Where is it coming from? It is our very heartbeat that forms the tempo and our breath that gives forth to song. Humanity must create the right tone to really get this dance going.

There are various stone “doors” on the planet – ancient doors – leading to other world dimensions and time-space. One is at Amaru Meru on the Titicaca Plateau of Peru. You cannot gain entrance through these doors without uttering just the right tone to allow the physical and energy body of the individual to come into harmonic parity with the portal, which has it’s codes embedded into the stone. The same principle applies to all of humanity vis a vis Gaia Ascension. You might say that all of the Earth itself is the “stone” containing the embedded codes to quicken in us, the New Earth Star. Gaia is the Door we must knock upon to gain entrance to the New Earth! Yet the Tone we are seeking is within us…and it always has been.

According to Thoth, the Osiris-Horus soul also embodied as both one of the souls of I’shoa and as King Solomon. This makes perfect sense, if you consider that Rudolph Steiner named the two souls which entered I’shoa (Jesus), “Solomon” and “Nathan.” Thoth says that it was the Solomon who then left the I’shoa body at Baptism, to return at the time of crucifixion. Steiner’s version has these two souls incarnating separately and later merging. Two alternate realities maybe.  In any case, for the purpose of the focus of this article, we see Osiris returning as Solomon, which has a strong corollary with the Osiris soul orchestrating the quantum dance through the Seal of Solomon geometry within the Temple of the Risen One.

So where to we go from here? Really the ultimate answer is, anyplace we want to! But as Dorothy was told to say as she clicked the heels together on her ruby slippers, “There is no place like home.”


5 thoughts on “The Seal of Solomon & Temple of the Risen One

  1. Interesting in so many ways, thank you! Also; a week ago I was ‘given’ that bottle 70, is to be brought through and will hood the vibration of I’shoa (Jesus). I have had confirmation twice today that this is indeed correct…Blessings xo


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