Zep Tepi, The Metatrons and Mars

The Zep Tepi is now considered by some researchers as a historical fact
According to the “Pyramid Texts”, there was a period that emerged from the primordial chaos and the way gods ruled the earth. This period is called “Zep Tepi”.

Is this just another mythological tale or can we find facts behind the Zep Tepi?

According to several researchers, among them Armando Mei, Zep Tepi is a historical period that can be traced back to a specific date, 36,420 BC.

The Pyramid Texts, the sum of the wall decorations and writings found in several Egyptian monuments have left us most of the recorded history that speak of creation myths of ancient Egypt. Mysteriously, in all of these texts, a period of “absence” is described, and this period is called Zep Tepi.

For scholars, one of the most interesting documents is the papyrus of Turin, or commonly referred to as the Papyrus of Kings, a document dating from the nineteenth dynasty of Egypt, which shows, in addition to the list of sovereign unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, the list of divine and semi-divine kings of Egypt’s Predynastic Period.

Researchers believe that, by calculating the decrypted information obtained from the papyrus of Turin, we obtain the initial period, referred to as the kingdom of Ptah, creator and first ruler of ancient Egypt, dating back 39,000 years.

The same source speaks of a time when the primordial gods reigned over Egypt for 20,000 years, after them, the demigods arrived, they were called the “followers of Horus”. After them, mortal humans came to the throne of Egypt. These mortals began to rule over Egypt around the fourth millennium BC with the dynasties of pharaohs we know today.

So how should we interpret this information? Mainstream researchers tell us that most of that is just a myth, and it did not occur like it was described, why? Because they believe it is not possible since it contradicts mainstream beliefs. Egyptology, and the official historiography tells us that everything to the pre-dynastic era is regarded as a myth, without much historical value.

There are several researchers that believe there is more to this then meets the eye. Italian researcher Armando Mei, dedicated his life to the study of pre-dynastic Egypt. In 2005, Mei conducted research on the Giza plateau, culminating in the formulation of his “Theory of the historical dating of Zep Tepi”, presented at the International Conference on Sciences of Antiquity, held at the Zayed University in Dubai.

Armando Mei explained that researchers have proposed several theories about the monuments of Giza, obtaining several hypothesis about the function of the monuments and the techniques adopted for their construction. Academic Egyptology has greatly contributed to our understanding of a unique and incomparable civilization that developed incredible technologies and advancements in their social, artistic and scientific life, but for some reason, we can still not understand how ancient Egyptians managed such incredible achievements thousands of years ago.

Mei believes that one of the most important theories of the past 20 years, in scientific terms, is proposed by Robert Bauval and in known today as the Theory of Orion’s Correlation, according to which, the Pyramids of Giza are the projection on land of Orion’s Belt, which was possible to observe in the Egyptian sky in 10,450 BC. Even though this theory has been rejected from the beginning by academics, it has allowed the development of new research methods that have in part, explained some of the mysteries related to the so-called Predynastic Period.

Together with Nico Moretto, Armando Mei developed an astronomical correlation analysis through the application of a mathematical model for the pyramids of Giza. According to these two researchers, The ancient Egyptian civilization originated in the year 36.900 BC, providing historical value to the descriptions of Zep Tepi in texts such as the Papyrus of Turin. – Ivan Petricevic / web source

Based on what I have seen within the Akasha of Thoth (his streaming with the Greater Akasha), the Time of the First Reparation began around 16,000 years ago and lasted 6,000 years. But let us look back before this . . .

The Nephilim’s agenda on this planet included genetic engineering of the then-current human races. We know the gist of this from the Sumerian texts and other historical sources. Yet according to Thoth the true purpose in it’s entirety is much more dimensional than creating slave labor for mining gold. It is a large topic and not central to this article. I mention it here though, as it need be understood in looking at the Zep Tepi within the Aksaha, that both the Nephilim and the “Star Lords” (Zep Tepi) came and went from this Earth in the same period of time. It is also true that the Star Lords orchestrated the creation of this Earth (as Helpers to the EL’OHIM), long before the Nephilim arrived.

If we go back to 39,000 years ago we would find this to be before the actual Nephilim embedding on planet Earth. An assortment of “Nephilimic” beings had cruised through and touched down and created interference with the human race before that time, but they had yet to entrench themselves for the specific purpose that included serious genetic tampering with the human species. The implementation of this plan began around 25,000 years ago, continuing for 1,100. Yet the changes made in the human race spawned a drastically altered time line which was not adjusted until the First Reparation around 16,000 years ago. Even today however, we are still not what we were as a species before the genetic tampering.

So let us see how the Zep Tepi “Myth” aligns with the presence of the Sun Lords in what is now Egypt. First, we must bear in mind that the Sun Lords were not abiding solely in Egypt, but throughout the Earth. The Middle East and African continent was a primary area for them however, as it was for the Nephilim. The location of Egypt was chosen for the Temple complex of the Risen One for various reasons…major was astronomical placement on the planet. So it was in “Egypt” that the Star Lords set up a “dynasty” – not to rule over people but to instruct and protect – to create a human-star race what would continue a knowledgeable lineage of presence on the Earth.

The Nephilim embedding made this plan difficult to continue. There were the Nephilim Wars which the Star Lords took no part of. These “wars” were between the two (by then) divided factions of the Nephilim. One wishing to continue the status quo on Earth, and the other wishing to end it and free Earth’s humanity. While the latter bore the same wish as the Star Lord’s, they were willing to use force to achieve this freedom, which included recruiting sections of human populace to the Cause. The Star Lords were of a higher spiritual awareness and realized force was not the answer for a long term solution. So when the wars began, the Sun Lords departed, leaving in their stead the “Followers of Horus” to continue as best they could, in guiding the higher true purpose of planet Earth. The Followers of Horus were offspring of those human who still carried undiluted, original Earth genetics, who had willingly born children from the Star Lord Solarians (Solarians is a Thothic term for all the star races directly related to original human genetics). So the Followers of Horus we these offspring.

Throughout the period of the Nephilim occupation and resultant wars, first the Star Lords and then the Followers of Horus managed to keep a region of the Earth safe from Nephilim intrusion. This was not done through any oppositional action but through vibrational attunement.


The planet Mars was an outpost for the Solarians. It was given the proper environment artificially to sustain life. There the Star Lords first created their complexes to oversee the greater Earth project. When the Nephilimic Wars began, so most of the Star Lords retreated back to Mars (some entered in Inner Domain of Earth). They would return for the First Reparation several thousand years later.

Metatron Dwellers

Those Star Lords/Illumined Ones Thoth is calling “Dwellers” are seventy-two in number, but they represent the entire Company of Star Lords who compose the Greater Plan for Earth, which began with the creation of the LOTUS Realm.

The Metatron is a name Thoth is applying to 23 Beings / Crystal Skulls of the Dwellers. When their skulls were crystallized, they were all in Sirian genetic forms. Even Thoth, whose Creation Star is Rigel in Orion, was in a Sirian embodiment when his skull was turned to crystal.

On the planet Mars were established what Thoth is calling the Abode of the Zep Tepi. It was here that the Star Lords lived and maintained a Thresholding to the Great Realms. This “Abode” is now within the planet of Mars – no longer on it’s surface. Yet the outer pyramids and complexes remain – in various locations on the planet.. Some of these still contain an operational, active interior. One of these is the pyramid containing the holographic interface with the Metatron Dweller Crystal Skulls.

The Zep Tepi have not entirely left our vibrational realm…for the Martian planet as we see it is where they continue to have a presence – as well as it’s moons and our moon. As always, the Nephilim shows up in these planets / moons as well…at a later time, attempt to utterly destroy the Abode of the Zep Tepi…they were not entirely successful. Unfortunately, the Nephilim (the myriad assortment of them) also maintain a presence on the Earth.

It is important to understand that there is Mars as we see it (in our vibrational field) and the planet Mars in it’s true vibrational field….and that is simplifying it, as there are many vibrational fields for each rotating body we call planets and stars!

A short video with photographic evidence of the Zep Tepi’s past on the surface of Mars –

There are many Mars / our Moon pictures of pyramids. This is just one dramatic example –

From my article Metatrons and the House of the White Crystal Star . . .

The White Queen (Dweller) is accessing the signals from the sunstone beneath the Chamber of the Sun (Machu Picchu) – transferring them to the Keeper of the Way in Crestone (wherein is the AN ark of the Dawning). Together the “King” and “Queen” – the actual Dwellers in their caverns of Crestone and Kaua’i – are creating a meridian channel from the base chakra (Hawaiian Islands) through the crown chakra (Crestone) of the Ascension Temple grid. this “meridian channel” will allow the Metatron field within the Mars pyramid to flow like crystal fire through and into the entire Pyramidis Radius.

Thoth: The birthing Crystal Star streaming from Rigel, the Blue Star, will arise like a diamond above the crowns of the anointed – the Grail Bearers of the White Star – who come forth to birth the Child into the New Earth. So shall the DWELLERS speak to and through them to prepare the Way for their return.

From Crystalinks . . .

During the fabled First Time or Zep Tepi, when gods, or aliens, ruled on Earth, the waters of the abyss receded, the primordial darkness was banished, and the human biogenetic experiment emerged from the light. The Urshu, a category of lesser divinities whose title meant The Watchers, preserved vivid recollections of the gods themselves, puissant and beautiful beings called the Neteru who lived on Earth with humans in the beginning.

Discoveries emerging from Egypt, describe the existence of a world wide pyramid temple system in prehistory, mounted like antennae on key energy meridians, which were employed by ancient priest-scientists as harmonic tuning forks to stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet’s cataclysmic geology. From the mother tongue word Jedaiah, meaning ‘The Way of the Word’ or ‘The Power of the Word’, the ancient Jedai priests used the Language of Light to tune the planet like a giant harmonic bell. Much is being rediscovered in the last days of this time cycle.


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