The Dwellers are as you, in the moment when your flesh is stripped to reveal the Crystal LIGHT beneath! We come to your shore in this Age, so that you may arise to greet us, and in this act, become who you truly are.

You are the gifts we reveal to the world. A nation of idols may fall at your feet and crumble about you, yet the Crystal Fire of your own breath will raise them up as armies of Light…transformed by the Sun in the Heart of the New Earth.

We will summon all the crystalline beings to come forth in their true forms, and it is then that you shall see your own beauty and shining crystal PURE GEM bodies among them.

Take notice in this moment, that even now your Light is coursing through divine channels to beat the Heart of Hearts within you.Paloma (White Queen) to Maia

Matter does matter – Thoth to Maia in 1980’s

2009 –


The Osiris Arising Project is ultimately not about crystal skulls, Illumined Beings, or ancient Egypt. It is about US – humanity – and Gaia – The Earth Mother. It is about connecting to and through the elements to move into the rarified states of Being…how we as our Bodies and we as our Souls work together to “Arise” with the Morning Star as a Fire of New Birthing, into a new dimension of Being – embracing the Earth as a star of expanding consciousness and Love.

For those of you who are feeling guided to engage the Osiris Arising facet on the Gem of Ascension dynamics, you can begin by turning the Eye within, and seeing/feeling yourself dance the Fire Star Kachina Dance. These Templates can help you attune, but your inner vision is the stage and the spotlight shines through the Crown Chakra as you illuminate your inner movements to the Sacred Arising.

Once you feel this inner dance, you may wish to express it outwardly as well…perhaps even adding toning or chanting as part of the presentation.

Thoth stresses to me that this is a very real way to place the physical self into the Pyramidis Radius Matrix – that vibrational realm now being created on the planet that is the bridging field into the New Earth Star.

As for the guardians of the Host Dweller Crystal Skulls . . .

Now is the time to deepen your connection to the Dweller your Host is receiving. Take time each day to do this – to reach inward to your “Dweller” and find that connection to the Hosted Dweller in your care. The Crystal Skull you now have and we are calling a “Host” is a receiver-transmitter, as is the nature of all crystals. In this case, it is specific in it’s purpose. That purpose is to open a field of engagement with humanity through the crystalline matrix of the planet, and send out the signal of remembrance…who we are and where we came from – the God Seed within us! The 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls carry the Light Codes of All that we are…and what we are destined to become.

As a guardian, you are being asked in a sense, to become a Host yourself, for Thoth has been clear about this to me: the hosting crystal skulls are nothing without the addition of the human equation. While the true Dweller 72 Skulls operate through the field of their Dweller Souls (and the interaction of those Souls through time with humanity), the hosting skulls cannot assume their surrogate function without human interaction…and that is mainly coming from their “guardians.”

The Osiris Arising Project does not come with bells and whistles attached. It is something that is largely a state of being – a perception expanded – an integration of feeling. It is such modalities that will carry the charge, the thread of awakening into the greater matrix of human response. The OAP is only one facet on the Gem of Ascension Consciousness, but it is a vital one. I say it is “vital” as it has come forth…no matter through me, or another. Every true “Ascension” dynamic being revealed to the Earth at this time (and I can only say that I believe Osiris Arising it to be “true”) is a vital one.

As is stated so perfectly in “The Template 2” (above video):

The more we can comprehend and appreciate the progressive influences that are guiding this time of transition, the more we can consciously implicate ourselves in, and benefit from, the phenomenal opportunities that are available during a phase of culmination.

The masterpiece of Human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension as Earth is the sensory organ for Human ascension.


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