The Transcension Hypothsis

First, please watch this short video . . .

According to what I know from my work with the Akasha and my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa, this hypothesis carries a basic truth. Yet it does not cover all the variables.

It does not take into account the many, many other world and other dimensional beings involved here on various levels of “spiritual” development.

If we are looking at those which include the “Dwellers” we can see that they are very much in another state of being…they can project into the physical and in the past have even incarnated into this world. Those like Thoth – those souls – are way beyond what we can truly comprehend, and yet they are “alive” on many levels / states of awareness and habitation. But they have not “disappeared” from Earth’s humanity. What the Transcension Hypothesis does not embrace is that in order for a being to move inwardly as it states, that beingness must be highly imbued with awareness (ie, enlightenment). Such a level of awareness does not leave behind anything, but turns around and offers it’s LIGHT to all. This is the true, ultimate Compassion. We cannot find them because they are too close, not too far removed!  The lesser spiritually evolved, yet technically advanced beings such as the Greys…well, they are certainly not invisible to us and have made themselves plainly seen and experienced by many.

So, while the basic concept of the Transcension Hypothesis is true, it does not address “why have we no evidence of other intelligent life in the universe?” as this question is invalid. We have plenty of evidence. We are literally swimming in it. Some people simply do not want to see it, others know it, but wish to spin another story for agendas they serve.

As for souls like the Dwellers (only one tag for them), they are communing with us, reaching out to us and holding us in their loving presence at all times.


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