The Knot of Isis

On May 16th, 2015 I will be doing the first of hopefully many web talks-conversations. This first one is for Kyi’Ra Portal members only. (future talks will be available to non-members for a fee). The topic is:

Sharing highlights of my own spiritual life journey from birth in 1949 up to the present day of 2015. It is not just about my story, but how we all follow and discover who we truly are…how we feel about it and what choices we make as a result. Why did I name this web gathering “The Knot of Isis?”

The Knot of Isis

In Alana Fairchild’s Isis Oracle, the Knot of Isis is presented as “energetic stabilization.” To quote from her book: “Each initiate has their own unique spiritual blueprint with particular skills, talents and higher destinies unfolding that are their unique attributes.” Alana equates this relationship to the “goddess” (aka divine feminine)

Thoth reveals to me the symbol of the knot or buckle of Isis as one that was used in the very ancient days of Egypt symbolizing a unification of above and below / masculine and feminine interlaced in perfect union. But it was more than that. It was an iconic value of relationship with self…”know thyself” – “to thine own self be true.” In the temples of Isis this knot icon was a showing of true inner authority and balance and “energetic stabilization.”

Only through the path of the womb – both cosmic and physical birth, could the soul fulfill it’s “unique blueprint.” Isis was the Keeper of the Knot for She was the archetype of fruition, nurturing and wholeness. These are all necessary attributes on the path of achieving the Balance and Centering within the Union of the Knot. Through the realization of the Divine Feminine (in female or male embodiment)  the initiate would become the savant of his / her own life and destiny. Once that realization is presented to the conscious incarnation, so Osiris Arises as the male engenderment of the Adam Kadmon genetic blueprint – the Creation fulfilled!

In the most ancient days of Egypt, Priestess of Isis wore their hair when in ceremony with the “Isis Knot” which was called by them the Horizon Star. It was the mythic presentation of the star Sothis (Sirius) kissing the Earth with Her blessing. At the time when Sothis was brightest in the sky the Nile flooded, and as a result fertility came forth. Symbolically, Sothis was then on the “horizon” for She came upon the land with her blessings. Yet the deeper understanding was that the Horizon Star bound Heaven to Earth in a manner that allowed the “Shining Ones” to reach down from the Heavens through the arms of Sothis and guide humanity to a more graceful state of being.

If we look back on Thoth’s transmissions to me through the years, he has always stated that Sirius was the balance point which united the energetic holo-fields of Orion and The Pleiades.  This union in turn, allows many other stars / constellations to feed through into the weaving of Earth.

What we are as human beings is woven with many fine strands of silver and gold. We are a tapestry of the Creatrix as part of Her splendorous array in the cosmos. Our incarnations, our lives are what we make of them, yet they are ignited by the same sacred fire that spirits the Holy of Holies within the star-suns. The Knot of Isis – the Horizon Star – is a symbol of that Union.


The Ankh comes forth from the Knot of Isis. It is not the same meaning but it is birthed from the Knot. It  is LIFE and the cycle of Birth and Rebirth. If you untie the Knot, the Ankh springs forth!



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4 thoughts on “The Knot of Isis

  1. Beautiful Goddess Maia! As a High Priestess of Isis I am soooo grateful to have this sharing from you and Thoth! And this brings up too–our time together in Egypt so many years ago!

    Just recently I have been asking the meaning of the Isis Knot as it has come into my consciousness several times. THANK YOU! AND INFINITE BLESSINGS FOR ALL YOU DO!


  2. My long-time friend, Myra Jackson commented on this article in Dwellers on Facebook:

    Many years ago, Maia, in a reading you saw that i had earned the Knot/buckle/girdle of Isis. I asked for more explanation and in your streaming from Thoth you provided the following explanation: Thoth on the “Buckle of Isis”:

    More accurately the “Girdle of Isis”, this was a
    girdle or belt worn by priestesses of Isis when they
    reached a certain degree in the order of their Temple.
    It symbolically represents the uniting of the UPPER
    and LOWER chakras into a unified whole…just as the
    Pharaoh united Upper and Lower Egypt, symbolized by
    his double crown. Further, the girdle symbolized the
    uniting of Above and Below – not in a homogenous
    manner, but through the distinction of each region,
    finding the ONENESS they share in the Universal All.
    The Isis Priestess of the Girdle knew how to weave the
    frequencies of LIGHT from one realm into the other
    without compromising or distorting either.

    (Maia) The Girdle was an offshoot of the Isis Knot, but carried much of the same significance.


  3. Sirius, Star of the South is the balance point which unites the energetic holo-fields of Orion with
    The Pleiades, 7 Star Sisters of the Eastern Horizon.

    The Horns of the Taurus Bull balance the Sphinx Lion
    The Head of Orion resting upon the Sacred Mountain.

    This union format allows many other stars / constellations to feed through into the weaving of Earth.

    Title Page…excerpt from the book:
    Authors: William (Bill) and Lucyna Lobos Brown

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