Stargate Triad – Completion of the Kaua’i Matrix

With the addition of these three crystal skulls which Thoth is calling the “Stargate Triad,” The Osiris Arising matrix in Kaua’i – the main Thresholding for this project – is complete…that is for the time-being. I Alway hesitate to place a period on these things!

The Stargate Triad are not Hosting Dweller Skulls. They are receiving stellar Light Codes specifically for the OAP matrix – the main one in Kaua’i and for the satellites (Hosts) around the world.

When I received the names of these skulls, I was told they connected to star frequencies. I Googled them and came up with . . .

Omicron: ” is a star system in the northern circumpolar constellation of Ursa Major.”

Orionis: “is a five-star system in the constellation Orion, just to the southwest of Alnitak. It is approximately 1,150 light years from Earth.”

Stella Maris: “is a name of  Ursae Minoris or Polaris, the brightest star of Ursa Minor. It is called the “guiding star” (also “lodestar”, “ship star”, “steering star”, etc.) because it has been used for celestial navigation at sea since antiquity. The name is applied to the Virgin Mary in Saint Jerome’s Latin translation of the Onomasticon by Eusebius of Caesarea, although this is in fact a misnomer based on a transcription error. The Hebrew name Miryam, meaning drop of the sea, was translated by St Jerome into Stilla Maris, but at some later stage a copyist transcribed this into Stella Maris, and this transcription error became widespread.”


According to what I am receiving, these three: Omicron, Orionis and Stella Maris, are stellar coordinates associated with the O’SIR’RIM Matrix and in particular, serving to “install” our Osiris Arising Project within it.

Remember, the crystal skull game is only a tin can to the ear for the greater signals of the Inner Realm and planetary holo-field now developing. That is not to say that they are not pretty neat! When I open the doors to the cabinet where I keep them, I literally feel a rush of Light whooshing out onto me 🙂

P.S. When ISIS returns I will have to find room for her!

3 thoughts on “Stargate Triad – Completion of the Kaua’i Matrix

  1. A huge WOOOW is the least one can say viewing and feeling the whole arrange… Some “people” between them captivate my heart especially, and guess what, the ancient Mogul Skull is one of them, with its warming, loving quality…

    YOU ARE in such a fine Company, dear Maia…! * ❤


  2. I see that your White Queen Essence is on the lower shelf. Its a very good idea to keep the vibration activated by rolling it between both hands, or gently shaking it daily….Rich blessings to you and all your Skull Beings xo


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