HORUS – A Feeding of the Soul

Sandra Lewallen, my good friend and part of our CORE Group in Second Life – who is also the guardian of a Dweller Host, had a powerful dream the other night, which I asked her to share with all of you. In her words . . .

My dream occurred in the early morning hours of April 29th. There appeared
before me, like a close-up picture of two beings. One was a woman with
long flowing brown/blonde hair not of this time period, the other was a
young man with short hair,clean shaven also not of this time period almost
blending into her. The young man had a hawk overlayed on him and I
immediately knew/sensed that these two beings were brother and sister and
that somehow the hawk fed the sister and gave her sustenance. The next
scene took place with the two of them in some kind of inner world or other
dimension. There were several other beings there and it seemed to consist
of mostly women. As I watched this unfold a very tall, dark skinned woman
walked in and from the way she was dressed I knew she was the Shamen of
these people. The young man/brother disappeared from the scene but the
woman/sister was taken by the women there who I think were probably
priestesses to a fountain that was flowing with some kind of liquid. The
woman was then fed and washed by this fountain of liquid. I don’t remember
anything else about the dream although there was more to it. I don’t know
if I was actually in the dream or if I was viewing something in the past
however I feel more like this was happening in the present only in another
dimension or world.

I have asked for Thoth’s interpretation of this dream on the level associated with Osiris Arising (dreams always have several levels of interpretations).


The Woman: ISIS – Si’Star of Light

The Man: OSIRIS – Redeemer of Light

The Hawk / Falcon: HORUS – Messenger -Nurturer – Protector – Wayshower

In every human being on Earth at this time, so begins the Sacred Procession of A’Khim – the Pathwalking to the Summit of the Star. Within the human body-system (both physical, energetic and etheric) the energies are moving into single focus, as a beam or Holy Ray of Light. So the Body is as a pyramid (most specifically the Temple of the Risen One / Great Pyramid). the energies move in accordance with the stellar-earth confluences.

Sandra’s dream reveals the first stage of this “Pathwalking to the Summit of the Star.”

ISIS of the Sar of Light in the HEART is being FED by the Divine Solar Hawk, coming through the form of the Redeemer, which embodies the Christic emanations from Galactic Center (in body, through the Atoma above the heart).

The Divine Feminine Bearer – ISIS – is going through a cleansing now, to clear old patterns of fear, pain and suffering from the cellular memory. It is essentially the raising of the Fallen Pillar (Divine Feminine) which effects all human, regardless of current physical gender.

But if One is ISIS, One is also OSIRIS…for the path to “Redemption” is within you! You are the Redeemer and the one who is the Star of Light being cleansed in the Pool / Fountain of Grace.

The Falcon is that part of you which is “Horus Born” – tempered wing meeting star-brazed sky!

Allow your Hor’Ra to feed you!


Now I (Maia) was guided to draw three cards from the ISIS ORACLE by Alana Fairchild (while overlighted by Thoth) . . .

Thoth: The Flower of Life is ISIS.  SHE is moving all forms of creative power to the center of your “Flower of Life”  which is encoded in the DNA. Here, this soul-engendered power will fill the CUP of your Divine Destiny.

article: http://www.riseearth.com/2015/04/the-flower-of-life-pattern-that-makes.html

Divine Destiny is the trigger, the point of ignition of the FLAME of the Osirian Fire Star. When the Flame is ignited Resurrection of the PURE GEM is near!

The Hawk of HOR’RA receives you in the the Chamber of Healing, where your complete Being surrenders to the Flame.


Now we move a bit deeper, from my own oracle tool, the ELECTRIKUM.


Sagittarius (Fire): ‘EYE OF HORUS’: red Prima Matra / atonic / electric / unification of aesthetics, science and spirituality / evolution of Spiritualized Mind / clearing karmic attachments / coming into closer synchronization with Love-Beingness through acting as a divine mirror to others / greater spiritual resolve / focus on essence / distillation of mental acuity / clearer third eye vision

At Lower Octaves of Experience: Like Hermes Cloud, this is another template for spiritualized focus and clarity of mind. However, while Hermes Cloud is in balancing Mind and Heart and then transmuting into highest form, Eye of Horus penetrates the matter realm with spiritually uncompromising vision and finds ways to actualize the integration of physical knowledge with spiritual knowing. You might see Hermes Cloud as the ascending triangle, and Eye of Horus as the descending triangle in a Star of David.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: High initiatic process, mastery over matter. The high initiate is now able to manifest whatever is required for the spiritual task at hand. Eye of Horus can provide the vibrational linkage to move the high initiate beyond the final attachments to the prior creation / path into the manifestation of the higher soul purpose for incarnation.

Most sensitive chakras for this template are third eye and Solar plexus.

The mantram is Ave-bah-heh-ho.

world keynote: Each soul acting as a mirror to one another in absolute truth and love. In order for this to occur on a world scale, each soul must become a mirror to themselves, LOVING what they see into the Light.


5 thoughts on “HORUS – A Feeding of the Soul

  1. Wow! The interpretation that ThothHorRa has given here is so profound and meaningful for all of us at this time. I feel so honored to have been able to share this with everyone at this time.. thank you so much Maia and Thoth..:).. aren’t the Isis oracle cards awesome.. I love them .. going to be so much a part of this journey I can see…:)))

    Liked by 2 people

    1. THANK YOU dear Si*Star, for sharing with us your dream, which so much penetrates deep spheres of reality. LOVE and LIGHT embraces YOU in your Journey, Sandra. And I do too. xxxOxxx


  2. Awesome and powerful dream Sandy.
    Maia, this interpretation is so beautiful and I love how you brought the Isis Oracle cards in AND the 3D Flower of Life! Tying everything together.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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