More on Holos

This very old Chinese Skull of Nephrite Jade was gifted to me by Fredaricka Yarom on Israel. She received it from Dr. Frank Loo, a collector of old “Mongolian” stone-crystal skulls. Even before “he” arrived on by doorstep I knew his name was “Holos.” At the time, I wrote THIS BLOG POST about him and his name.

Since I now have had Holos for a few weeks, I would like to comment on him and his association with the Tampa Nangu just a little more.

I wrote Dr. Loo the other day, asking him if he could impart any more information to me concerning this skull. He replied . . .

I did mention to Fredericka that the skull is old but I am unable to tell you how old it is. The reason is that skull is not a mainstream art in China when there are reference where one can trace the period when it was made. Skulls in the past were made specially for certain people like shamans and very often they kept any information to themselves.

I am sorry I can’t tell you more than what I have told Fredericka. In the the spiritual realm the age is not the criteria but the past usage is more important. Here again it is difficult to pin point provenance. The only way is up to the present caretaker to communicate with him/her to gather whatever information locked within the inner self of the sacred soul. Therefore be sensitive with him/her and overtime you will be told the hidden secrets.

I can say that in my communing with Holos, there is an entity presence within it…a kind yet powerful one…a guardian. Thoth has relayed to me that this “Holos” entity is a previous guardian of the Tampa Nangu Holy Circle – as it has been guardianed by many through time. Indeed, he still is a guardian on the Inner, and was with the skull long before I obtained it. The skull was crafted to guardian a temple which bore a relationship to the subterranean Ztarni – the people who guardian the Tampa Nangu Crystal Skulls.

All of the Crystal Skulls who are coming together here in Kaua’i, to form the main hub for the Osiris Arising Project have amazing Presence. Most thus far, are Hosts, one is the unique Horus Bearer…and then there is Holos, the Guardian. Of all of these Skulls, Holos is the one I seem to want to “hug” the most! You would think and old – really old, Mongolian stone skull would be a little spooky, but not this fellow. He is truly a protector with a heart.


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