HOLOS and the Tampa Nangu

(Originally posted in March, I had to re-post due to a glitch.)

My Dear SiStar Fredaricka in Israel has informed me that she is gifting me with a Mongolian Crystal Skull she is receiving from Dr. Frank Loo! It comes to her first, so will be about a month before it arrives here in Kaua’i.

It is an old skull…perhaps ancient?

In an email to Freda, Dr. Loo describes this Skull:

I took a closer look just now. The color is kind of bluish lilac with a patch of brownish on the crown chakra. Normal jade won’t have these colors in its original form. I therefore conclude that due to prolonged exposure of weather conditions the color of jade in its original form had changed. Can’t tell how old she or he is. He/she is carved from a single piece of jade (nephrite) weighing a couple of kg. Don’t know the exact weight. [Maia: this would be 4-5 pounds!]

 Thoth on this Skull, whose name came from the Skull itself to me as “HOLOS”:

Holos is projecting for the Tampa Nangu Mongolian Skulls Circle. These Tampa Nangu are not skulls that are from bone to crystal. They were carved over a million years ago. Many of the old and ancient carved Mongolian Skulls are Projectors for them. We shall not call it “hosting” as to differentiate between the two types of interaction. The Projecting is not for any one of the Tampa Nangu, but for the entire Circle. There are a number of Mongolian Skulls circulating now (both old and contemporary), that are such Projectors for the Tampa Nangu Circle of 16.

[To review from a previous transmission]

. . .the 16 Tampa Nangu Mongolian Crystal Skulls were laser crafted, but from actual quartz crystal of Earth. Yet the Ones who created them were of a High Order and genetically from a lineage of Tibetan-Mongolian-Sirian mix who still dwell within a vast cavern region of the Himalayas, and guardian the Tampa Nangu.

These Crystal Skulls have been infused with centuries of prayers and light codes. They have become a sentient force…an intelligent vehicle, from all the intentional focus placed within them for so many years.

By attuning to the Tampa Nangu, one can access the very ancient codes of the Dweller Lineage in humanity.

Holos is coming to you to guardian your enclave of Hosts, as a Projector for the Tampa Nangu. He will project their matrix around the Hosts, the entire altar and you.

The Holos Crystal Skull was carved to protect a temple, so he has been a Projector for some time. When he comes to you, he will attune to your needs in this regard…yours and the Hosts you guardian.

[Thoth you say that the Tampa Nangu Skulls were carved over a million years ago…is this why all the Mongolian Crystal Skulls I have seen look so strange…like Cro Magnons? ( have more recently been categorized as “Early Modern Humans”)]

The race who carved the Tampa Nangu..ancestors of which still guardian them, were a mixture of Star Races, biologically modified. This modification came long before the Nephilimic presence in the Assyrian Lands.  This species was modified on another planet and transported to Earth as an experiment. Eventually, they inter-acted genetically with humans of that time. The Tampa Nangu carvers came out of that melting pot. Understand that the LOTUS Reality had not yet descended into the Elemental Earth until much later. Remember, there were TWO Earths sharing the same space before the LOTUS descended.

So the Tampa Nangu crafters, who also placed the codes into the Tampa Nangu Skulls, contain the genetic memory of the Ancient Ones who were holding the base line of the Earth for all that would come afterward. They are not to be feared or thought of as “Lesser.” They were / are Wise and True to the Laws of the Universe. They do not think in deep perspectives but remain more single-minded in their task…of Earth Guardianship. They are very close to the Dragon Ones in the Elemental Realm, and thus serve those of the Sun Lords / Dwellers who are also Dragon Lords, such as myself. [Thoth wears many hats! LOL]

All the old Mongolian Skulls then, would tend to reflect the genetics coming out of that same mix…as the knowledge of their appearance was passed along through the centuries.


Dr Frank Loo is worldly renowned for uncovering the Ancient Himalayan Crystal Skulls that consist of fourteen large skulls, eight small skulls, a nephrite skull and a large meteorite skull. The majority of these ancient skulls are now in the hands of many caretakers/guardians around the world who are working with these ancient beings.

Dr Frank Loo was the Director of a large American multi-national insurance brokerage group in Hong Kong. Suddenly his life made a radical change. Ancient crystal skulls began “calling” to him from caves in remote mountains, a calling so strong that he was forced to listen. He quit his job, and set upon his 2-year mission to retrieve the twenty four Himalayan Ancient Crystal Skulls. However, this has not stopped, and Dr Frank Loo continues to receive these callings, and through his work, the Ancient Mongolian Crystal Skulls have surfaced.

The Ancient Mongolian Crystal Skulls are very unique in their appearance; they are all very similar but with slight variations. The most captivating thing when one looks at one of the Mongolian Crystal Skulls is the large eye sockets; all of the Mongolian Skulls have these amazing large and expressive eye sockets. They are carved from what appears to be golden crystal (calcite) and fossilized tabulate coral. Most of them have been within Mongolian Families where they have been handed down throughout the generations. They originally were used by the Mongolian Shamans for healing many thousands of years ago and the reason for their similarities is down to the Shamanic Mongolian carvers who carved in this particular style which could be to do with the different Nomadic Tribes in Mongolia at that time. These Ancient Mongolian Crystal Skulls have had prolonged exposure to burial and harsh weather conditions, over time a patina has formed on the surface of most of these skulls. Just like the Himalayan Crystal Skulls, the Ancient Mongolian Crystal Skulls are now in the hands of many caretakers throughout the world. (from the web)

I Googled “Holos” and this is what I found. It is a Greek word . . .

hólos (a primitive adjective and the root of the English term “whole”) – properly, wholly, where all the parts are present and working as a whole– i.e. as the total, which is greater than the mere sum of the parts. This factor is especially significant in metaphorical contexts or those focusing on the spiritual plane.



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