New Hosting: OM’AHARA

11148429_10206282668242914_2437388135430535276_n SK02.15829 Rose Qtz Skull 4.9x3.25x3.6 2.92 lbs P7

Sarah O’Rourke of Minnesota is becoming guardian to a Hosted Crystal Skull.

Thoth is sharing with me that the Dweller who will be Hosted through this skull is Om’Ahara. The Dweller being was a female then, in what is now India. She was one of the Naga Priestesses in the Temple of Umshala.

While is some mythical stories Nagas were half-serpent, half-human and considered negative beings. the truth is far different. According to the Akashic Records of Thoth, the Naga were a racial mixture of Orion and Sirian star genetics in the Land of MU. They were great Savants and Teachers associated with Serpent / Dragon powers. This was due to the fact that they hailed from what Thoth calls the “Dragon Lords” who were also Dweller Souls. These were not reptilian “aliens.” They carried the original sacred fire elemental of the serpent / dragon Primordial. The true  Dragon Lords could and did at times appear in what has become mythologically, iconic forms. Yet they were from among the “Unimanity” species.

Om’Ahara was one who worked especially with the Divine Feminine it bringing forth the Way of Akima, which was an ancient Muruvian teaching of a the woman “Akima” who lived long before Om’Ahara in the Land of Mu. She also had more recent lifetimes in Ireland, France and Greece as a female “Goddess” priestess.

The combination name Thoth is bestowing to this Dweller and Host combo is “Ascentia” – implying the feminine aspect of the Ascension dynamic.

The actual Dweller Crystal Skull is currently within the Inner Earth domain.


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