ISIS Host Crystal Skull in Egypt

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Our StarWalker, Lynn aka Celest’RA has returned from Egypt and we had a wonderful conversation yesterday about her journey. It was amazing! She could easily write a best-seller about her Egypt experience.

I leave Lynn’s story for her telling on The Living Universe, but I wish to share just a snippet with you concerning the ISIS skull and it’s activating of OSIRIS in the Great Pyramid.

The security around such sacred sites in Egypt as the Pyramids of Gizeh and the Sphinx are very tight now…not so much so when I was there in 1997. No one was allowed to take anything with them into the Great Pyramid.  But to give some back story here for a moment . . .

In the transmission from Thoth concerning the ISIS Host Skull and it’s modus operandi in the service of the Osiris Arising Project, it was stated:

She is to be placed in a small niche – not sure if it is in the Great Pyramid or some other place. As Lynn and perhaps others with her hold the energies, there will be a trigger set off by the ISIS Dweller codes in this Host Skull. It is part of the celestial re-calibration of the OSIRIS Vault underneath the Great Pyramid.

So now back to our story. Lynn could not openly take the Isis skull into the Great Pyramid. Desperate for a solution and not to be daunted, our fearless StarWalker placed the four-something inch, over one pound crystal skull inside her pants – between her legs! Her friends gathered around her and marched her through the inspection and into the pyramid. There was no “small niche” opportunity inside the pyramid, but just outside, Lynn had found a niche and placed the skull there for a few moments. Yet once inside the pyramid, with the crystal skull literally against her birth canal (the true niche?), she placed a crystal in a central point where a ray of Light was focused and instantly, all the electric lights when off! It had short-circuited the electrical grid…at least in the pyramid!

Lynn writes me of this incident . . .

The lights went out after an hour of ceremony with the team around the sarcophagus while I sat in the centre of the great pyramid with the Isis skull. As I sat there there a pink pillar of light opened up in the centre of the Kings chamber and at the end I placed the tiny crystal where I had sat and that’s when the lights went out. The team in Kauai was placing a matching crystal into the waters of the blue room at the same time.

Sooo much more to the story, but for Lynn to tell. I could not help but burst into laughter remember that when I was selecting the crystal skull to be the host, and concerned as it was so much smaller than the White Queen…Thoth had said that it needed to be small in order “to fit.” I thought he meant in some stone niche but instead it would seem he was referring to the niche in Lynn’s pants!


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