Revisited: The Seven Suns of X’al Chirhum

In order to understand what is written below, please first review The Seven Suns of X’al Chirhum.

The other day I came across this article  which I had written on my Island in the Stream website-blog in 2014, containing a transmission further back in 2010 – from SeRa’fana, Thoth’s Twin Flame and the Soul of the Dweller “White Queen.”

In 2010 she says:

The Dweller Crystal Skulls contain the Living Thought Streams of Illumined Ones who guardian the Vaults of the Dark Sun. As Guardians, they will aid humanity to fulfill its destiny in the New Earth. Every human being incarnated contains a SKULL and within it a central operation system of ACTION…the brain. But the brain is only a manager for pure intelligence, as it is portioned and strained into the incarnated being.  Human brains are now becoming entrained to more fully receive the Pure Intelligence Streaming from Source. A major key to this entrainment is coming through the Crystal Skull Beings…the Guardians of the Vaults of the Dark Sun.

So now in April of 2015 I ask SeRA’fana (the White Queen): We know that the “Vault of Osiris” is a physical chamber beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza. What are the “Vaults of the Dark Sun” and where are they located?

SeRA’fana: They are regions of electromagnetic itonically charged fields within the solar sun of this system. It is through the activations within these 72 vaults that the human brain is synched with the Black Sun dynamic.

The Osiris Fire Star is the ignition of all 72 Black Sun Vaults. This will “light” the “Fire Star”  – triggering all SUN stages, through into the White Sun.

Maia: But these Sun stages or “worlds” – aren’t we in the Fifth World already ( Blue Sun)?

SeRA’fana: As ThothHorRa stated previously,  “It is suggested that you view the ‘Seven Worlds’ as an alchemical multi-dimensional experience outside of space-time. Then you will be able to comprehend it’s true Working.”

When the Star Fire ignites, it will then unfold the ROSE MYSTICA of the Divine Feminine, so that from a quantum perspective, OSIRIS will become enveloped by his Beloved ISIS. The Reunion of Body and Soul shall then be complete and the Fire Star will become the New Earth Star. (see also)


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