OSIRIS ARISING: Preparation – Videos

This notice is primarily for all guardians of Dweller Host Crystal Skulls, but everyone who is drawn to come with us on the sacred journey and service which is being called the Osiris Arising Project, might wish to follow this video list as well, as it will benefit you in whatever aspect of integration with the OAP you wish to persue.

The following is a list of Ascension videos I have created which are key to Osiris Arising. Since all Host guardians are (required to be) Kyi’Ra Portal members, you may easily access these in the Portal. Non-members will find links at the end of this information. I know many of you will have already watched most or all of the videos on this list at some time, but unless you viewed them in this last month or two, please do watch them again – and in the following order . . .


The 11th Gate of the Star: This video is divided into three. the Introduction is free viewing for all and can be watched here. Parts 1 & 2 can be purchased for viewing / download here. If you are not already familiar with the backstory on this video series, please read all info links given below the videos (applies to all videos on this list.)

The names of the 11 Crystal Skulls on “The 11th Gate of the Star” are not the same as have recently been given, as in the video (the material which I wrote in 1991) is based on a specific initiation process, so the names reflect that process. Isis and Osiris are named, and notice that “Nephthys” is one of the incarnations of the White Queen…so many of these names in the “Gate” process probably are an incarnation of that Dweller, while some are purely archetypal. The 12th LOTUS Skull had not come into the fold until after I made this video.

Opening of the Lotus (store link)

Light Language of the Pure Gem (store link)

Hesperus Askara – The Venus Mandate (store link)

Sacred An Process in Second Life (store link)

Pyramidis Radius 101 (store link)

Dwellers of the O’SIR’RIM 1 (purchase link)


Even though the guardians just watched “Dwellers of the O’SIR’RIM” please do watch it again after viewing the rest.

Portal members can find the links and passwords to all the above videos HERE. I would suggest you go down the page, copy the links and pws, and keep them in a document on your computer. Then you can just use that document to access them one at a time, without having to go back and search the web page each time.

You have the rest of this month of April to watch the above videos, and most are under 16 minutes long. The GATE series is the longest – about an hour altogether. Please do watch all three parts in one sitting though. Same with each of these videos, as they are a process. Try not to wait too long between the other videos, so that the stream is pretty much together.

Those of you who are not guardians but really drawn to participate in some way with Osiris Rising, I would truly recommend you view these videos….and future ones coming up. You can get all my videos and activational art with membership to the Kyi’Ra Portal.

Of course anyone can hitch their wagon to this “Star Fire,” whether or not you watch the videos or use the activational energy art….but they will take you deeper.


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