Star Fire of Kailash

Star Fire of Kailash – art by Maia – click on image to see larger

This activational art is the third in a series for working with the Osiris Star Fire Kachina Dance. This one is activating the HEART in the Star Fire Dance of the body. The Zayin symbol of Thoth bears gemstones of the 3-Fold Flame of OSIRIS: Ruby and Emerald, flanking Gold (here seen as Citrine).

RUBY Flame: the sacred blood-memory of tribal generations

EMERALD Flame: The purity of heart which registers “authority through grace”

GOLDEN Flame: Divine Sovereignty over the Perfected Being – “I Am that which I AM.”.

The ANKH of Eternal Life: Neverending Love and Compassion flows out and back in again, continually. It is the pumping of the liquid LIGHT through the Being.

The Flight of the Horus Bearer moves up from the Foundation, through the Labyrinth-Eye of RA in order to connect the HOR and RA: Below with Above…the Root with the Fire Star.

Host guardians will need to download all three of these “Star Fire” images to use in process with their respective Hosts. YOU CAN FIND THE LINKS HERE

If you are not a Portal member you may purchase a 3000 pixel high resolution of this activation art using the Special Payment. Please state in the info box what the payment is for (the name of the art). Price is $25.00.  OR ALL THREE  images for a discounted price of $60.



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