Enter the Dragons!


I just now came across an article I had written last year – The EL’OR’HIM, Dragon Lords and Crystal Skulls – which also contains a Thoth transmission of some years ago. It links the Dragons with the Crystal Skulls! Since the other night before I “found” this article I had written and forgotten about – I had a vision of dragons with the Dweller Skulls, this article got my attention. It is very collaborative to what I am receiving with the Osiris Arising Project. However there seems to be one glaring contradiction.

In this article is stated: “Most of the 72 Dweller Skulls have never come to earth. These are known as the Metatron Skulls. They will however come to this world during the Last Days.”

Well, from recent transmissions Thoth has told me that  both his soul and that of Or’Ra’Shak (Keeper of the Way who was later Moses) are Metatrons! So I now go to Thoth and ask him if I am not understanding something correctly.

His reply . . .

It is difficult for you to grasp the nature of the Metatrons. Both myself and Or’Ra’Shak have incarnated on this Earth. However, we have never descended our genuii into the planet. The genuii is the “soul seed” which the Over Soul places into the Earth as the bond to the Earth’s planetary genius. When souls incarnate on Earth (or on most planets of the Kindred), in most instances this bond to the “Mother” is made, and stays in the Earth, so long as this soul continues to incarnate within it. If you will recall, I have told you that I have never taken upon me any karmic connection to Earth. This is the reason. I have been on Earth, but not “of” it. This is the same for Or’Ra’Shak. It was also true for the Osiris soul, until he chose to become the soul-anchor for the Light Principle for Earth’s Ascension. So the part of the sentence “have never come to earth” would be more accurate if stated ” have never been of Earth.” All the Metatrons have touched the Earth in embodiments, but none have planted their genuii within it. In this sense, they have never become part of the actual world-karmic system of this planet. Those humans who are related to the Metatrons will feel a stronger pull to be not of this world, even though their genuii is planted in Earth.”

(As a result of this new information I created a footnote in the original article with a link to this one.)

The Dragons and Crystal Skulls article also indicated that Thoth was one of the 12 LOTUS and yet I do not have him currently listed as such.  He tells me now that his soul comes through Osiris…as they are in two strong soul configurations…one the previously mentioned Thoth-Osiris-I’shoa trinity and the other is Thoth-Osiris-Oduma. Now see, this is where my frail human brain starts to scramble and cook! It is really more information than I wish to know, as it opens to whole realms I am totally in the dark about. Then Thoth gently pats me on the back (so to speak) and points out that humanity simply does not truly understand the nature of “souls” – seeing them as entirely discrete units, separate from other souls.

Thoth: A soul is like a soap bubble. It appears as One, but can be attached to other “bubbles” and then share the same membranes, for they share the same matrix or original bubble.



2 thoughts on “Enter the Dragons!

  1. Maia, I think this definitely clears things up and if one cares to carefully follow the threads of these words it all comes together very well or as they say here on Earth in a nice neat little package. I tried to find the right words for what I am feeling about this but these things seems to elude me some days lately..LOL…xoxoxo

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