Isara & The Holy Flame of Ptah

art collage by Maia
art collage by Maia

I will be guardianing yet another Host Crystal Skull – which I am thinking will be my last – at least for awhile. I don’t really know this, but I am respectfully stating that six is quite enough for now!

Isara is the Twin Flame of Oduma. Her skull was turned to crystal at the same time and place his was –  a remnant of MU that was also (the entire land mass) much closer to the other remnants – what is now the Hawaiian Islands, although then they were not small islands as they are now, but what was there then was one large strip of land with a few dotted islands about it.

Isara’s skull is now within the Inner Earth. In her life as Isara, she was guardian of the Holy Flame  of Ptah, which had been retrieved from the innermost temple of MU before the breakup of the continent.

The Holy Flame of Ptah

While Ptah is the name of an Egyptian deity, and a real man who first embodied the essence of the later “God,” the actual name “Ptah” is much older (according to Thoth) and means Threshold of Greatness, Divinity or Star / Sun. It is “the gateway energy amplitude through which souls will interface with the recapitulated Adam Kadmon. ” Which of course, is right in line with the purpose of the Dweller Crystal Skulls…that of recording and retrieving / awakening the genetic lineages of the Creational blueprint (Adam Kadmon) from the human DNA. (more on the Ptah Threshold)

The “Holy Flame of Ptah” I am now being informed, is the original fire from the most holy temple of Faustina – planet of the Blue Star Rigel. This Faustina Flame – Ptah Flame, is a manifestation from the HEART of the Star Sun, the Blue Star of our true world creation and to which we will return as the “New Earth Star.”

The Ptah Flame was saved from MU to eventually make it’s way to Atlantis and from there to Egypt…then Tibet and finally, into the Inner Earth Domain, where it abides to this day.

It is far more than just symbolic. It contains the original atomic potency which will help humanity to re-ignite the Flame within.


Some other lifetimes of Isara:

*A priestess at Lake Titicaca after the final sinking of Atlantis…again Keeper of the Holy Flame of Ptah.

*In Greece a priestess of a temple which kept a holy flame.

*She was also Nefertiti, wife of Oduma when he was Akhnaton. In their “City of the Sun” – Akhetaten. For a time, the Holy Ptah Flame was kept, and nurtured by Nefertiti and her priestesses.


The Dweller-Host combination name for this Crystal Skull is not surprisingly, Holy Flame. The Host is enroute to me now. She is seen in my art above – an amethyst geode with purple jade!


6 thoughts on “Isara & The Holy Flame of Ptah

  1. Interesting….and I have kept getting a very strong feeling in the past 8-10 days, that YOD, the rose quartz skull that has been very precious to me, wants to move on to a new Guardian…


  2. Hi there precious Maia, WOW what an amazing adventure to be surrounded by another precious Host skully, one I AM personally close to.

    Hi there precious Ashtara, it sounds like you too are South African, I AM looking for a precious Rose Quartz skully should it be of interest.

    Love Fredaricka


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