Osiris Fire Star Kachina Activation (with Isis Eye)

Osiris Fire Star Kachina (Isis Eye version) - by Maia
Osiris Fire Star Kachina (Isis Eye version) -click on thumbnail above and then the image thumb in portfolio

I was guided to create a new version of the “Isis Eye” or Areiopax for the Osiris Fire Star Kachina Activation. You will notice that on this version the center horizontal bar of the Isis Eye is removed. The spine is opened for full “Being” Ascension.

The first activational art I created for the Osiris Fire Star Kachina activation opens the base chakra. It creates the insignia of Fire in that chakra specifically for this process of the Osiris Kachina Dance.

This Isis Eye version is for the CROWN Chakra. Here the flame is taken to the full power of Enlightened Awareness!

The Isis Eye dynamic was first presented to me in 1994. It is one of the major core dynamics Thoth brings back into the picture for me again and again. Now suddenly it has emerged within the Osiris Arising Project – which upon reflection, makes perfect sense to me.

You may purchase a 3000 pixel high resolution of this activation art using the Special Payment. Please state in the info box what the payment is for. Price is $25.00


To understand the importance of the Isis Eye – Areiopax: The ISIS EYE and the New Earth

There will be one more activational art for this series and it will be for the HEART chakra.

Suggested Use: print an 8 inch size (horizontal width) of these energy arts, the lie down on your back, with the Isis Eye version under your head and the other under the base of the spine. When the heart one is done you can place that under the heart area…but you can do this process using just the two for now.

Begin to breathe LIGHT from your base up through the Crown, visualizing the Isis Eye version of the Osiris Fire Star Kachina, then allowing it to change and flow with your inner vision.

Chant: HU ARU TAT ATU (x7) ~~then~~ KHEMA SAIS RA (x3)

Remain lying there for awhile, floating in liquid light.

End with seeing the “capstone” above your head sealed with a three-fold flame…not the standard version, but RUBY, GOLD and EMERALD. This is the Ascension Heart Seal Flame, which will appear also in the next of this series for the HEART.


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