New Hosting: Samu’Ling

Samu’Ling  was female Inner Earth Crystal Programmer within the Inner Earth domain. Her Crystal Skull is in a temple there.

Some of her other lifetimes . . .

Nordic Shaman of the Reindeer Clan (female)

Priestess in the Temple of Ages in ancient Tibet

Priestess at Angkor Wat

Priestess at Angkor Wat

The combination name for this Dweller and Host is “ImagiNation.”



Eunjung Choi who lives in Colorado but along with her husband Yves is a world traveller and Light Worker, will be the guardian of the Host skull for Samu’Ling.

The Host skull is a beautiful green fluoride. I don’t have a picture of it, since right after she bought the skull, the vender took the photo off the web. I am sure Eunjung will provide us with a photo of her and the crystal skull once she receives it!


One thought on “New Hosting: Samu’Ling

  1. Wow, thank you for the additional information. Love ImagiNation. One of my process or system I was guided to work with is called “ImagiTrix” (Imagination + Divine Magic + Matrix). Of course I will share the pic of the host skull for Samu’Ling! I am honored and blessed to be a part of this magnificent project. Mahalo!


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