What is this About? Understanding the Science

My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa who is guiding me through this “project” with the Dweller Crystal Skulls, wishes me to lend some further clarification at this time.

First, let us take a look at the major aspects which have been revealed thus far . . .

There are the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls – all but two of which are in a slightly removed dimension within either caverns or vaults around the world, or inside the Interior Realm of the planet (Inner Earth), with a grouping of them – the Metatrons – in “other world dimensions.”

These Dweller Skulls are crystalline matrices in an exact duplication of once-living being skulls. They contain the Light-encodings of the Intelligence of the true Beings, as well as a form of linage memory that streams into our living DNA – to lend the “memory” which was lost or rather would be “asleep” otherwise. The section of memory involved has to do with our true star linage – or divine blueprint, that Thoth refers to with the Hebraic name of Adam Kadmon. Even the Adam Kadmon genetic blueprint is only for this current Earth Domain, but we must keep the codes in order to transition from a World System I (Old-Current planet) to a World System II (New Earth Star). This should be happening naturally, without the Crystal Skull Team…so why isn’t it?

That in total is a very, very long story, but the short of it can be found in one of my recent articles, Star Lords, Crystal Skulls & the Reparation. In brief, we have messed with the template and allowed others to mess with it, so now we need some help getting Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

Every human being on the Earth is directly related to one or more of the Dweller Beings, who have incarnated on this Earth several times…not just the lifetime their skull was crystallized. Their crystal skulls contain the Light Codes not only back from that point in their incarnational lineage, but forward as well!

So we have these Dweller Crystal Skulls among us. In the past, most of them have moved around a bit, from one “Thresholding Chamber” to another. Some were transported via Light Merkabah (a la Star Trek) while others through more conventional means. Most are now in a sub-dimensional “betwixt and between” state. But they can come into full presence with us at times. We have them being taken on ships, and the Isis stayed with the Cathars and Templar, etc. The White Queen Mu Priestess Skull was transported from and then back to Kaua’i. When she came home at least, it was on a native sailing ship. Yet now she is back in the sub-dimensional frequency within her Mount Wai’ale’ale Thresholding Chamber. The Mitchell-Hedges and Compassion actual Dwellers you could set on your coffee table. They are very much “here.”

Enter the Host Crystal Skulls

In this “project” Thoth is guiding me through, certain Dweller Crystal Skulls are being “hosted” by a regular crystal skull. It can be old, but contemporary is fine. Either works. This is allowing the Dweller Skulls to activate DNA fields in real-time experience (large topic, I would imagine).

I don’t know at this point, if ALL the Dwellers (except the two already in real-time) must have Hosts now. Some are currently being hosted by crystal skulls, whose guardians I do not know personally or have had any contact with, so I don’t know how much conscious awareness they have about this format Thoth / I am introducing here. I have received no signal from Thoth to contact them about it, thus far.

There are other crystal skull modalities which I profiled on a page of this website.

All the Dweller Crystal Skulls form a matrix Thoth is calling the O’SIR’RIM. There are 12 of the Dwellers which Thoth classifies as the LOTUS. They holographically project into an enclave within Mount Kailash, where they hold the entire 72 Dweller Matrix stable and active as a whole.

The Dweller Skulls are essential companions to the Sacred AN (ark) and the New Earth Arks. This is another dynamic which you can read more about off of links found on the Reference page.

The O’SIR’RIM Matrix is interactive with the Pyramidis Radius Matrix now developing on the planet, which is the Alpha-Omega of all our planetary grids, including them all now, in it’s formation.

Let us view this with a more expanded perspective . . .

Thoth is now referring to the Dweller Crystal Skulls as “light shells.” Let’s go beyond seeing them as crystals that look like human skulls and view them as light shells of commonalty to the human spectrum of life within the holographic universe.

In this capacity, they are quantum mechanic “renderers” – rendering into focal dimension, whole star fields contained within the shape, dimension and scope of the human brain and it’s larger holographic machine. 

In the message I received from Paloma – the MU Priestess (Dweller) whose Crystal Skull is within Mount Wai’ale’ale and I am Hosting as the “White Queen,” she declared:

 “The Dwellers are as you, in the moment when your flesh is stripped to reveal the Crystal LIGHT beneath! We come to your shore in this Age, so that you may arise to greet us, and in this act, become who you truly are.”

 Osiris & the Osirian Vault

Thoth is stressing to me that the capstone dynamic of this whole Dweller thing is focused upon the quickening of the Vault of Osiris within the Great Pyramid which Thoth calls the Temple of the Risen One.

This is a complex quantum movement which will occur as the actual final trigger of Light Principle 40 (moment of planetary ascension). It is when the Soul of Osiris will dance in concert with the Violet Flame in the Osirian Vault. This will create the quantum passage-activation Thoth is calling the Osiris Fire Star Kachina Dance. (see also Opening of the Lotus)

Who is “raising Osiris?” Is it the soul of Osiris? All 72 Dwellers? It is both, but…really they are only acting as vessels for the 144,000 of US – humanity. WE are the “Osirian Ascenders.” Without the quickening Awareness of the 144,000 none of this will take place. Let me make it clear at this point that I am not saying one has to subscribe to any belief system like “Dweller Crystal Skulls” – true or not. It is a matter of universal I AM Awareness. Those of the human race who reach this quantum threshold will be joined by their Star Kindred and the other species of Earth – the cetaceans, elephants, cats and dogs, etc…as well as the inter-dimensionals: such as the unicorns and dragons. All together we will find that place of UNION once again!

The Osiris Arising Project

For me, I am feeling called like a salmon moving up the stream. My focus, and those who feel guided to focus with me at this time…is on a specific formulation of Dwellers, Arks and Grids. I am going to call it the “Osiris Arising Project” (OAP) – since to date, Thoth has not been forthcoming in designating a name for it. (I seem to be receiving a nod from Thoth on this as I write.)

There are many components to OAP, central at the moment of which is to establish a certain number of Host Skulls for the Dwellers. I am the guardian of some of them, but other guardians are being called and stepping forward to become “foster parents” of Hosts.

A recent addition to the main matrix on Kaua’i is a unique crystal skull that is not a Host: The Horus Bearer.

The Osiris Arising Project is not just for the guardians of Hosts to participate in. Even if you have no crystal skulls at all in your possession…if you feel drawn to this Project you are in it…it is calling you in some capacity of connection.

 Future of the Osiris Arising Project

At this writing I only know that it has to do with those involved forming a networking of attunements and processes.  I am only in a “need to know” branch of this organization (lol), so when I know more I will share it with all of you.

July, 2015 Update: I am beginning to see OAP in a much greater perspective but not yet ready to formulate it. This epiphany came with watching the video, The Orion Nebula Trapezium.

Also see Who is Osiris

If you need to locate this article in the future, it is easy to find on this site’s Reference page above.

3 thoughts on “What is this About? Understanding the Science

  1. I LOve this Article Maia, yes especially the dance, under in my view the serious Moonlight on White Marble Diamond patterned floor tiles and rays of Black and Indigo tiles surrounding. Co-Incidentally OAP stands for in this Country UK, OLd Aged Pensioner. 🙂 many benefits including free bus pass and winter fuel allowance. 🙂 ♥♥♥

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