Update: Several New Dweller Hosts

As of this writing, none are as yet with their respective guardians. Some are in the mail and others on lay-away to be collected within 3 months.

Raina Mytara
Raina Miytara Host – Moon Shadow – White Jade

Raina Miytara – Priestess of the Moon in what is now China. This is one of the LOTUS Skulls. This Dweller Skull has traveled a bit but in now back in her original Thresholding in a vault within a pyramid.

Some of this Dweller’s other lifetimes:

*An Atlantean Priestess on the Isle of the White Dolphin (one of the Atlantean Isles in a period after the first breakup of the main continent).

* Egyptian Queen prior to the known Dynasties.

* A Celtic Druidess in Scotland

* A female Shaman (best word I have to describe it) in what is now Iceland, but at the time, part of Hyperboria.

Thoth is calling the Dweller-Host combination Moon Shadow.

Raven Somclaire
Raven Sinclaire

Her Host Skull is to be guardianed by Raven Sinclaire, of the Sinclaire Grail Family. She lives in North Carolina.


Sokar Host - Plumite
Sokar Host – Manifestor – Plumite

Sokar – He was an Atlantean-Egyptian (Atlantis migrator to Egypt) who was a mystic astrologer to a Pre-Dynastic King. His Skull is in the Inner Earth.

When I received the name “Sokar” I did not know it was associated with an Egyptian deity. Googling I find in the wiki:

Seker (/ˈsɛkər/; also spelled Sokar) is a falcon god of the Memphite necropolis. Although the meaning of his name remains uncertain, the Egyptians in the Pyramid Texts linked his name to the anguished cry of Osiris to Isis ‘Sy-k-ri’ (‘hurry to me’), in the underworld. Seker is strongly linked with two other gods, Ptah the Creator god and chief god of Memphis and Osiris the god of the dead. In later periods this connection was expressed as the triple god Ptah-Seker-Osiris.

Seker was usually depicted as a mummified hawk and sometimes as mound from which the head of a hawk appears. Here he is called ‘he who is on his sand’. Sometimes he is shown on his hennu barque which was an elaborate sledge for negotiating the sandy necropolis. One of his titles was ‘He of Restau’ which means the place of ‘openings’ or tomb entrances.

In the New Kingdom Book of the Underworld, the Amduat, he is shown standing on the back of a serpent between two spread wings; as an expression of freedom this suggests a connection with resurrection or perhaps a satisfactory transit of the underworld. Despite this the region of the underworld associated with Seker was seen as difficult, sandy terrain called the Imhet (meaning ‘filled up’).

Seker, possibly through his association with Ptah, also has a connection with craftsmen. In the Book of the Dead he is said to fashion silver bowls and a silver coffin of Sheshonq II has been discovered at Tanis decorated with the iconography of Seker.Seker’s cult centre was in Memphis where festivals in his honour were held in the fourth month of the akhet (spring) season. The god was depicted as assisting in various tasks such as digging ditches and canals. From the New Kingdom a similar festival was held in Thebes.

Thoth’s take on the Seker/Sokar diety is that the true power of this archetype is finding and opening portals and safe passage through them….especially into the Earth. This archetype was / is assumed by Sokar the Egyptian astrologer Dweller.

Some of his other lifetimes are:

* Architect of the 9th Pyramid of Sukut in what is now Nubia. According to Thoth this was and indeed still is, a cosmological temple and PRM activator. It is completely buried under the sands at this time.

* Assyrian Keeper of Records in a great library there…one containing akashic translations.

* Sirian Lion One who came to Earth as part of the First Period of Reparation.

The Dweller – Host combination is Manifestor.

Donna Evans
Donna Evans

His Host Skull is to be guardianed by Donna Evans of Australia.


Anba - Crystal Serpent - Rose Quartz
Anba – Crystal Serpent – Rose Quartz

Anba – She was MU Priestess of Kloklukuetzal – a Mu Colony in what is now Chile. This after the breakup of the Mu continent. Her Crystal Skull is in the Inner Earth.

Some of her other lifetimes:

* Metzituye – a female Spirit Talker (akashic translator and “medium”) of an Asian people who migrated to North America, eventually becoming the Ojibwe.

According to their tradition, and from recordings in birch bark scrolls, many Ojibwe came from the eastern Asian areas to North America, which they called [Turtle Islands, Torres straits][citation needed], from along the east Pacific Ocean. They traded widely across the continent for thousands of years as they migrated across continents, and knew of the canoe routes to move north, west to east, and then south in the Americas.  – Wiki

* Mira – a female who worked as an interpreter with animals – Animal Speaker – of the Inner Earth Tribes.

* A female Mystic Chanter in what is now Finland, around 6,000 BC.

The Dweller – Host combination name is: Crystal Serpent

Patricia Buffandeau

Her Host Skull is to be guardianed by Patricia Buffandeau, who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Oduma - The Magician - Purple Agate
Oduma – The Magician – Purple Agate

Oduma – An alchemist-master craftsman of what is now known as Easter Island (Rapa Nui) in the Pacific Ocean. It was then much larger with lush vegetation – a remnant of MU that was also (the entire land mass) much closer to the other remnants – what is now the Hawaiian Islands, although then they were not small islands as they are now, but what was there was one large strip of land with a few dotted islands about it. His Dweller Skull has traveled extensively but is now returned to it’s original Thresholding chamber beneath the now-remaining Rapa Nui island.

Oduma is the 12th newly added Dweller to the LOTUS Circle.

In 2008 Thoth had this to say about him:

This skull is one of the Dwellers. At this time, it is being activated as the re-alignment of the Heart Stone under the Rosslyn altar in Scotland is triggering the Roil Point in Hawai’i to send out Light code signals through the Mother Earth Grid so that the Dwellers on the Earth will all become activated again (this is but a first step). This Blue Crystal Skull of the Star-One O’duma is the 12th to become a LOTUS Skull, and the first to become activated. This process of it’s activation will not be completed until July 30th, at which time it will create it’s duplicate in the New Earth Star. As they become activated, each Dweller Crystal Skull will be ‘cloned’ within the New Earth of Numis’OM.

When the now 12 LOTUS Skulls are all activated and duplicated (one could say expanded) into Numis’OM, the 13th as a living human being will come forth to join them. It is then that the prophecy will be complete… yet there are more Dwellers in and beyond the Earth, all which will eventually be activated and duplicated in the New Earth; but when the 13 LOTUS Skulls are activated and in place also within Numis’OM a major Threshold for the 44:44 Star Grail Ascension of the Earth shall be crossed.

Thoth seems to be very connected to this Dweller Being.

Some of his other lifetimes:

* A Mazur Grail King in what would become the Canary Islands.

* Akhenaton – the Mystic Pharaoh which Thoth refers to as the last Shepherd King (Hyskos) of Egypt. he was of Rigel-Sirian genetics. Akhenaten has been badly maligned by history, but he was indeed a “Sun Born” Being.

* Nubbal – a male alchemist and architect in Turkey in the 6th Century.

* Founder of a Sacred Order in Scotland in the early 12th century – reflected in the Templar and Freemason symbolism and esoteric knowledge, but his Order was very small and elite, confined to certain persons. The secret vault beneath Rosslyn Chapel was from his original planning.

The Dweller-Host combination name is The Magician (often associated with Thoth – so another confirmation of The Thoth Soul Connection to the Oduma Soul).

Maia with the White Queen
Maia with the White Queen

The guardian for this Host is…me! (once again). I live on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.


La’Nu’Kii – Blue Star Mother – Rutilated Quartz with Dark Green Tourmaline

La’Nu’Kii – she was of the original Hopi People before the flood of the time tsunami. She was born of a Star One (Blue Star Rigel in Orion) and a human mother. La’Nu’Kii became a Shaman Elder of the People and was one who led a large band into the caverns before the time tsunami came. Her Crystal Skull is within the Inner Earth.

Some other lifetimes of this Soul:

* One of the Atlantean Grail Queens.

* Mother of Nefertiti – a wise woman and spirit seer with a strong star linage.

* High Priestess in a Greek Temple of Isis

Of note: I did not know that there were any temples dedicated to Egyptian Goddesses or Gods in ancient Greece, but after receiving this I Googled . . .

Isis (/ˈaɪsɪs/; Ancient Greek: Ἶσις; original Egyptian pronunciation more likely “Aset” or “Iset”) is a goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt. She was first worshiped in Ancient Egyptian religion, and later her worship spread throughout the Roman empire and the greater Greco-Roman world. Isis is still widely worshiped by many pagans today in diverse religious contexts; including a number of distinct pagan religions, the modern Goddess movement, and interfaith organizations such as the Fellowship of Isis. – Wiki

The Dweller-Host combination name is Blue Star Mother.

Sandra Lewallen
Sandra Lewallen

The guardian is Sandra Lewallen on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia


I previously wrote about the the Dweller Usi’Tepsha now being Hosted as Lady of the Pinnacle by Cynthia Francis Bacon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also Kucuulam Nektum who is to be Hosted as the Red Queen, by Kaylasa JaguarStar in Mexico. While it is a long article, it doesn’t give any other incarnations, so I am listing a few here:

* In Pre-dynastic Egypt, a female “Soul Singer.” Type of Seer-Healer.

* Egyptian Queen of the 12th Dynasty – Neferu III

* Sashumani, a female “Sun Lord” during the First Period of Reparation, at Numsu’maat.


Where is the all leading? I don’t have any specific answers to this question – yet. However, I do know that there is a “plan” which Thoth is leading us to…a networking of some kind, which includes not only these Dweller Hosts and their guardians, but all those who feel drawn to the O’SIR’RIM Matrix and wish to participate.


5 thoughts on “Update: Several New Dweller Hosts

  1. It is interesting that Anba should have told me, as soon as we made contact, to call her Mira. She is funny, cheerful and oh so very LOVING!!!
    Maia, isn’t her skull also located in Inner Earth?
    Still very excited and doing the Dance of Joy

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  2. Maia, do I remember it right when Thoth told us (the members of the NES Group in Second Life) that the Guardian of a Dweller Crystal Skull was usually a later incarnation of that same original soul? Could there be also the case of a layer of souls “creating” one of these Skulls?


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