Keeper of the Way

Keeper of the Way with sidekick
Keeper of the Way with sidekick

I felt this big fellah should have his say here. Let us explore the Dweller he hosts and the role played in the O’SIR’RIM Dweller Matrix.

In December, 2014 when Thoth informed me that a Dweller Crystal Skull was within the Crest-In-The-Stone enclave within the mountain, I was a bit surprised, as in my seven years of living there in the 1990’s no mention had been made to me of this. I knew it was One of Thoth’s two Retreats – the other being the beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru. I also knew that it would one day become the new Thresholding chamber for the Sacred An (true ark)…which occurred on January 14th, 2014. However, nothing about a Dweller inside this mountain.

Further questioning of Thoth for this article revealed to me that the Dweller-Keeper of the Way was not within Crest-In-The-Stone until the Sacred An was transferred there in 2014! It came with the An…in fact it is positioned on top of it. Since one of the incarnations of the Dweller Soul was Moses…this would make sense.

I wish to pause here for a moment to re-state something I have from time-to-time about this sort of thing…

When I say these skulls, arks, retreats, etc are inside mountains or where ever…in most cases this means that they are in a vibrational cocoon which removes them to a sub-dimension of the one we perceive. Thoth calls it a sub-dimension, as it is just a slight shift and and a full “octave” shall we say. The Inner Earth Domain (hollow earth) is slightly shifted in dimension as well.

This is how star ships in our skies can remain invisible to us and still be “here” and observe us. They do not  put up some kind of invisible shield, but are shifting slightly from this dimension, while still able to “be” here and observe us (via a means they have to still see us while in the shift).

When the An Ark and now I know, the Dweller Skull, where transported into the mountain at Crestone, Colorado, they were not taken there in a U-Haul lol. They were transported vibrationally a la Star Trek through a Light Merkabah of some kind.

Back to Keeper of the Way . . .

This Dweller Being is a powerful “guardian” unto himself. The incarnations he has had on Earth – both male and female – have always been very strong in focus and purpose. You might say that of all the Dweller Souls I suppose, but what I am feeling from the Keeper is like a magnet…one who is not focused on anything but the laser beam of his sole incarnative purpose.

In contrast, Thoth for instance – in my many years of close association with him (consciously in this life since 1977) he is more laid back and sometimes even a bit playful in how he presents things to me. He can also be very powerful and focused no doubt, but he is more flexible than the Keeper…than “Moses.”

I would imagine that the Dweller Skull of Or’Ra Shak – later to incarnate as Moses – would need to be quite single-focused in guarding-facilitating the Sacred An.

The An and the Arks within the New Earth dimensions, are very much a part of the Dweller story…that it why this site is sub-titled “Dweller Skulls & the New Earth Arks.” We are focusing on the Skulls at this time, but the Arks are the platforms, the engines, for the O’SIR’RIM Dweller Matrix, and the Sacred An is the key focal point of operation for the entire PYRAMIDIS RADIUS Matrix.


The Keeper of the Way Host Skull is in the guardianship of Edie Cooper in Crestone, near the “Real Deal” inside the Thresholding Chamber of the Sacred An within the mountain in view outside her front door. Her partner, William Buehler is very much connected to the “Keeper” as well. I have been a friend of Bill’s since 1976 and since the 1980’s have on a regular basis, done Thoth sessions for him concerning the dynamics of his Synergy and Earth Grid work. Bill’s work in this regard is certainly unique and powerful.

Edie gifted me the Crystal Skull to become the White Queen Host, so the Keeper and the White Queen Host Skulls had been together for some time.

I asked Thoth if he could give us a few of Or’Ra’Shak’s other Earth incarnations . . .

*Herkerleas (Hercules), whose mythic story only touches upon the true lifetime

* a Mayan King – Cetchzatl- who ruled in peace and was the son of a Pleiadian, therefor what Thoth calls a “High Mayan.”

* An Amazon Queen who upheld a peaceful legacy and yet at times, entered battle to defend her people and peaceful way of life.

* A Mage of Egypt during the 12th Dynasty.

A footenote: It was brought to my attention that the Keeper is not on the LOTUS list. I went back and checked, and no he is not! Since he is not in the Inner Earth he should be…I thought. But when I went to Thoth about it…well, the Keeper is like Thoth, a Metatron in “another world dimension” due to his position between the two “rods” of the An Ark. This is a point somewhat similar to what Thoth is holding in the central sun atoma that qualifies as such.

Edie's Altar - the Mongolian Skull next to the Keeper is no longer with Edie.
Edie’s Altar – the Mongolian Skull next to the Keeper is no longer with Edie.

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