The O’SIR’RIM & March Equinox 2015


The O’SIR’RIM is what Thoth is calling the entire matrix of all 72 Dweller Skulls as a working dynamic on Earth. This is inclusive of the 23 Metatron in other world dimensions – Thoth’s abiding in the center of the atoma of the Earth which counts as another “world dimension.”

Of the 49 not in “other world dimensions,”  10 are in caverns or vaults, 2 are out in the open, so to speak (Mitchell-Hedges and Compassion) and the remaining 37 are in the Interior Domain of the Earth. Now, I would think to count the Inner Earth as “another world dimension” but Thoth seems to be splitting hairs on this and states that since the Inner Earth is a sub-dimension of THE Earth, it is not “another world”. Yet inside the atoma of the Earth, where the Thoth skull abides is “another world.” I imagine this all has to do with the quantum physics of it all, so I am not going to try to figure it out 0_o

The twelve crystal skulls of the LOTUS are the core group which holds the gird together in the Earth for all 72. I asked Thoth if he would please give me the identity of these 12. [My comments bold in brackets.]

Thoth: I give you here the names of the actual incarnations in which these skulls were crystallized.

1) Shalkuunthee-tra – Atlantean priestess [Mitchell-Hedges]

2) La’tunnak – Muruvian early female guardian of the Pol On Esai in MU [Thoth shows me some kind of garden with crystalline “eggs” – human like beings being born from these. This is the Crystal Skull now known as “Compassion.”]

3) Atu’La Hunuapepe – MU Priestess [White Queen]

4) Isis – original “Isis” arriving at the Sinai from the Blue Star Rigel [Lady of the Lake]

5) Osiris – original “Osiris” arriving at the Sinai from the Blue Star Rigel [The Risen One]

6) Tang Ma Nu – male Priest-Monk in Tibet

7) Ilum’Satcha – Priestess-Queen in the Yucatan [Red Queen]

8) Usi’tepsha – Muruvian female Shaman

9) Raina Miytara – Priestess of the Moon in what is now China [Moon Shadow]

10) Rhio Tesek – male North American “giant” of a Star Tribe [ Einstein is the Host Crystal Skull for Rhio Tesek]

11) Klukaptek – known also to the Mayans as Kukulkan, the Vision Serpent [Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs]

12) O’duma – male “Star One” of Hyperborean Lands [The Magician]


I notice that there are 7 females and 5 males. I expected them to be an even six and six. Also, if Kuklulkan / Quetzalcoatl has a Crystal Skull – well, Thoth had said he was one of the several layered souls of this being. So this would mean his soul was connected to TWO Dweller Skulls! However, upon enquiring, he tells me that the main genetic recording in a skull with layered soul geometries will follow the “body soul” of that incarnation. The “Thoth” soul was not the body soul of Kuklulkan. However, those Dweller combo incarnations do lend a certain dimensionality to the genetic coding of the their Crystal Skulls!


On the 2015 Equinox of March 20th, the LOTUS will begin a first-level activation of the entire O’SIR’RIM Dwellers Matrix in the “countdown” of the Osiris Star Fire Kachina Dance. In more scientific terms, this means that the trigger will be fired to begin the stages of activation within the Osirian Vault beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza – eventually creating the Opening of the Lotus of the 44:44 Ascension Stargate.

StarWalker, Lynn McCallum will be in Egypt at the Great Pyramid on this Solstice date, placing the Isis “Lady of the Lake” Host Crystal Skull into a “socket” of stone. At that moment the triggering will begin on the first-level process of quickening the Star Fire. It is not just this one act which will trigger it. There are several dynamics involved, but this act by Lynn with the Isis Host will be the final key in the lock!

Also on March 20th, Cynthia Bacon, the guardian of the Lady of the Pinnacle Host Skull, will be initiating this Crystal Skull in Arizona.

Although Kaylasa Jaguarstar in Mexico may not yet have the Host for the Red Queen, she is nevertheless the appointed guardian of it, and so see to will be present with this event.

Of course I will be present here on Kaua’i with the White Queen and Osiris. The Thoth Host Skull is “in the mail” winging it’s way to me, but will not arrive in time. Thoth has suggested that I scan it’s photo and place it on the altar with the White Queen and Osiris.

The “Metatron” Thoth Crystal Dweller is a unique player in the O’SIR’RIM, in that it is at the very center of the planet – in an other-dimensional hyper-space: the Zion Cube. As stated in the previous article, it is to become activated within this Cube on March 20th. The entire purpose of this activation will be revealed in a future article.


click image to enlarge

Focus on the OSIRIS FIRE STAR KACHINA MEDALLION or simply close your eyes and chant the following mantra – as you feel / see VIOLET LIGHT flood your body. Intend connection to the O’SIR’RIM Dwellers Matrox as you chant this 12 times.


Focus the sound up into your nasal cavity, just below the Third Eye.

Know that the true “Kachina Dance” comes from within the DNA of all human beings…

DANCE YOUR DANCE with us on this Solstice – however that may manifest for you!



3 thoughts on “The O’SIR’RIM & March Equinox 2015

  1. The equinox day was beautiful for me. I pray for all the planet people, we need a lot of maind changes, conciousness and understandings. I´m shore that God meanning
    at positive approaches will be commig soon for the planet and humanity.


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