Enter THOTH!

Host for The Thoth Dweller - made of Smelted Quartz
Host for The Thoth Dweller – made of Smelted Quartz

Because my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa had told me he was one of the Metatron Dwellers -those whose Crystal Skulls were in other dimensions now – I had thought that his Crystal Skull would not be hosted on this Earth – at least not in my lifetime. However, just as I finished with his transmission on the Osiris Fire Star Kachina, Thoth presented me with a surprize. His Crystal Skull is indeed in another dimension, but it is one held within the central sun atoma of the Earth! Energetically it is not the same as those Dwellers sequestered in the firmament of the Interior Domain of the Earth (as many are). Before we begin with Thoth’s transmission to me on this, here is what I wrote about the central sun atoma of the earth in 1980:

The atoma, or central sun of the earth, is the heart of the planet. It contracts and expands in a pulsing action, sending energy waves through the space of the central cavity and out through the many arteries of the earth. Within the atoma, there are four polarity chambers. They are composed of atoms which contain “inverted” nuclei, caused by the incomplete chain reaction of hydrogen changing to helium, or “black hole” effect, which takes place in the core of the atoma. For an analogy, picture a human heart inside a sphere. The heart is composed of “hyper-atoms”– atoms with inverted nuclei. The rest of the sphere is composed of “normal” atoms. Within the heart are four main chambers: the right and left auricles and the rite and left ventricles. These are the four chambers of the heart-atoma at the center of our planet. The heart of the atoma (the mechanics of the atoma as a functioning heart) is called the regula aspa. The two chambers on the right side of the human heart are in harmony with the positively charged side of the regula aspa. The left side of the human heart is synchronized with the negatively charged side of the atoma.

Now let us view the solar sun–the giver of germination and warmth to our surface domain. This radiant orb is the atana.

The solar atana sun interacts with the earth’s atoma central sun through the medium of light waves, which is the optic evidence of magnetic and other advanced energy waves. The natural “openings” at the poles of the planet are strong magnetic fields that hold particles together in a manner which causes a dual patterning to take place. These separate patterns keep the two worlds (the surface and the interior) apart. However, LIGHT in its lowest-level pulse frequency, can enter through the “eye of the needle”–the overlapping “moment” of expansion/contraction between the electro-magnetic fields of the two world dimensions.

As the ELF (extremely low frequency) of solar light through the Northern or Southern door (pole) of the planet,  enters the Rega Passage, a funnel of sensitive particles, so high in etheric bonding as to be almost inter-dimensional. This passage streams out of the central sun atoma and therefore leads the solar light waves directly into the interior atoma. The rega streaming from the right chambers of the regula apsa attract solar light entering from the Northern Door (pole), while the rega from the left chambers attract the solar light from the Southern Door.

In the regula apsa the light particles of both the Northern and Southern passages meet . At this juncture, there is an intricate exchange of current which is liken unto the purifying of the blood. This causes a transmutation to take place in the light particles (of both the atana and atoma), which bursts into the anii, or seed flame. The anii is the fire of the “holy of holies” in the center of the regula apsa of the atoma. From the strands of this rarified gold the whole earth is given a surge of LOVE-LIGHT from the core of the planet.

The human heart houses the heart chakra which is intimately linked from conception to the regula apsa of the earth atoma. We and the earth are literally one. The light that travels in grand procession upon the Rega Passage to enter the heart of the earth, reaches our pulsing heart as well.

Now in 2015 -Thoth [my comments in bold brackets]:  

My Dweller Skull is within what I shall call here the “Zion (or Zayin) Cube” in the center of the atoma of the Earth.

The Zion Cube is composed of aciceltic gold. This is a high vibratory monoatomic frequency which is created when several micro-dimensions find commonality at their hyper-space vortices, causing an implosion – a shared quantum release of energy. This energy is in the form of white holes, which are funnels of highly charged itons compressed to create a singularity. [singularity: “a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space-time when matter is infinitely dense, as at the center of a black hole.”]

The white holes are striking the commonality “wall” again and again, ad infinitum. In this act, so the aciceltic “gold” is created. It forms a cube, as that is the geometry of the containment field which has been put into place to attract and activate this dynamic.

[At this point I ask: what or who has put the containment field into place?]

The Aziz’aska – the “capstone” alchemists from among the Craft of the Brazen Serpent. They work within inter-dimensional vortices.

[ which of your incarnations supplied this Crystal Skull?]

That of Kuthum Ata. I lived in this form in the Epoch of Eros.

 [What is the purpose of your Kuthum Ata Crystal Skull being within the Zion Cube?]

It alchemizes the blood chemistry in the genetic coding to become “gold” – not as you know the metal – but a monoatomic state of the vibration that metal contains. In other words, the process of converting human physicality into Pure Gem State, requires that the monoatomic potential within human blood be activated. By being positioned at the center of the Earth’s atoma – it is within the heart chakra of the planet.

Understand that the Dweller Crystal Skulls are not just physical “crystals.”  They are mapping programs that feed information and record information – to and from the DNA of the human system.

My Crystal Skull as a “Metatron” is now ready to begin it’s role in the capacity of blood alchemist in the center of the crystalline sphere you call “Earth.” It will become active in within the Zion Cube on the Equinox of March 20th.

[I won’t have the Host Skull until around the 29th. What is your comment about this?]

The Host of Thoth – “The Alchemist” [Thoth’s combo name for this Dweller-Host] has been chosen and will become attuned to it’s Dweller at that time – on a primary level – to be completed when it joins the White Queen and Risen One at your home.

You see that the White Queen, whose Soul is my (what you would call) Twin Ray (SaRa’Fana). The ISIS Soul, who was also Mari, Mother of I’shoa, is the Twin Ray of the Osiris Soul…one of the two Souls of I’shoa – the one who would leave the body at Baptism and return at Crucifixion…then to depart once again, before Transfiguration and Ascension.

As has been revealed to you some years ago, My soul and the two souls of I’shoa [the Osiris and the “Pure Soul”] are bonded in a special service to the Christos.

The Metatron Thoth Crystal Skull is portaled through the OSIRIS, into the LOTUS Twelve within Mount Kailash.

[It was stated to me in the 1980’s that the 23 Metatrons were from Sirius. Yet you are from Rigel in Orion. Could you please explain.]

The exact statement was: “The beings whose souls once inhabited these skulls when they were bone and living flesh are of a human race out of the celestial realm of Sirius.”

As Kuthum Ata (whose skull was turned to crystal) I was of Sirian genetics…just as I was Venusian as Melchizedek. My soul origin (Birthing Star) is Rigel in Orion.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ end of transmission ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I find it interesting that the Hebrew fire letter “Zayin” (Zion) looks like this:

Zayin (1)

Thoth’s Light Signature is this:



– The Thoth Dweller Host – There are those who say that smelted quartz is no good energetically as it is really only “glass.” But then there is Andara Crystal Glass, Aqua Aura, etc. Both Andara and Aqua Aura are incredible conductors of etheric energy. This smelted quartz skull was Thoth’s choice for the Hosting of his Crystal Skull.

Smelted quartz is not a naturally found crystal, yet some of the most beautiful crystal skulls are made from it.  Like the name would suggest, smelted quartz is created by cleaning and melting down natural rock crystal.  Once melted a variety of other ingredients are added to the mix to create the stunningly different random patterns and fascinating effects.

Unlike some would expect, the final product is achieved by normal carving and polishing – not by pouring the melted quartz into molds. This means that skulls produced by this method still display the skills of the individual finishing artists. Smelted quartz is available in a huge variety of colors including clear. – web source

4 thoughts on “Enter THOTH!

  1. Hi there precious Maia, I just love all the amazing information that you are sharing on the precious Dweller skullies and their hosts and I AM beyond excited and so very happy that most precious God ThothHorRA has entered the matrix now. So very awesome.
    Love Fredaricka

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  2. Exciting and very touching news, dear Maia! “Things” are going so fast now that one must remember not to hold the breath and keep on breathing… (smile)

    Our beloved Thoth’s Kuthum Ata Crystall Host Skull “The Alchemist” will be soon with YOU, in close synergy with the White Queen and the Risen One! This is an extraordinary privilege to be able to know and follow all this sequencing… THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. What we are witnessing -and somehow being part of- goes beyond common words; can only be commented in terms of LOVE and LIGHT.

    Liked by 1 person

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