The RED Queen & The Pyramidis Radius Matrix

The WHITE Queen Host in a color shifting (well it is really a light box)
The WHITE Queen Host in a color shifting (well, it is really a lightbox)

As I await the arrival of the Host Crystal Skull for the OSIRIS Dweller (Risen One) and Lynn prepared for her journey to Egypt with the ISIS (Lady of the Lake) Host, yet another hosting is setting up!

Thoth is calling this Dweller Crystal Skull Thresholding in Mexico, “The Red Queen.” The guardian of this upcoming Dweller-Host match is to be Kaylasa JaguarStar. Kaylasa has followed my work with Thoth and the Akashic since she was 17. She is in her late twenties now. She has been writing on a book entitled Midnight Fire, which is based on my Thoth-guided Akashic translations of over 45 years…focusing on the story of Thoth. It is a fictional work on the surface, but the undercurrent is rooted in my Thothic Streamings. This last week, Thoth (through me) offered her this potential guardianship and she has accepted.

Mi Hermana Kaylasa JaguarStar
Mi Hermana Kaylasa JaguarStar…the “Red Queen?” Hmmm!

The following is my current capsulation of Thoth’s information on this Dweller Skull and his directive involving it. He has requested that our StarWalker Lynn McCallum and Kaylasa work together in accomplishing it, which they now plan to do sometime in the next few months.


The co-regent Priestess-Queen with Kucuulam Nektum (previously OSIRIS) in the Temple City of  Mana Tun Nak was Ilum’Satcha. It was in that incarnation that she, as an Illumined Dweller, left her skull as crystal.

The Temple-City of Mana Tun Nak lies beneath Palenque in Mexico.

It was the main “City of the Sun Lords” in the Western Hemisphere after the time tsunami / sinking of Atlantis.

Last night I (Maia) saw her Crystal Skull in a vault under the main temple of Mana Tun Nak….which is underneath the main temple of Palenque. It appeared of clear crystal but then turned as I saw it, to black crystal. It seems to have a strong register in both frequencies. I was surprised to see that there was a band of gold as a circlet around the brow of the skull, with a gold band across the top of the skull as well, connected to the brow band as all one piece. Along the brow part of the gold head-piece were gemstones, but I could not see what they were clearly. Thoth tells me that the center is a diamond, with a ruby on the left and an emerald on the right.

The Dweller-Host combination name Thoth is calling this Crystal Skull is The Red Queen, for she was later incarnated as the now famous “Red Queen” of Palenque (skeleton found there). While the name “Red Queen” was given to the Palenque woman, due to her skeleton having been covered in red ochre, the Ilum’Satcha Red Queen’s Crystal Skull does change to Ruby and well as the dark Obsidian and green Jade. Those Crystal Skulls which have not been removed from their Thresholding chambers have more inter-dimensional power, shifting mineral compositions depending upon the frequencies of the stellar-earth grids fluxes. In other words, the Mitchel-Hedges and Compassion cannot do this as they are no longer within Thresholding chambers.

Thoth: The Mitchel-Hedges and Compassion Dweller Skulls were never intended to be exposed. Their Thresholding chambers were opened by earthquakes and the skulls taken out. However, now that they are in the open, they do serve the Dweller Matrix in a unique way.

What Thoth is saying here does not include Dweller Skulls that were intended to be taken from their Thresholds and moved to other Thresholds. As to what constitutes a “Threshold” I am not quite sure at this time. I do see that there were spans of time when some Dwellers, were carried about, but secretly – before being set into another Threshold. Certainly that was true for the ISIS Crystal Skull.

I remembered seeing in the KEYS OF ENOCH (by J.J. Hurtak) a map that had a triangle drawn, calling it the “Dove,” with Palenque at the center. In the KEYS the information about this is on page 310-312 (of Key 215), with the map on page 311; however you should read through all the rest of the Key, through page 317 to see how this connects to the Great Pyramid and Israel.

verse 38 of Key 215 states:

The grids (of which Palenque is at the center – Maia) give the major orientation for those portions of the world that survive the major cataclysms, as well as showing where earth history stands in relationship to heavenly events that were played out in the deliverance of this world.

In verse 41 is stated:

The most sacred grid in this area is the triangle formed from Palenque to Cerro Rabon in the West and Palenque to Chichen Itza in the East. Within this area are the smaller grids of “consciousness transplanting” that have selected settings on the earth platform, as “nestings” waiting for the development and ripening of the human world of consciousness.

Thoth is saying now…to StarWalker Lynn-Celest’Ra and Host Guardian, Kaylasa JaguarStar:

With the Red Queen, begin at the pyramid of Tres Zappotes. Then proceed to Palenque, Chichen Itza and then to Tikal. You will be guided what to do in each location. At Palenque, the Red Queen Host Skull will be in direct union with Her Dweller, which still remains beneath Palenque, in the vault beneath the main temple of Mana Tun Nak. From the realm of pure energy, the Red Queen’s “heart’ is to be unsealed from her Vault. This is not an object, like the Crystal Skull – it is an energy form carried within Her Dweller Skull. Unlike most of the Dwellers, the Skull of Ilum’Satcha has never traveled to other Thresholds. Her purpose is to anchor strongly the “heart” geometries at that point on the Earth. Yet they now need to be “opened” to this current dimension in order to fulfill the Purpose.


After I shared the above with Kaylasa, she found this astonishing photograph of the Red Queen Skeleton as it was found in it’s bed of red ochre within the pyramid. She is wearing a headband with three stones (or coins)! I honestly do not recall having seen this before, although I did see a photograph of the skeleton previously, I just do not remember the headband. Perhaps it had been removed (in the photo I saw).

Red Queen at Palenque
Red Queen at Palenque


Lynn responded with something she had found – a web article that really aligns – with the Dweller-Host project and the Pyramidis Radius Matrix.

Especially pertinent quotes from the article . . .

The world’s pyramids have started beaming energy to the mysterious Space clouds, known as the Photon Belt.Several incredible incidents of visible power beams shooting skywards into space towards the regions of the alien Photonic clouds are well documented.

And the Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan in Mexico transmitted a column of raw energy into space and was just the latest to do so.

In 2009 & 2010 the Bosnian pyramid of the sun beamed a pencil thin ray of pure energy into space towards the Photon Belt.

In 2009 and 2010 the Bosnian pyramid of the sun beamed a pencil thin ray of pure energy towards space. The amazing incident was followed by a vortex blast from the Pyramid of the moon, Teotihuacan, Mexico city.

When Hector Siliezar visited the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza with his wife and kids in 2009, he snapped three iPhone photos of El Castillo, a pyramid that once served as a sacred temple to the Mayan god Kukulkan.

Ancient pyramids awake after centuries, Millennia of slumber.

Tourists screamed, others shot hasty videos with their camera phones as the Mayan pyramid rumbled. But no earthquake followed, instead a brilliant beam of light shot skyward into space as awed onlookers gasped, wondering what it meant.

But the Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan transmitting a raw column of incredible energy into space was just the latest pyramid to do so.

Hector Siliezar’s photo

3 thoughts on “The RED Queen & The Pyramidis Radius Matrix

  1. About 2 days ago, I was ‘guided’ to rename one of the dragon essences. RED DRAGON 11:11 – will become – THE FIRE DRAGON, with the addition of 2 new ‘fiery’ tinctures/oils…I had not expected that.


  2. Thank you very much for this information and I find it spectacular. I know about the pyramids of Bosnia, which are not far away from my town of Dubrovnik in Croatia, the Dalmatian cost of the Adriatic sea. But I did not Know that the Bosnian pyramid has come on line meanwhile. I also Know that the Mexican Pyramids are the source of incredible Energy. Now the article on the Red Queen is something entirely new to me and I am indeed very impressed.


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