OSIRIS & the Osiris Host

OSIRIS Host Crystal Skull
OSIRIS Host Crystal Skull

This article is a continuation of ISIS & OSIRIS

In the mythos of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, there were many overlays and changes made through the centuries before they wound up in the Pyramid Texts and other ancient sources. The story of Osiris told in the Pyramid Texts is quite a mixture from various story tellers, each feeling that could tell the story just a little bit better. The actual historical person who were the “first” Osiris, Isis, Nephthys and Horus are pasted into the legends only slightly. However, the main purpose of these stories was to employ the dynamic images of these Beings who came to Earth (Osiris, Isis, Nephthys from the Blue Star Rigel), and Horus their son, who was born on this planet –  as representing allegoric characters revealing a deep truth of the energetics they embedded into the time wave and energy grids of the planet. Set – the bad guy in the play – is a composite character of opposing Nephilimic beings who challenged the “Solarians” (Sun Lords aka Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, etc).

From the Pyramid Texts on the pieces of Osiris’ body, after set had murdered him by drowning in the Nile and scattered his body parts – my comments in bold brackets:

The goddesses [Isis and Nephthys] find and restore Osiris’ body, often with the help of other deities, including Thoth, a deity credited with great magical and healing powers, and Anubis [another aspect of Thoth], the god of embalming and funerary rites. Their efforts are the mythological basis for Egyptian embalming practices, which, by mummifying the body, sought to prevent and reverse the decay that follows death. This part of the story is often extended with episodes in which Set or his followers try to damage the corpse, and Isis and her allies must protect it. [Thoth tells me this is concerning the DNA and not a single corpse.] Once Osiris is made whole, Isis conceives his son and rightful heir, Horus. One ambiguous spell in the Coffin Texts may indicate that Isis is impregnated by a flash of lightning, while in other sources, Isis, still in bird form, fans breath and life into Osiris’ body with her wings and copulates with him. [The actual being Osiris is murdered by the Nephilim-Set…yet as an illumined One – like I’shoa (Jesus) with Mari Magdalene – he is able to return in a higher-formed physical body to send a “signal” into the womb of Isis and concieve Horus.]

Osiris’ revival is apparently not permanent, and after this point in the story he is only mentioned as the ruler of the Duat, the distant and mysterious realm of the dead. Although he lives on only in the Duat, he and the kingship he stands for will, in a sense, be reborn in his son.

If we now look at the Dwellers of ISIS, OSIRIS and NEPHTHYS (White Queen), we see the stage set to bring the parts of OSIRIS together again on a higher level within the divine orchestration of Return (as presented in my ISIS & OSIRIS article).

The being “Osiris” united with the energy archetype of OSIRIS becomes the Living Template of the Adam Kadmon – human divine form – as it morphs into the “New Earth” Template of the Pure Gem. OSIRIS then, is the bridge between the Original Creation pattern of humanity and the New Creation.

The Host Skull for the OSIRIS Dweller Crystal Skull has been chosen (made possible through a donation from Lynn McCallum) and will soon be here with the White Queen, while ISIS (Lady of the Lake) tours Egypt with Lynn. It is close to the size of the Lady of the Lake.

Thoth is calling this combo (Dweller & Host) the RISEN ONE. Thoth revealed to me many years ago that the original name for the Great Pyramid was “Temple of the Risen One.” After the Great Flood  (time tsunami) it was then known as the “Temple of the Lion.”  The “Risen One” was intended to mean OSIRIS – whose Vault was beneath the Temple, containing the Crystal Skull of the OSIRIS Dweller Being.

I asked Thoth what are some other key lifetimes of the OSIRIS Dweller Being . He informed me that this Being has had few incarnations on Earth. This is also true of Thoth. In fact, all the Dweller Souls have not had many incarnations in Earth. The Metatron Souls (their Crystal Skulls a currently off-planet grouping) have had the fewest (Thoth among them)…and then Osiris. He should be a Metatron but is not, since his mission was to leave his Crystal Skull with the Earth through this period of time, when all the others “of his kind” removed them.

I am being shown a pyramid in the Yucatan. A male personage – a Priest-King – descended from Pleiadian, Sirian, Rigel and Atlantean genetics. He is Kucuulam Nektum. The Temple-City is Mana Tun Nak. It is a Holy City built as a meeting place for the Dwellers (those incarnate at that time), right after the breaking up of Atlantis as a land mass. Kucuulam Netum (Osiris) is the residing Sun Lord of Mana Tun Nak, but other Dwellers come to meet with him and sit together in energy configurations – deep trance states – calling upon the combined energies of all the Dwellers. This period of time would be just after the ‘time tsunami’ that took Atlantis, so right after the first stage of the Reparation. This then, might be 2nd stage work at Mana Tun Nak. There is another Dweller being as co-regent with Kucuulam Netum. She is not the ISIS or NEPHTHYS Souls, but another Dweller. Thoth does not wish to speak of her yet.

At this point, Thoth guides me to the KEYS OF ENOCH (by J.J. Hurtak). I  was given this book in 1980 by a dear friend and student of the esoteric spiritual sciences, who has since transitioned. I had never heard of the KEYS before, but my friend told me that so much of what I was receiving agreed with this book, he wanted me to have it. I have never seriously delved into it. I only read it when guided by Thoth…and the either open it at “random” or look up something in the index.

Now Thoth wishes me to look up “Osiris” and indeed, he is in there.  Hurtak’s Academy does not like their material to be quoted so I will be careful with this, saying that the KEYS refers to Osiris as “The Lord Creator from Orion,” which certainly agrees with my Thothic information, albeit in different wording.

Thoth is also referring to him (now) as “Ophiriam,” Thoth on the meaning of this name: The act of transforming the lower states of being to become Star Born. The Lord Ophiriam is not that which IS transcendent, but that which orchestrates the movement of that act…the flow and accord of it’s Perfectature (perfect plan or blueprint – a Thoth word).

Thoth is now telling me that the Osiris Soul was the one that “twined” with the 2nd soul in the incarnation of I’shoa!

There were two souls together in I’shoa until the Baptism. At that point, the “Osiris” soul left the body and the Christic Archangel and Sun Spirit enter to merge with the remaining soul. The “remaining soul” had never before been incarnate on the Earth, so the “Osiris” (also known as the “Solomon”) soul was there to anchor and protect the other – “Nathan” soul until the Divine Moment of merging with the Christic and Solar at Baptism.

Thoth showed me the Pieta by Michelangelo.


Here we have Mari holding her son’s apparently lifeless body. Mari was ISIS. I’shoa was OSIRIS – for during the Crucifixion, the Osiris soul returned to merge with the Pure Soul – to bring it through the ordeal. I’shoa was then of course resurrected, to move into a higher physical state that could be touched by the hand of Doubting Thomas…just as was OSIRIS.




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