The Lady of the Lake: Preparations for the Journey


SOON the Lady of the Lake will leave her SiStar here in Kaua’i to travel for awhile with StarWalker Lynn McCallum (as did the White Queen), before returning her to me and the White Queen. Thoth has indicated to me that Lynn’s sojourn with the Lady will be somewhat different…things will be amped up a bit more and there will possibly be some unique challenges involved. However all will be well…more than well…totally in Divine Order!

Thoth requested two custom sets of Oration Beads from Cynthia Bacon to be especially prepared and charged: one for myself and one for Lynn. She is to wear these all the time on her journey into Egypt, etc. with the Lady of the Lake (except when she sleeps and bathes lol).

Thoth gave the following which he requested that Cynthia to call into these beads before sending them off to me (and now he is further inserting these energies into all within the altar cabinet containing the Skulls and Oration beads).


Projecting a field of 7th Dimensional Light Geometry around the wearer.

Insert the Darshana prayer-mudras of Buddha (I have never heard of this!)

Insert the codes of the Tampa Nangu: Holy Circle of Mongolian Skulls. These are not Dwellers, but are Protectors of the Dweller Skulls.


Since I had never heard the word “Darshana” before I Googled it and found THIS!

I was curious about the Tampa Nangu, so I asked Thoth if these crystal skulls were created from real skulls as well – from ensouled beings. He replied that they were not. the 16 Tampa Nangu Mongolian Crystal Skulls were laser crafted, but from actual quartz crystal of Earth. Yet the Ones who created them were of a High Order and genetically from a lineage of Tibetan-Mongolian-Sirian mix who still dwell within a vast cavern region of the Himalayas, and guardian the Tampa Nangu.

These Crystal Skulls have been infused with centuries of prayers and light codes. They have become a sentient force…an intelligent vehicle, from all the intentional focus placed within them for so many years.

By attuning to the Tampa Nangu, one can access the very ancient codes of the Dweller Lineage in humanity.

Then I asked about the Darshana Prayer-Mudras of Buddha . . .

Thoth told me that during his incarnation as the Buddha, this soul created these prayer-mudras that have since been lost to the world. There are 72 of them. Each one contains a tone, a symbol (sacred geometry) and a mudra. Yet they can also be sent directly to someone or some thing…such as being inserted into a crystal or a stone. Their purpose is to create a path of Illumination and Protection of the energy bodies.

Wiki states about Darshan: “Darshan is ultimately difficult to define, since it is an event in consciousness—an interaction in presence between devotee and God/guru; or between devotee and image or sculpture, which focuses and calls out the consciousness of the devotee. In either event, a heightening of consciousness or spirituality is the intended effect.”

Thoth states that Darshana Prayer-Mudras take that pure LOVE vibration of the Divine into a specific patterning of brain-waves that translate as ecstasy in the body at the higher states of receipt, but even the the lesser states, these prayer-mudras can deliver a “grace factor” of healing and illumination to the individual.

Thoth guided me to create an activational medallion for both the Darshana prayer-mudras of the Buddha and the Tampa Nangu Mongolian Crystal Skulls.

(with a link for Kyi’Ra Portal members to download them for free)


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