Lady of the Lake: She’s Here!

SHE arrived today! I didn’t know how I would feel about here, since I had not planned on being the “Guardian” any more more Crystal Skull Hosts – other than the White Queen. But the Lady of the Lake wafted in and said “Ahhh I’m home!” And so she is :))

postscript: The ring between the two skulls is a very mysterious, old one which was given to a friend of a friend, who then entrusted it to me.  The friend who placed it with me is Wanda June Hill. Her friend who gave it to her was…Elvis Presley. It was given to him when he was in the Order of Melchizedek by a higher-up in that Order. The man who gave it to him told him that it was intended for him to have it. He gave it to Wanda told the end of his time as “Elvis Presley.” Thoth requested that this ring go with the Queen…and now with them both. The black Tiki statue behind the skulls belonged to Elvis as well. He told Wanda that he meditated with it. (My Book)

Cynthia Bacon’s marvelous Oration Beads are around the two skulls…more on this later.

more on the Lady of the Lake



5 thoughts on “Lady of the Lake: She’s Here!

  1. This is such a powerful gathering…! The Two seem called to be together, as well as the elements you has been guided to add, very especially that ancient ring… It is a confirmation of the vision I had -and commented in a post back then- at the ceremony when you received the White Queen from Lynn, in which the well carved tanned face, full of strength of Elvis Aron Presley appeared on the right of the frame of the vision, a second after the head of a white skinned female, with blond-brown curly hair styled in a very ancient fashion, had appeared on the left, to disappear again. That aspect of the position of each one in the frame of my vision and the fact that they did not appear together at the same time in it, but one after the other seems to be meaningful to me, as part of a description of the original Dweller Skull’s history.

    I had that day the fleeting impression that the Lady had to do with your own being, Maia, but I silenced it because I was not sure… Now that feeling comes back once more…

    Much Love, Si*Star.


  2. Oh… I forgot to tell that these last days (for a little more than a week) I’ve been guided to triangle a field between YOU, Elvis and I, which I did everynight just before falling asleep. I “knew” it was necessary to strengthen the energy of that field with a still unknown to me purpose. I’m getting an idea now… (smile)


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