Host for the ISIS Dweller Skull

LADY OF THE LAKE: Host for the ISIS Dweller Crystal Skull (rose quartz, as is her Dweller)

We now have a Hosting crystal skull for the Dweller Skull of ISIS! Thoth is calling the combo of this Dweller-Host “Lady of the Lake.” So out of this grouping Dwellers there is: the White Queen, Lady of the Pinnacle, Lady of the Lake…and the Keeper of the Way.  While I am the guardian of The White Queen, Cynthia Bacon is the keeper of the Lady of the Pinnacle and Edie Cooper – the Keeper of the Way…I had thought we had a guardian or guardians for what is now the Lady of the Lake. Thoth had said that She was to be “given unto the House of Solomon” and since Lynn McCallum was in touch with a small group working under that auspice, we both assumed it was going to them. However, we found this not to be the case. Thoth was speaking of a “higher order.” A state of being you might say.

So where was this Host Skull to be placed physically – under whose guardianship? Lynn and I were musing over this together in my home here on Kaua’i the other day. All of a sudden I was told that I would be acting as guardian for Lady of the Lake. This was a shock to me, and I did not really want to do this.  Being the guardian for the White Queen has been a life-changing event for me in a very marvelous way…but one was quite enough! So I said nothing to Lynn and pushed it away. The instant I shoved it out the back door of my mind, Lynn turned to me had said, “Maia you should be the guardian of this Skull.” I was shocked again lol.

So here I am, awaiting the arrival of another Host Skull to come to me in the next few days. I will only have about 2 days with her and the Lynn will become her sacred journey guardian into Egypt, perhaps China, Scotland and Nova Scotia (the latter 3 locations not for sure yet). Then the Lady will come back to Kauai and at least for the time-being, be here with me and the White Queen. I had seen the Queen and “ISIS” together from the start, but I saw this as symbolic and also when they had sat together in the past (the real Dweller versions).

The Lady of the Lake Host is much smaller than the Queen or Pinnacle Hosts…thank goodness, as I would otherwise have no room for her in the small cabinet that has become the Queen’s Thresholding Chamber. Thoth not only approved the smaller size, but stated that this was necessary “in order for her to fit.” When I asked fit where, he showed me a stone niche (like stones in an ancient pyramid or some monolith). She is to be placed inside this “niche” for some minutes.  At first, I thought it was to be charged with energy, but now I am seeing that while that may be the case, the greater reason is to act as a trigger…for something. More on this will be revealed to me later.

If you will recall from my past posts here, The true ISIS Dweller is within the main chamber beneath Oak Island, Nova Scotia, while the Lady of the Pinnacle is in a cave in Israel. Only the White Queen Host and the Keeper of the Way are near their Dwellers (Kauai and Crestone, Colorado, respectively). So the Host being in physical proximity of its Dweller is obviously not necessary.

postscript: This skull actually came through Cynthia Bacon, who is the guardian for the Lady of the Pinnacle.

To be continued . . .


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