Another Hosting Skull!

MAIA / Lady of the Pinnacle
MAIA / Lady of the Pinnacle

You might say this came “out of the blue” for me, but I have been shown by my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa another Dweller-Host match. The Dweller is identifying itself as a MU’ruvian Shaman named Usi’tepsha. She lived as a Hermit-Oracle high on a mountain of MU. This was in a later time than the MU Priestess of the White Queen. It was toward the end of MU when the People were knowing the end would soon be upon them, as the continent had broken into several pieces and those who survived and chose to still remain on these left-over islands wre attempting to literally pray MU back together again…yes they believed they could do this…as such things ARE possible, but not this time…for there was too much momentum bringing it all to a conclusion in the sea.

The DWELLER Companions – those who assist the Dweller “project” – came to Usi’tepesha and she knew who they were…she knew it was time for her to transend the mortal and have her skull and all the codes it contained, turned to crystal. Understand that they were not forcing her to die…not at all. SHE was marking her own time in the Earth and this was her decision to leave the mortal now…and they were there to prepare her skull for the ages to come – as a Dweller.

If we trace the incarnational path of the Dweller Being, Usi’tepsha, we will find her in various earthly embodiments before and after that time. Among her incarnations, she was Anna, Mother of Mari Anna, and Grandmother of I’shoa as well as Saint Theresa of the Little Flower. So now we see the THREE women who personify the Divine Feminine: Mari Magdalene / White Queen Dweller, Mari, mother of I’shoa / ISIS Dweller (hopefully to soon receive her Host), and Anna, Mother of Mari and Grandmother of I’shoa (shared this incarnation with “Isis” soul), the Dweller Skull being of her incarnation as a MU’ruvian Hermit-Shaman. Thoth is calling this Dweller Skull “Lady of the Pinnacle,” the Crystal Skull having come into Presence high on a mountain summit in the land of MU.

This Lady of the Pinnacle is now within a cave in Israel – far from any remnant lands of MU. The Host is in Las Vegas, Nevada in the possession of Cynthia Bacon. This Host Skull is contemporary, and was purchased by Cynthia ten years ago. She told me that when she first held it, the Skull told her it’s name was “MAIA.”

When I saw photographs of the Skull, Thoth came through and informed he that it was an intended Host for another Dweller – if Cynthia would agreed to guardianship – which she now has.

The finalizing of the integration of “MAIA” with it’s Dweller – when to two become together the Lady of the Pinnacle, with be in mid-March of this year, when Cynthia takes MAIA to a sacred spring in the mountains of Nevada for the ceremony.

to be continued . . .


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