The Olrig Estate – Mystery and Magic

Since Rex was on a mission for the DWELLERS, I am re-blogging it here.

The Crystalline Matrix

Olrig House Olrig House

The Olrig Estate in Scotland is currently owned by my Dutch friend, Michele Dinger. It is on the market for sale. The house is several hundred years old, having been built by a member of the Sinclair “Grail” Family. It nests on major grid lines and figures into a greater “Reshel” gridometry which William Buehler and to some extent myself, have been unraveling now for about 30 years now…well, since around 1985, but I can’t count that high lol.

You can read about it more in my previous posting about the Olrig Estate.

My good friend Rex Harrison, who lives in Glastonbury was asked by Thoth (through me) if he would care to go on a “mission” to Olrig. He agreed. Essentially it was to install a small rose quartz Seed Skull within the house, but of course there is always more that one thing, with such multi-dimensional…

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