The Mari Crystal Skulls

Mari Magdalene
Mari Magdalene

As previously stated, Thoth & SeRA’fana have revealed to me a portion of the lineage of the Dweller Crystal Skulls: White Queen and ISIS.

The actual Dweller Skull of the White Queen was a MU’ruvian Priestess named Atu’La Hunuapepe. The soul of this priestess was also incarnated as the original Egyptian Nephtys – “sister” to the original Isis. Then she was to incarnate as Mari Magdalene.

The ISIS Dweller was to become the Egyptian Hyskos princess Tajrhanok, who took the ISIS skull from Egypt into Albion – to what would become Glastonbury.

From a writing of mine in the Spirit Mythos (Rite of Avalon section) archives . . .

Women of the Nazarene

I have chosen to call these female apostles the “Women of the Nazarene,” as this was how the world of their Age saw them during and just after Yeshua’s time on the earth.

From the Akashic Record is revealed that the women apostles of Yeshua during His lifetime were called by various names – they had birth names, and some were called by other named coined by Yeshua himself. Thus, the names given here will not necessarily be the ones they were known by.

These original “Women of the Nazarene” were:

1) Mari of Magdalene (a cousin of Yeshua)

2) Ruth (sister of Yeshua)

3) Rebeka

4) Mirabisha

5) Lydia

6) Mari Martha (Yeshua’s aunt)

7) Lourda

8) Sara

9) Elisabeth (a relative of Yeshua)

10) Judi

11) Mari of Canaan

12) Miriam (a relative of Yeshua)

Mari Anna, the mother of Yeshua was considered the 13th female apostle, but her position was quite different from the others as Mari Magdalene’s also came to be in time. There were other feminine disciples of Yeshua as well, these being the original and primary twelve.

A couple of the other female disciples were Pontius Pilate’s half-sister, and wife, Claudia Procula, who were included in the secondary level of Yeshua’s inner Order. After His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, several other female apostles were initiated by Mari Anna and Mari Magdalene, both of whom had been given this authority by Yeshua before His ascension. The Johannine Church honored the apostolic succession from Mari Anna and Mari Magdalene, as well as the line through St. John the Beloved/Divine.

After the crucifixion, the female apostles were then guided by Mari Anna in her authority under the Christed and risen Yeshua. When some of these women made their transitions from this mortal coil, so other women were initiated by Mari Anna to serve in their place. After the transition of Mari Anna herself, the female apostles then became a sacred Order continuing to serve the Christ Yeshua through the living symbol of his most sacred Mother. This Order became part of the Johannine Church, and it was called the Order of the Vine – the ’vine’ being Mari from whose womb the holy fruit was born – in those early days of Christianity. This Order was also known as the Merians, which became a branch of the Catharines. In fact, Mari Anna’s great-great-great grandson Simon went by the name Simon of Merian. He was the son of Thomas, who was the son of John Martinus (Yeshua’s son).  – full article

While both Maris journeyed many places during their lives – sometimes together and sometime apart – they spent their last years together at Ephesus in Turkey. I know there is a common belief that Mari Magdalene died in France…and she did go to France, but she joined Mari Anna in Ephesus, when the Mother of I’shoa was in her last two years of life. After Mari Anna’s transition, Mari Magdalene continued to live there until her passing into the Light.

Now let us return to the two Dweller Crystal Skulls of the White Queen and ISIS.

The  ISIS Skull came with Torhannah (Tajrhanok) to Glastonbury, but where did it go after that? I am seeing that it came into possession of Mari Anna through Joseph of Arimathea, who frequented Glastonbury, even taking his young Great nephew I’shoa with him at one time. Mari Anna had it with her in Ephesus.

The White Queen Dweller Crystal Skull had come to Kaua’i, as legend tells us, by a Polynesian priestess. My akashic sourcing informs me that it was a sacred order – the Ara’Ta’Mu’Hani – Keepers of the Mother (MU), who purposefully brought the White Queen to her citadel inside the Mother Mount of Wai’ale’ale.

But this Dweller Skull had not remained in the Pacific for all these eons previous to it’s “return” to Mu (Kaua’i). Most of the Dweller Skulls on Earth “travel” extensively through the centuries. Like the Arks, as the move across the surface of the planet…or inside it’s Interior, they create energetic fields of Light quanta. The Arks form pillar-light currents, while the Skulls create crystalline light ripples in circular motions.

So the White Queen had her adventures as well. She too, was in Egypt for a long period of time, and at one time, she rested side-by-side with the ISIS Skull at Abydos.  She then came back together with ISIS at Ephesus. This was one of the reason Mari Magdalene joined Mari Anna there. She knew that like her “Mother” Mari, she would be reunited with her Skull.

Allow me to interject the following at this point . . .

Remember the function of the Dweller Crystal Skulls:

The Dweller Crystal Skulls are repositories of genetic intelligence that feed us our connections to our genetic Kindred. Of even greater importance, the Dwellers themselves (beyond the mechanism of the crystal skulls they demonstrate through in this time field), energetically guide us Home…into the New Earth Star holo-geometries. While we have many servants of this task aiding this planet, none could truly work with us as humanity without the Dweller Souls, for these latter are US – as the Mayan say, “I am another you.”  Every single human being on this planet is related genetically to one or more of the Dwellers. I am speaking here of an actual generational continuum that could be traceable on a family tree, if such records had been kept in the Outer World.

Thus, the Dweller Crystal Skulls among us, will seek to be united for a period with future incarnations of that Dweller’s soul. This is why it was important for the two Maris to be with “their” Skulls for some time. Both these women were well aware of this.

Just now, in searching my Spirit Mythos archival website for Mari-related articles, I came across this:

In Atlantis the Magdalene soul was Isaria, in the Temple of the Silver Star – she being the “Magda” or “Veiled Mother.”

Also in Ethiopia when the Magdalene soul was incarnate as Eushebaha, daughter of a King. In India the Magdalene soul was the first of King Asoka’s wives and his most beloved. I, Thoth, incarnated into the Asoka embodiment at the time of his great transformation (walk-in).

In Lemuria, the Magdalene soul was the High Priestess in the Temple of Phira. This temple was dedicated to the Lion-Goddess or rather to the essence of the Divine Feminine as exemplified in the Mysteries of of the Sirian Phiramun, which were female priestesses of the Lion Ones. “Phira” meant “Living Flames.” The one later to become the Magdalene was Osirius Au Mu – “light of the star, logos (word / tone) of the Mother”

The priestesses who served the High Priestess were the latu or “lanterns”. The lanterns contained the Mother Flame. So the latu were those priestesses who accepted, nurtured and radiated the Osirius Au Mu (or rather the PRESENCE she radiated) that was of the Lion-Goddess.

The Lemuria (MU) lifetime was when her skull was transformed into the Dweller Crystal Skull!



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