Money: Energy Spent

A friend (thank you Kathleen Millar) just sent me a quote from a review of the book Solomon’s Treasure – The Magic and Mystery of America’s Money:

Because of their pivotal contributions, numerous modern financial terms, monetary concepts, and banking practices can be traced back to the Templars. Twyman further hypothesizes that the plan for the creation of a New Atlantis in a land beyond the “Pillars of Hercules” (the Americas) may have originated with the Knights, with good evidence.

Perhaps most shockingly, the author states that the modern concept of money is connected to that of the Baphomet, the idol worshipped by the Templars, who may be represented on the one dollar bill with the repeated use of the number 13.

She also draws an interestingly link between America’s wealth, King Solomon’s treasure (believed by some to have been discovered by the Knights Templar), and the fabled “lost treasure of the Knights Templar.” She believes that this was not a vast horde of gold, but a formula for creating wealth. This formula, the author says, was probably discovered by the Templars and passed on to certain Freemasons, who used it to construct the architecture of the US banking system”

As I stated in my Skull & Crossed Bones article: At their inquisition, one of the main charges was that the Templars possessed and worshiped a “Baphomet” – a sacred idol of the Devil….a head, to be more precise. According to Thoth, this was one of the Dweller Crystal Skulls. They were not worshipping it, but communing through it with the true illumined Dweller. 

Also, from Opening of the Golden Doors: . . . when a Host for the ISIS Dweller Skull is prepared and installed, and therefore becomes Her extension in the outer world – just as Paloma’s Skull has became the White Queen – the HOS will be able to activate these Germaine codes for the Greater Good of restoring the balance of wealth and thus Earthly power on the planet. If this can truly be accomplished, then there will be no need for the current system to collapse, leaving the masses in an even worse state, while a new and better system is established. Instead, the balance of power will shift much more gracefully and hold steady while a newer way comes forth for all to leave in peace and comfort.

According to Thoth, the inner core of Cathars, Templars and Masons have passed down the ancient alchemical “formula” for creating gold. This energy template is also held within the ISIS Crystal Skull. It was programmed there, not by the Dweller of the Skull, but by the esoteric Egyptians who passed the Dweller Crystal Skull of ISIS to the Hyskos Queen Tajrhanok, later to be called Torhannah. Tajrhonok was the actual soul of the ISIS Dweller, who would become Mari, Mother of I’shoa in a future life. As Tajrhonok-Torhannah, she was to take the Crystal Skull with her as she fled persecution in Egypt, into the lands of Albion, to reside there at what would become Glastonbury, England. ( read Torhannah’s story here).

It was later, in the vault under Oak Island that the ISIS Dweller Skull would then become imprinted with the Germaine Codes…wedding the alchemy formula with the codes for balancing global financial energy.

The following short video identifies the power of crystal encoding. With crystal shaped like human skulls, the imprint becomes even more viable in tracking and integrating with the human experience on Earth…and beyond.


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