Dwellers & Andarians – A Match Made in Heaven

small Andara Skull
small Andara Skull

Thoth and SeRA’fana (soul of the White Queen Dweller) are prompting me share their message with you, concerning the relationship between the Dweller Beings and the Andarian Beings.

First some back story about the Andarians and Andara crystal-glass.

In the early 1990’s I was the original channel concerning the Andara and the beings whose frequency resides this unique crystal-glass. They gave me the name “Andara” and it became inserted into the global mind via many others on the internet through the years. You can read the whole story here (long, so you may wish to finish this article first).

Concerning the Andarians themselves, I wrote this article a few years ago…which is at crux of what I am about to share with you now.

The most important paragraph of the above article is (Thoth):

The Andarian beings have already begun to enter Earth’s domain once again. They have a “city” established in a cavern…once occupied by Inner Earth Dwellers…It is indeed being populated by the actual Andara crystals…what you see of them on the surface are matrices into which their energy codes have been implanted…therefore THESE Andara  are so by “proxy” you might say…the ones the Andarians are creating in the cavern are the SOURCE crystals. As the Source Crystals build and mature…so the proxy Andara will gain power as well…and diversity.

So actually, the Andara crystal-glass that is circulating among us now is like the “Host” Dweller Skulls. They are the “proxy” of the true forms. Yet they are nevertheless quite powerful, as are the Host Crystal Skulls.

Now I am being informed that the Dwellers are in communion with the Andarians once again, as they were in the ancient past…since the Andarians have returned to this dimension. There is a synergic pathworking between the Dwellers and the Andarians which was begun in MU, when the Andarians as incarnated beings, came forth from the genetic mix of Sirians and Mu’ruvians.

I am shown that soon there will be Andara Crystal Skulls which will be added to the mix of hosts-seeds-walkers. I googled and found only one or two Andara crystal skulls – very small ones, but this will change. However, of greater importance is that the Andarian frequencies are now beginning to enter quartz and lithium crystalline structure! It is rare at this time, but soon will increase rapidly.

To quote from the above article once more (Thoth) . . .

Firstly the Andara Crystals – in whatever matrix they may appear – the Andara are quite unique to earth at this time…they contain phi geometries different from any other crystalline substance. They actually contain INTERDIMENSIONALLY crystalline DNA holo-axial formations.

Holo-axial formations are…a holographic micro-moment of a DNA crystal…a picture if you will…a snapshot…but this “snapshot” is a hologram…and as such it is capable of transferring the living codes of that DNA crystal…into the Andara crystal…this does not mean the Andara is alive…but that it has a memory of the holo-axial “picture” in 3D…of a specific DNA crystal…! DNA crystals…they are not something you could hold in your hand even if you could see them (very small)…they are quantum force fields…crystalline in the geometries they create as they spin from one leap to another through time. As an example…here in SL when you teleport…often some of you wear fancy things they show lights and sparkles when you leave and when you enter another space…after your avatar is gone from a space…it still will show up for awhile as it is “particles”.

What I am speaking about is similar…when the DNA crystal spins OUT…it leaves behind – for a micro moment –  a trace pattern…of that spin…this is its crystalline geometry…it is not just a fancy effect however…it is a template…a command…to the DNA Helix…to respond in a specific way.

I won’t continue down this line at this time as we need to return to the Andara crystals…I tell you only for you to understand…that these holo-axial patterns are “trapped” inside Andara crystals…for a purpose…and that purpose is to enable human beings to be able to touch and awaken these trapped pictures…and thus activate them in their own DNA to some degree.

All the true Dweller Crystal Skulls already have holo-axial formations as well. These formations – with the help of the Andarian presence – are being transferred as I write this – into the Host Skulls. Each Dweller-Host relationship is unique, so the transference timing and process will differ accordingly. I do know that the White Queen began transferring to Her Host last night, on the Full Moon here in Kaua’i.


3 thoughts on “Dwellers & Andarians – A Match Made in Heaven

    1. Amazing info, thank you Maia! I just read this a few days ago and for some reason the same day that you posted this article I was guided to Clean all of the Andara’s up and place them in a new pattern or grid on a wooden platform that i had built a few years ago. I had no plan on how the grid pattern was supposed to go as of what shape it should be i just went with what the Andara’s where guiding me to do and it turned out pretty cool. And another thing is when i was all done creating this Andara Grid i was all of a sudden guided to work with A small Andara Crystal skull that i have had for many years and a Sovereign Amethyst Violet Flame Andara was guided me to pick it up as well and i meditated with both of these Andara before i went to sleep and had a very intense dream That i was driving my boat on Shasta Lake with the Andara Crystals on board and all of a sudden i was guided to go full speed right towards Shasta Caverns and as soon as my boat was about to hit the shore a portal opened and i was now driving my boat inside a cavern tunnel and at the end of the tunnel was a steel door i placed the Andara skull on to the door and it opened so i entered into a inner cave within the caverns that was filled with Andara crystals and bright light positive light blessing me and healing me with pure love and light from the Andara’s within the cave. Then all of a sudden it was time to go and me and the Andara crystal skull where warped back out the tunnel at light speed and blasted threw a portal in the wall and landed back on Shasta Lake and some people on a boat near me where looking at me with there jaw dropped like whoa what just happened like they just seen a ufo or something and i continued on driving my boat and went home. After reading this post a few days later after this dream had happened i thought wow maybe there is some kind of connection to your info, because i found it interesting that you mention a Andara Crystal skull and how the Andarian’s are now here on earth in a cave so it blew me away that i had a similar vision related to some of the info that you channeled. Another thing is, that i haven’t had worked with this Andara crystal skull for months it has just been out there in my back yard on the wooded platform with all the other Andara’s sitting on top of some Golden Lemurian Quartz that i had got from a crystal shop in the town of Mt. Shasta city. I have so many Andara’s that its hard to find time lately to give each Andara one on one attention and work with just one or 2 at a time, i always have a hard time picking which one am i going to work with today so i end up picking up like 5- 20 different Andara to meditate with and the skull just happen to choose me to work with it this day you released this channeled info for some reason I’m not sure of but i think it is a very cool and magical experience or vision that i had dreamed that night so i think your channeled info about the Andara’s is correct and very true.. Thanks so much Maia for posting this info for all of us to be blessed with this sacred Andarian Knowledge. Many Blessings, Love, And Light to you, Nellie, Thoth, the Andara’s and Mother earth along with all the beautiful beings of light that are here as well. Take care. :):):)


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