Experiencing the Sacred Ceremony


White Queen Ceremony
White Queen Ceremony

Several people have written to me about their remote connection to our ceremony with the White Queen Crystal Skull here on Kaua’i on January 21st, 2015. With permission, I am quoting here from three of these accountings . . .

Dear Maia,

How Spirit works when I/we let ourselves be guided. How everything is connected!

I want to share the following with you:

When I read your article about the up coming ceremony of the white queen I was so touched, every cell in me vibrated. I knew I was called to be present with my energy in the ceremony from my place in Belgium and thus be saturated by the white queen to connect her energy through the grid lines here.

I took your article and carried it with me, thus having the energy in and all around me and joined in alignment in the ceremony.

“coincidence” is that I was in a pilgrimage tour last year with Earth Keeper were Lynn also was a part of the group. So we connected en joined our energy.

Now, almost a year later we are joined again etherically to continue our lightwork. How special it was for me to read her name as part of the caretaker en see the pictures.

I feel so blessed.

Next week I will leave for earth/light work to Tenerife. I know that Spirit will lead me to the places I/we need to be and that the energy and guidance of the White Queen will direct us.

Dearest Maia, dearest Angel, I wanted to share this testimony with you to uplift you and to let you know how your wisdom is spreading and how Spirit unites

In awe and deep gratitude for the wonderful times we live in.

Heartlove to you,

Carolien Jongbloed, Belgium


My dear friend and New Earth Star Sanctuary Core Group member, Sandy (Dru in Second Life), along with the other Core Group members, met in Second Life in the Chamber of the Dweller Crystal Skulls, above New Earth Star Sanctuary at the day and hour of the Ceremony on Kaua’i. Here is Dru’s experience during that gathering . . .

Dear Sistar,
First I want to say how happy and pleased I was to be able to take part
in the White Queen Ceremony long distance of course, through the
virtual world of Second Life. Maka facilitated the ceremony beautifully
from the Crystal Skull Chamber at the New Earth Star Sanctuary. I now
know that the vision I had last June of the crystal skull chamber being
used again has come to pass. As Maka read the powerful words and Rex,
JeanMarie and I combined our energies with hers, I saw and felt a
presence come over me and merge with my being. She had on the same
clothes I was wearing in SL, haha but her hair and features were
distinctly different. She had long black hair parted in the middle and
hanging wavy around her face. She had a very strong and prominent face.
She was striking in her appearance but it was her energy I felt soft,
gentle and so loving and easy. Not enough words to describe it. I first
thought it might be an aspect of myself but then I realized that this
was ISIS. I was first introduced to ISIS back in the 90s and she and I
have worked together over the years so I felt that she indeed meant to
be there with all of us in the chamber. It was so powerful for me and I
soo appreciate the chance I was given to bring her in. Again my love
and appreciation to all who participated in this wonderous occasion.

All My Love


Hi Maia! I was just reading some of the material you have recently posted re: Paloma and the ceremonies that have been taking place. On the night of Jan 21st I did a meditation of my own at home. The reason I’m writing to tell you this is because the visual journey I was taken on was extremely clear. Afterwards I drew a collage and key phrases of what I had seen. I was absolutely shocked when I just now saw your artwork called “Threshold” and how similar parts were to the meditation collage I had drawn days earlier. I attached your artwork and my own for your reference.

Identical is the image of the circle with the saucer shapes going around the inside perimeter. We have almost exactly the same number of these saucer shapes as well. I purposely included them because i could “see” them surrounding me during my meditation. They represent some sort of energy porthole that delivers light or information to the host from its its source. (In my personal understanding.) This is very intriguing to me. What do they represent in your artwork?

My vision: I was immediately in an underground chamber beneath the great paws of the Sphinx in Egypt, as you can see in the lower left portion of my drawing. I am familiar with this chamber as I have been here before in meditation. The white skull “Paloma” is here in a box, when opened is lined with violet silk. The box is opened before me, flames flicker on the stone walls around me (as seen in the candles surrounding the circle in my drawing). Also similar in our art is the pyramid/triangle with stars above it. I see hieroglyphic carvings of an Egyptian woman’s profile with dramatic eyeliner holding a staff (bottom left). Vision shifts and I am now in the center of a room I believe to be in another realm, what I would call the “other side.” My guide who I call Raina is before me and I am surrounded all around by loved ones and guides who are called “Council of Light.” They are there to guide and protect me in this lifetime. They surround my in tiers like an old fashioned classroom that is circular with rows rising above each other. I say my prayers to them. I then “see” the small tear drop shaped images that whirl to the left side of my peripheral vision, and are some sort of energy/information transmuters. (Shown as the saucer shapes in both of our artwork inside the center circles). I see a large angel at my daughters bedside (bottom of my drawing) whose wings in my vision look just like your woman’s necklace she is wearing in “Threshold.” I am taken to a tropical setting, Paloma’s new Kauaian home. She is nestled in somewhere near a beach, my vantage point is looking at the waves and the sliver of moon. (bottom right). I then see “guardian spirit” images of Lion’s heads in the sky! Different images of Lions and large cats in a brilliant night sky. Kindly but mouths open, teeth bared. (as seen above angels left wing in center). They are so grand and unexpected to see there, I am smiling. There is a force field or energy grid emanating off Paloma which I ask be connected to….When I awake from meditation I have printed out the words you instructed to read in front of a candle lit picture of Paloma. The part about compassion has really stuck with me these past days and I am reminded of it in daily exchanges. A reminder to exchange Love with others, above all else. Whew!

If your still with me, thanks for reading! Very interested to know what your 14 saucer shapes represent in the circle. Thank you for connecting me to your new skull and as always for the “manual” to get connected.

Love, Dawn


Here is Dawn’s drawing



CLICK HERE to view a close up of my An Medallion image she is referring to.

Dawn asked a question about the meaning of the 14 saucer shapes in the medallion. The medallion is an activational energy seal I was guided to create, which contains the Light codes of the Sacred An (Ark of Grace).  I really never received a translation at the time, so now I am asking Thoth to please interpret the symbols.

ThothHorRa: All the saucer-eye shapes are representing the Merkabahs of Ascension, directed through the Programs of Light installed within the Sacred An, and orchestrated by all the “New Earth” Arks in the Greater Dimension of New Earth experience. The number “14” is the vibrational point to be reached before the thresholding occurs – that is, when the AN becomes a brilliant, fiery merkabah, triggering the unfolding of all the New Arks which will then be in place within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix. This will occur before the actual Light Principle 40 process as very basically delineated to you previously (click here for these transmissions).

The center merkabah is connected by a pillar of Light to the six-pointed star of the 44:44 Stargate of World Ascension. Here the PL-40 field will begin to generate in tandem with the Opening of the Lotus at the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

the five points of light around the center symbols are the five thresholding stars which will become the cosmic commands of this whole process. They are to be found within the constellation of Orion. Rigel is not one of them, for Rigel is the point of destination from a geo-cosmic perspective.


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