Olrig House, Scotland: Amazing “Grail” Estate

I am re-blogging this here, as Olrig is connected energetically to Oak Island and to the ISIS Dweller Skull there. More to come on this connection soon!

The Crystalline Matrix

Olrig EstateOlrig Estate view more images & info on Olirg House website

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My friend in Holland currently has this old Sinclair (Grail Family) estate up for sale. I asked my colleague and friend of many years – “Grid Master” William Buehler to look at how it may fit into the Earth grids he works with…and wow! Below is his treatise on it.
Clan Sinclair: probable interest… on a ley with Girnigoe Castle to vital poles in the Aegean area.
Grid work-up: Wm Buehler:  using “Ascension” dynamics; Crop Formation grids included.
Subject: A fine home but also a remarkable opportunity for a major spiritual Center: a “Grail Castle.” This note elaborates on the spiritual dynamics in its grid positioning.  This is advance notice of an important opportunity for establishing a possible vital site for ASCENSION Light-work, Worldwide scope.
Olrig House…

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