The White Queen: Becoming the Dweller

Maia and the The White Queen
Maia and The White Queen

Now that the Host Crystal Skull (White Queen) is on Kaua’i and in her “nest” within my home, The Dweller she represents, whom I call Paloma – residing in Mount Wai’ale’ale – has truly imprinted within her. When I touched the skull at the Ceremony it felt wonderful, but now…now…the power is even stronger! The two (Dweller-Host) are truly one now.

So what is next with this super combo? I only have scents on the breeze, as I near the cauldron of Thoth’s labyrinth – and his Twin Flame, who is the soul imprint within the Dweller Skull “Paloma.” I am told to simply take it one step at a time.

I do know that the Dwellers are “coming out” to be seen and heard in the world now….mostly through their Dwellers, Seeds, and a new category Thoth has introduced to me: The “Walkers.”

Briefly, the Walkers are other crystal skulls that are quickening awareness paths in the human psyche, preparing planetary consciousness to be able to attune to the full impact of the Dwellers. the Walkers then, are the “worker bees” of the Dweller Hive. The Hosts are extensions of the Queens-Kings (Dwellers), and the Seeds are little drops of their honey.

In weaving this altogether, it is also important to understand that the 72 Dweller Beings are very unified, and thus their Crystal Skulls are a complete working system. Thus, any one Dweller / Host can access information-codes of all the others. Also, among the Dweller Skulls there are specific generational pathways. Remember, and I quote to you again, as this is the main purpose of the Dweller Skulls in our midst:

The Dweller Crystal Skulls are repositories of genetic intelligence that feed us our connections to our genetic Kindred. Of even greater importance, the Dwellers themselves (beyond the mechanism of the crystal skulls they demonstrate through in this time field), energetically guide us Home…into the New Earth Star holo-geometries. While we have many servants of this task aiding this planet, none could truly work with us as humanity without the Dweller Souls, for these latter are US – as the Mayan say, “I am another you.”  Every single human being on this planet is related genetically to one or more of the Dwellers. I am speaking here of an actual generational continuum that could be traceable on a family tree, if such records had been kept in the Outer World.

So Dweller A might share a generational connection more strongly with Dweller C, and C might be “genetically” related to B on another Pathway that A is not as connected to. So whole all Dweller Skulls are a unity there are specific paths of lineage that create generational branches on the Greater Family Tree.

I have been shown at least two “branches” stemming from The White Queen / Paloma. One is strongly aligned with The Keeper of the Way / Or’Ra’Shak – in Crestone. The other is the ISIS Dweller Skull beneath Oak Island (Egyptian-Cathar-Templar).

Now that the Dweller Skull of Paloma is merged with her Host, I am simply going to refer to Paloma AS the “White Queen.” The same goes for the Keeper of the Way…since when SHE merged with her Dweller, so did He.

An immense acknowledgement here to Lynn (Celest’Ra) McCallum – the Starwalker who brought the White Queen Host Skull from Crestone, Colorado to Kaua’i via an incredible sacred journey, encompassing many sacred sites, the main keynotes being Hopi Land and Machu Picchu / Lake Titicaca, Peru.

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 The White Queen Crystal Skull in her nest, surrounded by 10 of her 12 Seed skullies – two more on the way! Next to her is a bottle of Templar Gold Elixir, created by Ashtara Ra (visit her Color Matrix Essences).

White Queen Altar
White Queen Altar



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