Kaua’i Ceremony with the White Queen

Such a beautiful ceremony today with around 30 people attending. Lovely weather against a turquoise sea. We all felt privileged to welcome the Host to her home…to the embrace of the Dweller who has awaited her. Now the two are one.

What a marvelous journey She has taken with Star Walker Lynn-Celest’Ra MacCallum! Now she rests in the nest I have made for her in my home. There is so much more to come. For now, I simply share with you just a few of the photographs taken today.

(click on first image to scroll through)



3 thoughts on “Kaua’i Ceremony with the White Queen

  1. THANK YOU, Maia for such beautiful pictures! When I joined the ceremony, I could feel the sudden blast wave of Light that was generated at one certain moment of it. I envisioned then the face of a woman laughing. She had blonde/chestnut hair, with curls falling around her face in an ancient, extrange hairdo. Very shortly after that, unexpectly, there appeared the face of a very handsome man, with a tanned skin, well chiselled features, an intense gaze and a firm strong presence: he was who we all know by the name of Elvis Aron Presley. I was not so surprised, because I’m aware of the importance of some of the work that soul has accomplished through our linear perspective of Time in different reincarnations.

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