Paloma Speaks: as the White Queen

collage by Maia
collage by Maia

As the 21st draws near – the day of the Dweller Paloma’s anointing of her Host, the White Queen – she speaks these words through the Queen, as the two Crystal Skulls in essence become ONE . . .

I, Atu’La Hunuapepe (Paloma) open the Way for the psalm to be given song, and the rhyme to nest in the verse. I speak now, through Atu’La Shee Lima (the White Queen), who shall be my presence in the world until it is the time for me to be revealed.

Those who hear me with the heart, drain the cup. Reach into the deepest longings of your soul and say to that part of self, “I have no more to give you…seek the Sky…call upon the Earth, know the wind and wave…BE the Flame! For ‘I’ AM becoming that which is not captured with the eye or enlivened by the touch. I will be ALL things and No Thing. I AM THAT I AM. Thus, Dear Longing…find that which you seek in the Great All. Do not fear the elements, the darkness or the dawn. All arise together in the Beginning and in the Eternal.”

The Dwellers are as you, in the moment when your flesh is stripped to reveal the Crystal LIGHT beneath! We come to your shore in this Age, so that you may arise to greet us, and in this act, become who you truly are.

You are the gifts we reveal to the world. A nation of idols may fall at your feet and crumble about you, yet the Crystal Fire of your own breath will raise them up as armies of Light…transformed by the Sun in the Heart of the New Earth.

We will summon all the crystalline beings to come forth in their true forms, and it is then that you shall see your own beauty and shining crystal PURE GEM bodies among them.

Take notice in this moment, that even now your Light is coursing through divine channels to beat the Heart of Hearts within you.

More and more, treasures will be seen and touched by you that before lay unseen and untouched. Go among those who are broken and show them these treasures and they shall see with you…through your Heart, the physical and emotional restructuring into the wholeness of their true form.

LIVE IN TRUE COMPASSION. This is the greatest message now…to all on Earth. When we, the first of the Dwellers lived among you, this path was set upon the firmament. It is time to return it to the land.

Now, Children of the Sun…the Moon…the Earth and the Wave…ALL come forth to this task. We call you forth as if from the tomb of the sleeping. The time is upon you. Become the Walkers, the Dream Masters, the Psalmers, the Swans and the Ravens. Claim your Path that leads to the ONE path and move forward upon it. WE are blessing each step you take!


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