Skull & Crossed Bones

This is really several topics in one, as it is a “treasure map” to follow in order to get to the Skull and Cross Bones.

First let us look at two energy resonance formats: Dweller Crystal Skulls and Suspended human forms (bodies). I have known about both of these for many years – through my association with my inner-planes mentor. They seem to serve a very similar purpose, so I have now asked Thoth to give me greater clarification as to the energetics of each.

I a previous article on this site, a description of the Dweller Crystal Skulls dynamic is given thusly:

The Dweller Crystal Skulls are repositories of genetic intelligence that feed us our connections to our genetic Kindred. Of even greater importance, the Dwellers themselves (beyond the mechanism of the crystal skulls they demonstrate through in this time field), energetically guide us Home…into the New Earth Star holo-geometries. While we have many servants of this task aiding this planet, none could truly work with us as humanity without the Dweller Souls, for these latter are US – as the Mayan say, “I am another you.”  Every single human being on this planet is related genetically to one or more of the Dwellers. I am speaking here of an actual generational continuum that could be traceable on a family tree, if such records had been kept in the Outer World.

The suspended human forms can be found in many caches around the world. Not all of these are connected to the same energy field, however. The main “grid” for these Suspensions as we shall call them, Thoth refers to as the Grail Apis Grid.

In an article I wrote and published in 1- 1999 of Temple Doors, there is some information on the purpose of the Suspended:

Later, when the chief of the Mazur was ready to place his form into suspension, as was also the custom of the Hyperboreans, he and his two sub‑kings entered what they called ‘memata,’ or the deep‑state.[1]  There are many human corporeal forms around the world suspended in memata.  These suspended forms are assisting the process of holding the grid for the cellular spiritual evolution of the planet.  There is another process, which some beings like Thoth entered, that is called ‘agriha.’  This is a suspension state which lasts a much shorter period of time.  In agriha the body is prepared to move into a higher frequency within the subtle‑physical states of being.  Some of those who used the agriha state, like Osiris and Horus, return in their energy‑form to the heart of the Blue Star Rigel in Orion.  However, Osiris and Horus, and most others who go through this process, still work directly with the earth’s planetary evolution.

So now I am asking Thoth: Both the Dweller Crystal Skulls and the suspended human forms are sustaining a higher genetic frequency In the Earth. What is the difference between their purposes?

Thoth: The Skulls connect humanity to the greater universal spectrum of their Kindred in the stars. The Suspended hold necessary Earthly triggers in their genetics to reconcile Tribal consciousness so that it may be released eventually into Pure Awareness.

Some years ago – from Thoth:

There are many ‘bodies’ in suspension, like the ones of the Arks (Noah’s). These bodies contain a living vibrancy to them even though the souls do not currently inhabit the forms. All such suspended bodies will contribute to the ‘DNA Factor’ of “breaking the seal of the Nephilim,” which is essentially a ‘ceiling’ humanity has self-installed to keep the consensual reality in place. This ‘consensus’ will have to be disassembled before world Ascension can take place. source

Oak Island

Now we come to the Mystery of Oak Island. For those who have not heard of it, I quote from my 1999 article . . .

There are two Oak Islands in Nova Scotia, and both figure into the bigger picture of the overall sacred mystery, but the one we are now discussing is the famous ‘treasure island’ in Mahone Bay, seventy kilometers from Halifax.

In 1795, three teenage boys exploring this island came across signs that perhaps something was buried at a certain location on the Oak Island of Mahone Bay.  They began to dig, and found a large and complex pit now known as the ‘Money Pit.’  Since that day in 1795, people are still digging in the pit trying to get into the interior chambers which have been proven to exist.  This proof has come in modern times through the use of exploratory camera devices inserted into boreholes.  The inaccessible interior chambers of the pit complex undoubtedly contain something that was of great importance to whoever constructed not only the pit, but the intricate network of flood tunnels which have prevented anyone from gaining entrance for all these centuries.  There are many theories which have been proposed in various books over the years as to who created this maze, and what is inside the interior chambers.

In the article I wrote in 1999, there is much detail about the Suspended and those which are Suspended beneath Oak Island. Also the others through time who have placed sacred items beneath this Isle, including the Mayans. It was Henry Sinclair (Grail Family – Mazur linage) who brought the Suspended three Grail Kings back to Oak Island (where they had been sequestered before.)

Once such group were the Templars.

The Templars were felled as an Order in France when the King wanted their wealth. Certain leaders of the order were burned at the stake. At their inquisition, one of the main charges was that the Templars possessed and worshiped a “Baphomet” – a sacred idol of the Devil….a head, to be more precise. According to Thoth, this was one of the Dweller Crystal Skulls. They were not worshipping it, but communing through it with the true illumined Dweller. Many years ago I wrote about this – just perhaps a paragraph in one of my Temple Doors articles. I have no idea where to find it now, but as I recall, the Dweller Skull was that of ISIS.

The suspended forms of the three Grail (Mazur) Kings were already beneath Oak Island when a band from the remaining Templars (who had fled to Scotland) came to this island to include the Crystal Skull and some other of their sacred treasures there.

In addition, there is the initiation well now infamously known as the “Money Pit.” It was never intended to be opened. If the seeker is able to master the “initiation” it offers, then he or she will be guided to the true “treasure.”  Of course there are many inter-related treasure caches beneath Oak Island. The Money Pit is said by some researchers, to be a symbolic re-creation of the Enochian Chamber beneath the Temple of Solomon. This, Thoth validates. I first read about the Enochian chamber or vault many years ago. Thoth has always rated this vault as a key node of sacred presence and initiation on the planet.

Skull & Cross Bones

The “Skull” is a Dweller Crystal Skull which was passed from the Cathars (and before them, Egyptians) to the Templars. The Cross Bones? It was meant to symbolize the suspended forms. The location of the main chamber on Oak Island is way down below what is known as the “Stone Cross” with a large stone head in the center of it.

Fred Nolan discovers five cone-topped boulders on the surface of his land laid out forming a Latin cross. The boulders are 8 feet wide, 9 feet high, all pointing up. At the intersection of the lines of the cross is an unusual stone resembling a human head. The cross is 720 feet wide, 867 feet from top to bottom. The arms and stem meet at right-angles. No other similar boulders exist on the island. – web

The Dweller ISIS

A being who originally embodied this archetype on Earth and left her skull to be among the Dwelling Crystals.

The actual personage contained genetics from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion and at one time dwelt in the great temple complex near Mount Sinai. Her Crystal Skull was left in the keeping of a temple there for many years, until the main portions of this complex was dis-assembled (atomically) so it could not be accessed by future people who would not use its power with true spiritual authority. So the Skull was then taken into Egypt…and by Moses (who was a son of Akhenaten), then Aaron into the Holy Land. Here it would reside in the Most Sacred Chamber beneath the Holy of Holies.

From Jerusalem it would be sent to a safer location, finally arriving into the hands of the Cathars many years hence. They in turn, would entrust it into the hands of the Templars. It would be taken down the mountain of Montsegur on a dark night…along with other sacred items, just before the last siege of their castle there.

It is thought that the Ark of the Covenant is at Oak Island. It is not. The Ark of AN, which Thoth also calls the Ark of Grace, never entered the Holy Land, but was taken back into Mount Sinai after the Golden Calf episode (much more to that than the Biblical story reveals). It was then that another ark was made…by the priests, upon instruction of Moses. A lesser Ark, which Thoth calls the Ark of Karma. This is the one that blew the Walls of Jericho down and resided in the Holy of Holies within the Temple of Solomon. It later made its way to the Andes. I believe it may still be there now.

The most sacred objects at Oak Island are the Suspended three Kings and the Crystal Skull of ISIS.

The symbol of the Skull and Cross Bones has received a bad reputation (as has the sacred Sigil now known as the Swastika), since it has been adopted by less than savory people and orders through time. Yet it was originally a major Templar symbol, which incorporated the presence of the Dweller Crystal Skulls and the Suspended Beings.

Among all the buried treasures of Oak Island, the chamber complex containing the three kings, the ISIS Crystal Skull and several other key artifacts, Thoth calls the Arghma – “place of passage.”

Will the Arghma ever be opened by those who seek it? I am not given that answer at this time, but I have been told by Thoth in 1999 that the only entrance to it is not on the island itself, but on the mainland of Nova Scotia. I now know this area to be Bedford Barrens.  The following video gives an inkling about the connection.

To get to the actual petroglyphs part on this video, go to 11:37


In conclusion, here are is a gallery of photos connected to what has been discussed in this article.

Here is the entire 1-1999 Temple Doors article.

For those of you interested in the Oak Island Mystery – an excellent on-going series.

also: Translation of Enochian well stone

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